Hearts Entangled<3

(SEQUEL TO DIANA<3 PLEASE READ IF YOU READ DIANA<3)Diana's life has been perfect. She has a cute and amazing boyfriend. Friends who have been sticking by her through everything. But what will happen when it starts to break away again? Will she go back to the old Diana? And how will she react when she finds out that one of the other boys like her? Will all this tear Niall and her apart? Read and find out:)


5. Movie Night.

Diana's POV:
I danced around my bedroom listening to "All the way up" by Emily Osment. I was softly singing along as well. It was raining outside and I was waiting for Niall, we were going to have a movie night. I was so excited. 
"You are so cute." I heard his Irish accent ring from the doorway. I quickly stopped dancing and looked at him with my face blushing like crazy. He walked over to me shutting my door in the process. He wrapped one of his arms around me and his other hand rested on my cheek. He pulled me closer to him and gently kissed my lips. I smiled and grabbed his hand then walked over to my bed. We both laid down and turned the t.v. on. We decided to watch the notebook. I couldn't keep my attention on the movie though. I rolled over and looked at him. His blue eyes were so beautiful. 
"Is something wrong love?" He said running his hand through my hair.
"I wish I could go with you...." I mumbled
"Why?" He smiled
"Because I hate the idea of being away from you..." I said burring my head in his chest.
"It won't be for long. I promise I'll always be by your side love." He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arm around me.
"Niall...." I mumbled fighting back the tears.
"Yes love?" 
"I love you."
"I love you too, Diana." 
It made my heart melt every time he said he loved me. The thought of someone loving me made me happy. I was so happy to have him in my life. He pulled me closer to him and I drifted off to sleep. In just a day I won't be able to hold on to him or cuddle into him for a whole long week. It's almost as bad as that week he got suspended for fighting those jerks. 


"Diana love, your phone is going off." Niall yawned. He must have fallen asleep as well. I rolled over to grabbed my phone to see it was Abby.
"Hello?" I yawned
"Diana! Sorry if I woke you but something horrible has happened!!" She cried
"What happened Abby?" I sat up.
"Come over to Louis's!!" She yelled
"Alright." I hung the phone up and grabbed Niall's hand.
"What's wrong love?" He asked as we headed to his car.
"I don't know but we have to go to Louis's." I said getting in the car.
He nodded. When we got to Louis's I couldn't believe my eyes. Who would have done this?

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