Her Brother

Olivia is 16 and her parents go away for their 20th Wedding Anniversary to Paris for a week and, as they don't trust Olivia to stay home alone, they take her to stay with their friend, Anne. Anne has two children Gemma, 20, and Harry, 19. Olivia vaguely knows Gemma as she used to go to the all girls school that Olivia currently goes to but she has never met Harry, until now.


3. Player

I span around on the stool and stared out of the french windows and I continued to sip my tea. I could hear Harry breathing behind me. I span back around to find Harry bending over with his elbow leant on the counter, his emerald eyes that had been wandering over my body now looked at me guiltily.

"Hey, Olivia," he purred again.

"What do you want?"

He grinned evilly, "You."

I rolled my eyes, "Well, now you've made that clear, would you like to stop bothering me?"

"Not really, if I'm honest."

At that Gemma returned in a light blue dress and high-heeled combat boots.

"Is my brother annoying you, Olivia? Seriously, if he is, just tell him to piss off."

"I kind of did but you know..." I said annoyed, gesturing at Harry.

Gemma laughed, "Mum wants us out the house today so I was thinking we could all go to the cinema. Olivia, you could bring a friend if you want and Harry, I guess you could bring one of your friends too."

"Sweet, I'll go get changed," Harry said and he leapt out of the kitchen.

"That sounds cool, I'll text my friend Florence," I typed on my phone,



'Hey Flo, do you want to come to the cinema today with Gemma, Harry and I xxx <3'


'That sounds great! I'll see you there xxx :*'

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