Hearts Entangled<3

(SEQUEL TO DIANA<3 PLEASE READ IF YOU READ DIANA<3)Diana's life has been perfect. She has a cute and amazing boyfriend. Friends who have been sticking by her through everything. But what will happen when it starts to break away again? Will she go back to the old Diana? And how will she react when she finds out that one of the other boys like her? Will all this tear Niall and her apart? Read and find out:)


14. Romeo oh Romeo.

Diana's POV:

I sat on Harry's bed staring off into space. He was downstairs getting some soda for all of us, Louis was sitting at his desk writing. In a couple of days I'll be going to my boyfriends funeral, and that's not even the worst of it. None of the bodies from the crash were able to be found so all there's going to be is a picture. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it snapped me out of my thoughts. Harry was standing there with worried eyes. Again I tried to smile but it didn't come across. All I wanted to do was cry but it didn't want to come out either. He sat down on the bed next to me and embraced me. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I could picture his bubbly self smiling and laughing. Cracking lame jokes and eating all my snacks. His Irish accent lingered in my ears, saying I love you. I felt someone gently shaking me. I opened my eyes and realized I had fallen asleep. 
"Are you okay Di?" Harry asked.
"Yeah I'm fine, just tired I guess." I rubbed my head.
"Well you aren't the only one." Harry said pointing at Louis. 
I got up and walked over to him. I gently took the piece of paper that he has been writing on since last night. I sat back down next to Harry. I started reading the paper, so was Harry over my shoulder.

     Dear Nialler,
Buddy, mate....I can't believe that you're gone. I don't want to believe it. How can this be happening? It seems like just yesterday we met Diana. You saved her. I envy you for that. She needs you more than ever now but you aren't here. I promise you that I won't let her hurt herself anymore. I know you're up there watching over us, I wish you were here still. I cannot picture life without you. Who's going to eat my food when I'm not looking? Ha...No one will ever take your place in her heart, I wish you could see how broken she is right now. I feel anger towards you right now. But then at the same time sadness. Then I remembered that she wanted to go with you to Ireland. Where would we be then? We'd be going to two funerals. Mate you'll be missed but not forgotten. We all love you mate.
                 ~Louis xx


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