Broken Wings

5 years since One Direction had made their last album together. Everyone had gone their separate ways, leaving Harry Styles all alone. No one in the band had spoken since the day that separated them forever. There was a sudden increase in demand to want the boys back together. If it were the fans who supported them from the beginning and when they broke up, it will be the fans to fix the broken wings by helping to put the band back together.


6. Harry

Liam's idea sounded crazy, but it was brilliant. If we asked our fans whether they wanted the band back together, then that would be enough proof. But will that be enough to persuade Louis and Zayn?

Later that day we created a survey asking the fans if they wanted to bring the band back together. We asked the question on our Twitter accounts and our Facebook page. We still had many followers, but would it be enough?

We decided to keep the survey up for 48 hours. We weren't sure if that would give us enough time to persuade Louis and Zayn to re-join the band. "We can't be One Direction without them." Niall said.

We were eating dinner that night at Nandos and it was one of our favorite places to hang out. Louis and Zayn were meeting us here to talk about the survey. They entered the restaurant and joined us at the table. Of course they were sitting on the opposite end of the table.

"I don't think your plan is going to work." Louis said.

"Why are you doubting us? This will work." I said. I remember the days when Louis and I were so close. We were best friends and now it's like we're strangers. At the same exact moment a few girls approached our table, but it was to talk to Louis.

Of course Louis was enjoying all the attention he was getting from the girls. The girls walked away and the five of us were left alone once more. "Think about the attention that you received when we were together. It would be those girls times ten." I said.

Louis shrugged, "I like the fans that I have now."

"Yeah, but what about having millions of screaming girls calling our names in the stands. Do you want to be on that stage again? Some girls crying, some girls fainting? Do you want to be able to travel the world together?" I asked.

"It's not going to make a difference." Zayn said.

"But it's a big difference. Remember that when we came to the States, we didn't even know how big our name was until we got here? How we thought the UK only knew about us?" I wasn't going to give up persuading them to agree to the idea of being together even if our fans have possibly given up on us. But I had a gut feeling that our fans weren't going to give up; that our fans still had hope for us.

"We miss our fans just as much as they miss us." I said. Even with as much persuasion from the other boys and I, the older two weren't buying it. "What is that you want?" Liam asked Zayn and Louis.

"We already told you what we wanted. We don't want any of this fame anymore, being surrounded by millions of girls." Zayn said.

"So you guys just want it to be over for good? No One Direction?" Niall asked.

"No One Direction." Louis said.

I couldn't believe half the words the two of them were saying. Both of them were insane to think that they could survive. Liam, Niall, and I looked at each other before looking at the other two. We couldn't let them have their way with everything.

"Fine, we're going to see what the fans say and they're going to decide whether or not we'll be together." I said. With that being said, Louis and Zayn left the restaurant.

"What are we going to do now?" Liam asked.

"We're just going to wait for the fans' responses." I replied.

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