Her Brother

Olivia is 16 and her parents go away for their 20th Wedding Anniversary to Paris for a week and, as they don't trust Olivia to stay home alone, they take her to stay with their friend, Anne. Anne has two children Gemma, 20, and Harry, 19. Olivia vaguely knows Gemma as she used to go to the all girls school that Olivia currently goes to but she has never met Harry, until now.


1. Paris

"Happy Anniversary Darling," my Dad said as he handed over two Eurostar tickets.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is so romantic! I love you darling," my Mum squealed like an over-excited 13 year-old. She wrapped her arms around my Dad and he gave her a big sloppy kiss.

"Eugh..."  I said in disgust, "It should be illegal for parents to kiss in front of their children," My parents laughed at my wit. 

"So when are we going?" My Mum asked, still excited.

"Tomorrow for a week."

"What? I've got to start packing. Tomorrow? Wait. What about Olivia?"

"Mum, I'm sixteen, I think I can look after myself for a week."

"No, I'm not leaving you home alone, you'll have to stay with someone."

"Kathy, she's sixteen," my Dad argued.

"That's exactly the problem... she can stay with Anne!"

"Ok fine but please stop arguing it's your Anniversary. I'll get packed."

I laid out my outfit for tomorrow: a white flowery dress, pale yellow Converse, a pair of Ray Bans and a daisy headband. And then I packed the rest of my clothes for the week.



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