The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon have finally uncovered their love for each other, much to Stefan's dismay. He has changed himself from The Ripper, and gone against Klaus. Meanwhile Klaus has sent Tyler out of town, Caroline is trying to fight all of her feelings for him, but eventually will they be too out of control for Caroline to keep hidden away?


3. The Phone call to Stefan

With a large hole in his stomach that was quickly healing, Damon had pulled the wood out of him and was now out of the Salvatore house and in his rusty blue car.

He had the tiniest idea of the whereabouts of Elena and Brandon, but not exactly a definitely flawless plan. 

Damon followed the road down a deserted path, eventually making it to a locked gate which lead onto another thin path between two fields. He figured Elena could be down here, considering it was one of the only deserted places in Mystic Falls.

He ripped open the fence, returned to his car, and drove smoothly down the road in the dark.

The next thing to come into his sight was a large, grey building. There were only about four windows and it looked as if it had at least three floors. The roof was flat, the walls all equaled up to be a large square.

Concentrating as hard as he could, Damon used his hearing skills (one of the many pros from being a vampire), and listened out for any signs that Elena could be here.

Soon enough, a faint voice was heard.

"Let go of me! Damon! What do you want?!" 

It was definitely Elena.

Damon pulled out his phone, flicked through his contacts and called Stefan's number.

After the third ring, Stefan picked up.

"Hello, Damon, what are you calling for at this time?" he asked, very seriously.

"Elena's in trouble and she needs your help," Damon explained.

"And why do you think that she needs my help?" he answered after a pause.

"She needs both of us, Stefan," Damon said.

"I think it is pretty obvious, brother, that Elena much prefers you," Stefan said, a hurt tone in his voice. "Why do you think I would help her now?"

"She may have chosen me, Stefan, but you know you still love her and would protect her no matter what, and she still cares for you."

Stefan paused. "I don't have a clue where you are, Elena much prefers you and don't you think she would love for you to play the hero?" he joked.

Damon explained where he was, practically begged Stefan and still he would not agree.

"Stefan please, I can't do this by myself, she needs us." Damon said.

There was no reply.


Damon put down the phone, breathed heavily and realized his brother was truly different and didn't care.

As he sat there, thinking of a plan, there was a knock on his window.

Looking up, he saw his brother standing outside.

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