Hearts Entangled<3

(SEQUEL TO DIANA<3 PLEASE READ IF YOU READ DIANA<3)Diana's life has been perfect. She has a cute and amazing boyfriend. Friends who have been sticking by her through everything. But what will happen when it starts to break away again? Will she go back to the old Diana? And how will she react when she finds out that one of the other boys like her? Will all this tear Niall and her apart? Read and find out:)


3. Dress Shopping.

Diana's POV:
I danced silly around my room humming a melody that Niall had wrote. The boys and him could be something huge if they wanted to be. I heard a knock at my door so I ran down to answer it. I opened it to see Rose, Abby, and Brooke waiting for me. I found myself still humming along to the melody. 
"What are you humming?" Brooke asked as we got into Rose's car.
"This song Niall wrote. He's very talented." I smiled 
"What's the name?" Abby asked peeking at me from the passenger seat.
"He hasn't given it a name yet." I sighed. 
We drove to the dress shop jamming out to the radio and singing along like crazy girls. Once we got there one of our favorite songs came on so we sat in the car till it was over. I was the first one to go inside and I was attacked. 
"Haaaarrrry..." I groaned trying to push him off me.
"I get to see you girls in dresses first!" He laughed getting up.
"I forgot that his mom works here..." Rose groaned.
"I did too..." I smiled a bit cheekily. 
"It's okay girls. Harry was just leaving." His mom said coming up behind him.
"Ugh! Why?!" He groaned and pouted.
"Because I need you to go do something for me!" She laughed
"Fine..." He sighed then left.
We all grabbed like five dresses each to try on. We were only suppose to come out in the one we liked the most. Once we all decided on a dress we paid for it then left to get some lunch. I was starving. I think dating Niall has given me the almost same food loving as him. We pulled up to Nandos, but with our luck James and Emma were there. I sighed because I knew they were going to have something idiotic to say. 
"Ewww look what the cat dragged in." Emma laughed like one of those evil witches.
"Oh you mean your face? Yeah I would get that checked out if I was you." Brooke said.
"Pffftt...." The rest of us tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't hold it in. We headed inside laughing causing older people to stare. We didn't care though. 
"Since when did you get so cocky?" Rose asked Brooke.
"Yeah I'm pretty sure Liam isn't cocky." Abby said.
"He is when playing video games." I said before shoving a cheese burger in my mouth.
"Yeah Diana's right." Brooke giggled.
"So we see the male gender does influence us...." Rose said eyeing Brooke and I. We both blushed because we knew exactly what she was talking about. I was excited for the dance now, but also sad because I won't be spending it with my boyfriend. Part of me wishes I could skip the dance and just go with him.

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