Imagine waking up and not knowing a thing about yourself..?

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2. Waking Up

I opened my eyes lazily, and closed them again at the sight of someone leaning over me. No idea who.
Maybe, I thought, if I closed my eyes, they will go away?
For the next few minutes I heard the squeak of a door and rapid, loud footsteps. I knew they where talking about me when they whispered, and I lifted my eyelids a little, just a tiny bit, to see through my eyelashes what was going on.
Men dressed in white, long coats where looking at a strange machine showing red, vertical, moving lines. I turned my head towards the sounds of low voices; two men were at either side of a short, thin woman, who was obviously in tears.
The next thing I knew the woman was shouting.
'There! There, she moved! Did you see it? You saw it, I know you did! Look!' and she was all  over me again, squeezing my hand tight, as I opened my eyes in shock.
'Ma'am, please, you should leave. We need to get her checked.' one of the coated men said, leading her away.
The door closed with a click as I looked around, knowing I don't need to be afraid of her anymore.
White walls, white celing, white bed sheets. Everything was white.
'Hello, Maia. How you feeling?' A male voice came from the other side of my bed.
I turned my head and, not thinking of saying anything else, whispered,
'Where... where am I?'
It felt strange to hear my own voice. To say those words; it was just so weird.
'You're in a hospital. You had an accident and was asleep for the past few days.' the man said, and smiled at me.
I don't know if I smiled back or not.
Seeing my confused expression, he frowned.
'Just as we suspected. You can't remember a thing, can you? Poor dear.'
I looked down at myself, covered in white, at my hands. He was right. I couldn't remember anything.
'Alright, not to worry!' he said, suddenly cheerful, 'Let's get you checked.'
He stuck a few needles into my arms and legs, and we talked as the computer did its work. Well, he talked, mainly.
Once the giant computer made a high-pitched sound, the man removed all the uncomfortable sharp objects and smiled again.
'Your name is Maia Ainsworth-Davis; you might need that bit of information in case someone calls you.'
He turned the door knob, which was also white, and left.
I like him, I thought, he's kind and gentle. Not like that woman...
Approximately three seconds after that thought, 'that woman' ran in.
She fell to her knees by my bed.
My stomach tightened, as I sat up, leaning against the bed frame.
'Oh my goodness. Oh my God, Maia, are you okay? Do you have any idea how worried...' her voice droned out as I stopped listening and studied her appearance.
Dark brown hair, bobbed and curly, dark eyes hidden behind rectangular glasses, big lips painted light pink. Her eyebrows furrowed as she talked, her expression sour.
There was nothing familar about her, nothing I recognised. She differed alot from the white-dressed, white-skinned doctors. She was dressed in at least five different colours, her skin dark brown, making herself contrast with the backround.
'...and when I saw you in here alone-'
'Excuse me, but who are you?'
She jerked back. A sharp feeling of guilt filled me; What had I said? What else could I have said? I didn't know, so I asked. What's wrong with that?
'I...' she took a deep breath in, 'You know who I am. I know you do. Somewhere, deep down there,' she pointed to the second top button of my dressing gown, but I suppose she meant my heart, 'You know.'
I shook my head slowly, 'Sorry.'
Tears welled up in her eyes as she stood up and, as fast she she came in, ran out, shutting the door behind her with a loud bang.

I heard her walk away at the same time as another set of shoes walked towards me.
Sets, I mean...
'Maia!' a voice screamed, 'I came as quickly as I could! How you feeling?'
A girl barged in, another one following her.
The first girl, straight-haired, tanned and skinny looked like a model you would see on a poster. The girl behind her was chubby and cute, that's all I can say.
Both were wearing jeans and leather jackets, along with trainers. The model girl was holding a scarf in her hand.
They reached my bed, pulling two chairs from the corner of the room rather violently, sitting themselves down and waiting for answers.
Don't talk to strangers.
Why should I tell them anything?
I stared at one, then the other, then the first again.
The skinny girl stood up, the chair screeching as she did so, gave me a pitiful look and walked out of the room, taking long, quick strides, her hands on her face, and the door banged again.
My eyes turned from the door to the chubby girl.
'You have amnesia, don't you?' she said, her voice soft and quiet. Peaceful, but sad at the same time. She was looking at her feet.
I looked at her blankly, not knowing the word or its meaning.
She sighed.
'Sorry about Charlotte. She's a bit... Well, you know. Overreactive.'
No, I don't know, I thought.
'I suppose we have to meet all over again... I'm Ena. And you're Maia. And that was Charlotte. We're friends from school.'
Ena lifted her eyes off her shoes and looked at me.
'You're looking better. I hope they'll let you out soon, we miss you alot.'
And with that, she left.

People came and went for the whole day, and I didn't recognize any of them. I kept thinking about Charlotte and Ena, my 'friends from school'. And about school. 

What was it like to know someone..?

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