Her Brother

Olivia is 16 and her parents go away for their 20th Wedding Anniversary to Paris for a week and, as they don't trust Olivia to stay home alone, they take her to stay with their friend, Anne. Anne has two children Gemma, 20, and Harry, 19. Olivia vaguely knows Gemma as she used to go to the all girls school that Olivia currently goes to but she has never met Harry, until now.


2. This is Harry

I woke up at 5:30am, threw on my clothes and quickly curled my dead straight hair. Then at 6am my parents rushed me into the car and we set off towards Anne's house. I hardly knew Anne but I vaguely knew her daughter, Gemma from school. I also knew Gemma had a brother but I'd never met him.


It was a mild Summer morning and the golden sun had begun to rise in the sky. We arrived at Anne's house at 6:30 and she answered the door,

"Hello!" She exclaimed loudly.

"Hi, Anne, thank you again so much for looking after Olivia this week, " my Mum said.

"No, it's my pleasure," Anne said putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Well, we better be going," my Dad said impatiently, looking at his watch.

I said goodbye and they set off.


"Come in darling. Would you like some tea or coffee?"

"Tea, please. Milk, one sugar."

Gemma came in the kitchen in her Toy Story pajamas and slippers, "Hey, Olivia!"


"So what year are you in now?" Anne asked.

"I'll be going into Sixth form next year."

"Wow, it seems like only yesterday that you were only just joining that school and Gemma was in year 10. So what GCSEs did you get?"

"Eight 'A*'s and four 'A's," I said quietly, bashful.

"You're such a clever girl. I wish Harry had worked harder in school, then he might have got a better job than working in a bakery. I'm not saying it's a bad job, it's just he's always wanted to be a physiotherapist, but he started hanging out with the wrong people and getting tattoos and then his grades began to slip..." she sighed, "Speak of the devil!" she said more cheerfully,"Olivia, this is Harry."

Harry had sauntered into the kitchen topless in just a pair of jogging bottoms. He had a whole array of tattoos on his torso, a particular one of a butterfly on his chest made me scoff quietly. Everything about him, even the way he walked, made me think 'player'. 

"Hey Olivia," he purred and winked at me. When I gave him a disgusted look he grinned evilly, clearly I'd given him the reaction he wanted. He turned to the fridge, got a carton of juice and began to drink straight from it.

"You are revolting!" Anne said walking past him and she gave him a small slap on the side of his face as she left. 

Gemma laughed, obviously she was used to her brother's disgusting ways, "I'm just going to go and get dressed. I'll be back down in a moment," Gemma said and she skipped out the room.

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