This is a dream I had last night, not all of it (some I don't want to share...).
I wasn't entirely sure what to rate it, I don't know wether it was a nightmare or not. I just feel like writing it.


1. The Girl I Couldn't Name

   "You're not, are you?" I relieved, "You're not changed?"

   She smiled, and I hugged her, rocking her gently in my arms. 

   "Oh thank god..." I breathed, I slowly stopped rocking her, but she didn't. She just kept swaying, side to side, still hugging me.

   I paused, and drew her away.

   She was still smiling, happy and unchanged by my expression.

  "Wait. That's not normal.", she still smiled, "I only did that, well, because I'm weird, but..."

  She giggled lightly. 

  She had been switched. This wasn't her.

  But just to make sure...

  I lent in, and whispered "I'm just going to have to kill you then."

  She screamed, not in fear, aggresion. Her arms were thrown at my throat, and slammed me into the cupboard

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