Broken Wings

5 years since One Direction had made their last album together. Everyone had gone their separate ways, leaving Harry Styles all alone. No one in the band had spoken since the day that separated them forever. There was a sudden increase in demand to want the boys back together. If it were the fans who supported them from the beginning and when they broke up, it will be the fans to fix the broken wings by helping to put the band back together.


3. Niall

I didn't understand why Simon sounded rushed to tell me what he had to say. I landed at the airport in London and got a taxi to take me to the hotel. As soon as I entered the lobby, there stood the four guys I hadn't seen in a long time.

Why did Simon tell us all to meet here? None of them were standing close to each other, none of them were talking. To think that after we broke up, it would come down to this. It's like we hardly knew each other.

Usually when we'd meet up each other, we'd jump right into a conversation. Sure we missed our families back home, but we were all family too. We treated each other like brothers and most of the time, we'd pick on Harry.

Simon was obviously there and our former manager, Paul. Our whole entire crew was there, but no one gave eye contact. The band splitting was hard on all of us, especially Harry. He missed us being together the most.

I finally approached the group when Simon said, "Finally, the guys are all here." He looked at all of us, but that statement hardly anyone spoke a single word. "Don't you guys want the band back together?" Harry finally spoke up.

Harry didn't look much different, still had the same curly hair. His voice didn't change much either. None of the guys answered. They didn't even look towards his direction, and it felt like I was the only one listening. "What about you Niall?" he asked me.

Of course he had to ask me. He wanted someone on his side besides Simon and Paul. He needed someone to back him up to help him prove that we were great as a band. I think he just missed the fact that we were all so close to one another. "Yeah, I want the band back together." I said.

But my vote wasn't enough. The other three, the older three had to make a decision. We all knew that we had to pull Louis away from his time with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie, and Liam... well we weren't sure about him.

We couldn't be One Direction without Zayn's vocals, Liam's control over us, and Louis's prankster ways. We needed the guys as much as they needed us. "What do you guys say?" Simon asked.

"We all agreed that we weren't going to write anymore songs together." Liam said.

"I didn't agree." Harry said. We all remembered back to that day at the hotel. Harry hadn't spoken a word that day. He hadn't stated his opinion on whether or not the band should be broken up. "Admit it, you wanted this band to break up as much as we did." Louis said.

Harry and Louis were close once, but they had an argument after that day. A day where Louis just walked out angrily. The two had been the best of friends since The X Factor days. Once the band split, their friendship ended. 

"I wanted to keep the band together." Harry said.

"Well, your opinion doesn't matter now." Zayn said.

The three of them were arguing with one another, but Liam did nothing to stop it. He was always the one watching out for us. We needed to hear Liam's encouragement, but of course, he was unwilling to cooperate.

Liam kept his distance from us. Simon and Paul looked at one another. Their eyes said all. It seemed that this was a mistake to get the band back together. "I can't work with him." Louis said, motioning towards Harry's direction.

"Well, I can't work with you." Harry said and both of them walked off in different directions. "I'm going to get a drink." Zayn said, walking towards the hotel entrance. Simon followed after Harry and Paul, after Louis. Liam and I were both left alone in the hotel lobby with all of the luggage.

"What happened to us? We used to be so close, like brothers." I said, sitting down in one of the chairs. Liam glanced towards my direction and sat down across from me. "We decided to go our separate ways Niall." Liam answered.

"But none of us really chose this. It just... happened." I told him. Liam knew that I was right. The band breaking up was never our decision to begin with. "What are we going to do?" I asked.

"What can we do?" he asked.

That question ran through my mind as well. What can we do?

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