The silver blade

Adrianna had always been insecure about her looks , the way she felt and everything that she did. people would judge her by everything in school and at home. But what people didn't notice was that she was uinmistakingly beautiful she saw past that and took the silver blade...


2. Chapter 2


I shook nervously and clutched my stomach looking pale as ever

 "No" i said the doctors gave me an odd look for me a 15 year old girl refusing to get a shot from them...  " I just simply don't trust you." i growled. They went out of the room for some time to talk to my therapist she took me out and took me to a room where it had nothing in it but posters about "Being happy" i looked all around the room and started to feel woozy -i don't want to be happy- i said in my head over and over again - i don't and i won't- i saw the doctors peeking through a small window and writing something down i instantly felt scared and started to shake again my tounge poked out and my head started to bob and i just lost control of my movement and my mind went blank. I had woken up in what appeared to be a hospital bed an IV was taped to my arm and i saw the fluid dripping like little rain droplets i ran my fingers through my brown stringy hair brushing it and i felt a sudden pain in my arm. " Goodmorning" the doctors said taking a needle out of my arm. I groaned. " What happened?" i asked , " Well , it appears you had a seizure of some sort and you just blanked out..." My therapist said

Oh.... i thought well why would i have a seizure no one has epilepsy in my family or whatever it's called maybe i just went crazy...


( I'll update it laterrr if you like it! i just got home from school so i'm pretty tired :p)

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