Hearts Entangled<3

(SEQUEL TO DIANA<3 PLEASE READ IF YOU READ DIANA<3)Diana's life has been perfect. She has a cute and amazing boyfriend. Friends who have been sticking by her through everything. But what will happen when it starts to break away again? Will she go back to the old Diana? And how will she react when she finds out that one of the other boys like her? Will all this tear Niall and her apart? Read and find out:)


8. School Daze.

Louis's POV:
I watched him kiss her. Why did it make me so jealous? The bell rang and we headed off to our first hour. Which for some reason I was happy that Niall wasn't in this class, just her. I mean of course Harry is in here but he's my best friend and she's just different. I noticed that I had been starring at her so I quickly put my head down and stared at my desk instead. I felt someone touching my cheek with their small hand trying to get me to look up. I looked up and my heart started pounding out of my chest. I shouldn't feel this way. She's one of my mates girl.  
"Lou are you okay?" She said softly. She rested her forehead on mine. Our lips inches apart. Her lips looked so rosey, so kissable, so perfect. She let go of my cheek and turned back around. I sighed trying to get my heart to stop pounding so much. 
"Okay so we are going to be doing a project on the things we've been learning for the last couple days. It will take until next Wednesday. Now the groups will be....." The teacher began but I drifted off. After five minutes felt my desk shake a bit so I looked up to see her sitting on my desk. Her and Harry smiled at me cheekily. I gave them a confused looked but remember the teacher just call off groups. I smiled happily. 
"Shakespeare!" Diana smiled happily.
"What one should read do?" I asked trying to not think about the amazing beautiful girl on my desk. 
"Romeo and Juliet!" Harry laughed
"Yes! I agree!" She agreed and high-fived him. 
I just laughed, mostly because I was nervous. Why was I nervous? 
"Diana will be Juliet and you'll be Romeo is that okay Louis?" Harry smiled and winked at me. 
"Uh yeah sure I guess." I tried to play it cool. 
"What scene?" Harry asked
"The last scene." Diana said
Wait the last scene? Isn't that where he hears she's dead and goes to her side then drinks poison to kill himself? And she wakes up with him dead next to her and takes his dagger and kills herself? Don't they kiss each other in this scene?! I felt my heart start racing again. Crap.

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