Broken Wings

5 years since One Direction had made their last album together. Everyone had gone their separate ways, leaving Harry Styles all alone. No one in the band had spoken since the day that separated them forever. There was a sudden increase in demand to want the boys back together. If it were the fans who supported them from the beginning and when they broke up, it will be the fans to fix the broken wings by helping to put the band back together.


9. Zayn

Finally I was home back with Perrie. She wondered why I was back so soon and I told her everything that had happened in the last two weeks. “Zayn, I don’t want you to be in this fight with your friends.” Perrie said. I didn’t want to be in this fight with my friends either.

The only reason why we were in this fight was because of Louis and Harry. They have never agreed on anything in the last two weeks. “Harry and Louis just can’t seem to be friends again.” I sighed, sitting down on the couch as Perrie sat beside me.

“Hey, everything will work out.” she said. I knew she was right. She had always been supportive of me from the beginning and from the first day I met her, I had always known that she was going to be there for me. We’ve been through our ups and downs, but we’ve always stuck by each other’s side.

The doorbell rang and Perrie got up to answer. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the happy moments that I’ve spent with the guys. It was just yesterday when we were on the X Factor trying to figure out how to harmonize with each other for the next week’s show. It was difficult, but we managed to get through it - even with the help of our fans.

Of course, without our fans, we wouldn’t be here today. Though even after the X Factor, it was still our decision to move on as a band and continue to make our dream come true. “Come on in Niall.” I heard Perrie’s voice and stood up from the couch as Niall entered the living room. “What are you doing here?” I asked him as Perrie left us alone to talk.

“I talked to Harry about going back to the studio to record the last couple of songs to our album. We can’t do this without you.” Niall said. “Remember that it was us who decided to continue on being a band. It wasn’t the fans decision. They just supported us.”

“Harry’s always wanted this band back together from the beginning.” I said.

“Yeah, and now we’re trying to get you back on board. As well as Liam and Louis.” Niall was right. The two of them couldn’t work on the album together. It had to be all five of us. Our unique vocals were what made the songs sound better than they did if one or two of us were singing. “How are we going to get Louis on board? We both know Harry and Lou can’t agree to anything.” I told him.

“Well, Harry’s on his way to Louis’ house as we speak. They’re going to have to work things out their own way.” he said. It was up to Niall and I to get Liam on board, but I figured that Liam would automatically agree. Louis would be the tough one to crack. “So, you’re in?” he asked. I nodded and said, “Yeah, of course.”

. . .

We arrived in Wolverhampton and the taxi dropped us off at Liam’s place. Our job of persuading Liam wasn’t going to be so bad, knowing that Harry was going to have a much difficult time with Louis. We walked up to the door of his house, knocking on the door as we waited for him to answer the door. The door opened and Liam told us to come in. We entered and all sat down in the living room.

“Are you sure Harry’s on board?” Liam asked. We all knew that Harry had sounded very angry the other day when we were discussing on getting the band back together. “Yes we’re sure. Niall talked to him and has gotten Harry to try to persuade Louis into getting the band together.” I answered.

“What is it that we’re doing exactly?”

“We’re going to head back to the studio in London to record the last tracks of the album, just like Simon planned. From there, we’re going to see how everything goes.” Niall said.

“Do you know how long it’s going to take until Louis and Harry finally decide to come to an agreement?”

“We don’t actually know the answer.” I told Liam. Liam was already on board with getting the band together, and now it was just up to Harry. The fate of our band now rests in Harry’s hands, especially when it came to Louis. “Should we help Harry out?” I asked, wondering what the other two’s suggestions were.

“I think we should be there - to back him up, you know?” Liam asked. Niall and I agreed. Finally we were getting somewhere. Though I can’t really say if this plan was going to be successful or not. We were going to do what ever it takes to get Louis and Harry to become friends again.

. . .

As soon as we arrived at Louis' house in Doncaster, Harry had just walked out of the house. "I can't reason with him." Harry immediately said, walking up to us. We were just a few feet away from Louis' house. "He's being stubborn." he added.

"You and Louis have been friends since the X Factor." Liam said. "You two have always had a close relationship from the beginning. We understand that Lou can be difficult at times, but in order to get him on board, we need our Lou."

"We can't be One Direction without him, or any of us really." I added.

"We're going to be here for moral support." Niall said. Liam and I agreed as Harry nodded, agreeing to give it one more try. We weren't going to be One Direction if one of the band members were missing. Each of our vocals alone can't drive us to become soloists like Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. They were one of the greatest soloists that I've - we've known.

The four of us walked up to Louis' door step and Eleanor answered the door. "He's locked himself in the room again." she told us, letting us in the house and closed the door behind us. Liam asked Eleanor where the room was and she directed him in the location of the room. He thanked her and left as the rest of us waited in the living room.

"He's been acting this way since Harry got here." she added. "You two have to become friends again."

"I've been trying, but he doesn't seem to listen to me." Harry sighed, sitting down on the couch and ran a hand through his hair. Niall and I knew that he was stressed. Niall sat down beside Harry in an attempt to talk to him.

Eventually I went to Louis' room where Liam was outside the door, calling for Louis to come out. "If Harry's out there, I'm not coming out." Louis called from inside the room. Liam gave me a look and shrugged. "I tried. He's not going to come out." he said.

"Louis, just open the door. It's just us." I called back. There was a shuffling of footsteps from the other side of the door and finally, the door opened. Louis was wearing nothing but sweat pants.

Once he saw that it was Liam and I, he let us in and closed the door behind us. "We need you back in the band Louis." I said. When the band broke up, Louis hardly talked to anyone except for Eleanor and I. "There's no use for me in the band." Louis spat.

"Not with this attitude." Liam said. "You know full well that we all share equal parts in the songs. We've written a couple of songs together. You're soon going to realize that you need us."

"Harry is desperately trying to get you to be friends with him again. It's already stressing him enough to deal with the break up, and the fact that he lost his friend. It's killing him Lou." I added.

Liam and I both hoped that some of the words that we said would knock some sense into him. "We're going to let you think about it." Liam said, then opened the door as he and I both walked out. He closed the door behind us and we entered the living room.

"Any luck?" Eleanor asked.

"We tried to knock some sense into him, but we're not sure if it worked or not." I answered.

"We told him to think it over." Liam said. Eventually the four of us walked out of the house after saying good bye to Eleanor. "What are we going to do now?" Harry asked.

"We're going to London to record the album - with or without Louis." Liam answered.

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