The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon have finally uncovered their love for each other, much to Stefan's dismay. He has changed himself from The Ripper, and gone against Klaus. Meanwhile Klaus has sent Tyler out of town, Caroline is trying to fight all of her feelings for him, but eventually will they be too out of control for Caroline to keep hidden away?


2. Elena and Damon's argument.

He stared her down, forcing her to look away. Then he walked right up to her, she could smell the alcohol off of his breath.

Damon was the most stunning man she had ever seen, including Stefan, but drunken Damon wasn't a very good side of him. And drunken and angry Damon was just a disaster waiting to happen.

"Why were you looking through my stuff, Elena?" he stayed dead still, then flicked his eyes up and down, his signature eye trick.

She stared at his lips for a while, thinking whether or not to kiss him to get the awkward tension out of the air, but he have might recoiled.

Elena thought he wouldn't hurt her, but she forgot completely that Damon was a vampire, and he used to be a murderous vampire that just changed for her. But in his angry and drunken state, she had no idea what he was about to do.

"I... I don't know, but then I found my diary, why did you have it? It is private." She told him.

He squinted his eyes and breathed slowly, then pouted his lips indecisively.

"It was in your room when I was over there one night with you, I had to read it to see what you thought of my brother of recent." he replied.

"You know that is not true, my diary has been lost for about a year, so it was not just lying around for you too take. God dammit Damon, why would you do this? You know I have feelings for you, not Stefan! This isn't trusting." Elena said.

"And looking through my stuff is?"

Elena's eyes widened, and her nostrils flared. He was being cocky, she couldn't stand him being cocky in a serious conversation.

He laughed at her when she was angry, she raised her hand without thought and slapped him across the face.

His laughter left his lips, he turned his face back to her and pushed her against a wall.

"Don't you ever, do that again."

Elena struggled and tried to get out of his grasp, but he held her tight. 

"Damon get off me."

He stared at her again, the anger started back up again in his face.

They stayed and stared and thought for what seemed like hours. No speaking was involved, the both of them stood their, angered at each other.

After a while, there was a knock at the door.

Damon stared at Elena again, and then left to go and answer the door. As soon as he heard her try to move to another room, he took her with him downstairs.

Opening the door, there was a man in completely black clothing with short blonde hair.

"What?" Damon asked in an unpleasant tone.

"Someone's not in the greatest of moods," the man said.

"Excuse me?"

"Quiet, vampire boy," the man pulled up a small crossbow, pulled it and a sharp piece of wood shot into Damon's stomach.

Elena screamed and Damon dropped to the floor in pain. It hadn't hit his heart, which was lucky.

"Vampire down, the girl's inside," he spoke into his jacket sleeve.

Elena was shocked,she looked at Damon, struggling on the floor. He was looking at her, trying to pull the heavy piece of wood out of his stomach.

The man stood at the door, and four other men jumped through the Salvatore living room window's, all dressed in black.

Elena screamed again, tried to run through to another room but was grabbed by one of the men and thrown over his shoulder.

She pounded her hands against his back, and kicked her legs around his front.

"Get off me!" she screamed.

Damon was still on the floor, angry as he couldn't do anything to help her, but he studied all of the men as he tried to get the wood out again.

"Sorry, vampire boy, mind if we steal your girl?" the man said. "Nice to meet you, by the way, and I'm Brandon."

The five men left through the front door with a kicking and screaming Elena, all jumped into a large black van, throwing her in the back, and disappeared off into the night.

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