Broken Wings

5 years since One Direction had made their last album together. Everyone had gone their separate ways, leaving Harry Styles all alone. No one in the band had spoken since the day that separated them forever. There was a sudden increase in demand to want the boys back together. If it were the fans who supported them from the beginning and when they broke up, it will be the fans to fix the broken wings by helping to put the band back together.


8. Niall

“Why should we go back to the studio? After all, you were the one who decided to go solo.” I have never seen Harry this angry before. From the beginning, he was the one who wanted us back together. “Why should we rely on our fans to get back together?” Louis asked. This had to be one of many disagreements Louis and Harry had. “Our fans were the ones who helped us during the X Factor.” Liam said.

“What I don’t understand is why some of them want us together and some don’t.” I said. I had a feeling that those were the same exact words that the other guys were thinking. "Are we not going to give this album a chance?" Zayn asked. He had been quiet for a while when Louis had walked in.

"Why should we give it a chance?" Harry asked. "All we ever do is fight. Maybe getting this band back together was a bad idea." With that being said, Harry stormed out of the auditorium. Out of all of us, Harry wanted the band back together more than anything. I felt bad that he had lost his best friends in all of this. "I'm out of here." Louis said, also leaving the auditorium.

Without a single word to say, Zayn walked out after them. It was just Liam and I in the auditorium. Though I felt that Liam was going to leave as well and I was going to be all alone, back at square one. "What are we going to do?" I asked Liam. He always knew the right words to say in situations like this. "What can we do Niall? Harry and Louis are mad at each other. I don't even know what side Zayn is on anymore." he said.

I was afraid that he'd say something like that. "As much as I want this band back together, we're nothing until we get Harry and Louis to become friends again." Liam walked out of the auditorium and of course, I was all alone. We were all back to where we started, nothing. We went our separate ways. Some of us angry and some of us unsure of what to do.

As I walked out of the building, the car that had driven us to the building was still waiting outside but none of the guys had gotten in the car. Simon was waiting outside. "Where are the others?" he asked me, seeing that I was alone. I just shook my head and saw a look of disappointment in his face. He was going to have a little chat with us at the hotel.

I got in the car along with Simon. It was a long ride back to the hotel. "Forget it Simon. Harry and Louis can't even agree on one thing." I said to him when he asked about what happened in the auditorium. After that, the conversation was dropped and I just looked out the window. There has to be a way to get Harry and Louis to be friends with each other, but how?

We were dropped off at the hotel and I went back to the suite, but I noticed that there were lesser bags on the floor. My bag was the only one left. Everyone had left. I sat down on the bed and sighed. It was over. The band was lost forever and I didn’t think anyone could help us get back together. But I had to try.

. . .


It had been a week since I last saw the guys. There weren’t any calls from Simon, Paul, or any of the other guys. It was as if the two weeks we had spent together never happened. What has become of us? Where was the dream that we all shared?

I remember when life was so simple back then. The guys and I could share laughs. I was back to where we all first started. The day we broke up. Everyone had left without saying another word to each other and that was it. There had to be a way to get us all back together and I wasn’t going to give up on us.

Sure I was taking Harry’s advice for a moment, but he was right. All of this was ridiculous. I grabbed my bag and got on a plane to Harry’s hometown, Cheshire. Even if he and I have only spoken for a short time that week, I felt that we had gained the closeness that we lost.

I arrived in the airport and asked to be driven to Harry’s house. I wasn’t sure if that’d be the place where he’d be, but it was worth a shot. I thanked the driver, paid him, and grabbed my bag as I got out of the cab. I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell, waiting for someone to answer.

“Hey Niall.” It was Harry’s older sister, Gemma. She let me in and I thanked her, setting my bag near the door. “Is Harry home?” I asked her after she closed the door behind me. She shook her head and said, “Harry’s gone out with some friends. He’ll be home soon.”

I told her that I’d wait for Harry until he gets home. After an hour or so had passed, Harry entered the house and saw me. I was talking with his parents in the kitchen. Gemma had already left. “Niall, what are you doing here?” Harry asked, entering the kitchen. It was no surprise that he was shocked to see me in the kitchen.

“I came to talk about the album.” I told him. I wasn’t sure if he’d be ready to talk about the band. Harry nodded and motioned for me to go outside. I followed and he closed the backdoor behind us. “Look, if this is about getting back together, it’s not going to work. We’ve already tried that once.” he said as we sat down in the chairs on the patio.

“Forget about the fans for a minute. Remember that dream we all shared, wouldn’t you want to live that dream one more time? Why end it now? We both know that we missed being onstage together and having fun.” I said.

“I know we still have it in us to perform in front of our fans again. They miss us being up there in the spotlight. The survey is not important Harry. Who cares about what the fans think. It’s our choice.”

Harry knew I was right. He nodded, “Okay. Let’s go tell the others and head back to the studio.” A smile spread across my face and I knew at that moment, it was alright in the world. I persuaded Harry and now it was up to us to persuade the others.

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