Imagine waking up and not knowing a thing about yourself..?

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3. Answers

As I slurped the gooey porridge off my plastic spoon, thankfully the last one that day, the familiar sound of the door opening reached my ears.
I rested the bowl, now empty, on my lap and smiled at my visitor. The doctor, the kind one I had talked to a few days ago, the one who made me feel safe.
Phil, his name was.
He smiled back at me as he pulled a chair to sit beside me, 'Feeling better, I see?'
I nodded, bacause it was true.
'Glad to hear that, dear. Right. I think its time for you to hear some explanations, huh?'
I was waiting for Phil to say that all day, so I nodded again, trying not to show my excitement too much.
I wasn't keen on talking yet, so avoided it as much as I could.
He sighed, 'Alright,'
He lifted the empty breakfast bowl off my bed and placed it on the floor, beside the leg of his chair.
'On the 21st of November, that's seven days ago, a member of your school called in saying you've fainted in the middle of a science class. From the research we have done, it was caused by the chemical you were dealing with - it had some sort of properties that were too strong for your body.
We brought you here as soon as we could, and you were alseep for almost four days, and we were getting pretty worried. Your heart rate was weak, and we were certain you wouldn't wake up. But, of course, we tried our hardest not to let that happen.
And so, three days ago, you woke up and... well you know the rest.'
He smiled again.
That wasn't enough for me. My head was bursting with questions that had to be asked!
'Why can't I remember anything?' I said, the strange feeling of hearing myself returning and making me feel slightly sick.
'We're not sure.' came the answer, 'There are a few theories, but I don't think I should tell you any of them; you'll just get even more confused.'
'Will I always be like this? Will I never remember what I remembered before I fainted? Will I have to learn everything I knew all over again? Will I-'
'Hey, slow down! I can't keep up!'
I giggled and closed my mouth, looking at Phil with curious eyes.
'No. And yes. And... No, probably not. Your amnesia-'
'What's amnesia? People keep using that word and I don't knw what it means.' I confessed.
'Amnesia is memory loss.'
'Oh... that explains a lot...'
'Your amnesia will wear away slowly. If you spend time with people you knew before, in places you spent time in before, your memories will slowly come back to you.'
'Like... I should go to school with Charlotte and Ena?' That was the first thing that entered my head - the only thing I actually new about my past.
'Your friends? Yes, something like that.'
'So... The sooner I go back to school with Charlotte and Ena, the sooner I'll remember everything I forgot?' My face brightened - I could feel it.
Phil smiled, 'Yeah.'
'Okay. Let's go. I wanna go now-'
'You can't do that, love.'
I froze, 'Why not?'
'You don't know how to walk. You can't remember how to do most of the normal things you would do in your everyday life. You'll need a few weeks of rehabilitation.'
'Rehabil...' I tried to repeat.
'It means you train and learn to do things from scratch.'
'Oh...' I heard myself say, voice sad and disappointed.
'Hey, don't worry about it. You know, most people with amnesia forget how to talk or even understand others. We had one man a few years back who died because he didn't know how to breathe!'
'That's terrible...' I said, looking at my hands. I'm so lucky, I thought.
'You think things over. I gotta go - my lunch break's over. See you!' he said, already at the door.
Forgot how to walk... I looked at my legs. I thought of how easy it looked when other people walked. One leg forward, other leg forward.
I dropped my legs over the bed, propping myself up with my hands as I sat. I have to give myself a target, I thought, looking around the room. Fixing my eyes on a shiny, smooth-looking square hanging on the far wall, I pushed myself up with my hands.
I swung my arms at my sides, trying to balance on my feet. Maybe it isn't so easy after all, I said to myself.
One leg forward, other leg forward.
I lifted my left foot slowly, wobbling and unsteady, and placed it in front of me.
I had made a step. I smiled a wide smile, proud of myself.
My right foot followed the left. I was still shaking, but looked behind me, smiling at the distance between me and the bed. It was small, but it was an achievement.
Repeating the process over and over, I had finally reached my target. I placed my feet parallel to eachother and looked at the shiny piece of wall in front of me.
Just then I realized it wasn't a piece of wall at all.
There was a girl inside it, a girl, exactly the same height as me, looking straight at me.
'Hello,' I said, though hardly opening my lips.
She didn't reply. Maybe she's shy, I thought.
I looked at her closely, tilting my head to the side.
She was studying me, too - she also had her head tilted and was staring at me curiously.
She had lovely hair, that was the first thing I noticed, looped into small curls, resting on her slim shoulders. I felt like touching it, feeling the soft texture and pulling one of the bouncy curls to see how far down it would stretch.
My eyes switched to her face; slight cheekbones (not too angular, but visible), light brown skin. I wanted to touch that, too, just to see if it was as smooth as it looked.
Small, bright, brown eyes outlined with long lashes, arched eyebrows above them.
She had delicate features, I noticed, and rested my eyes on hers.
I imagined her to have a personality as delicate as her face - I wanted to be friends with her.
'I'm Ma...' I started, but dropped my voice. At the same time as I had opened my mouth, so did she. She mouthed the words as I said them.
'What's your name?' I asked, hoping that maybe I just imagined that.
Nope. She did it again. She mouthed 'what's your name' just as I said it.
I stuck my tongue out. So did she.
I lifted my hand up and waved. The girl did the same.
I dropped my hand to my side and furrowed my eyebrows, with her of course doing the same, and wondered what on Earth was going on.
I heard the door open and turned around to see Phil loking at my bed, a panicking expression on his face.
'I'm over here.' I said, and giggled when I saw his face.
'You... You're...' he was pointing one hand at the bed and the other at me. There was about five metres distance between the two.
'You... walked...?' he whispered, eyes wide with shock.
I nodded proudly.
'Wow.' he stated.
I laughed, thinking the same.
'Anyways, whatcha got there?' he jogged towards me and the strange girl inside the wall.
'Look,' I lifted my hand and waved at the girl, 'she's copying me.'
He moved closer to my side, and waved.
My mouth hung open as I saw Phil next to the girl!
'How- How?' Confused more than ever, and trust me when I say I was confused plenty of times in the past few days!
'She's you, dummy!' he poked me in the arm, 'That's a mirror.'
Only in a few seconds his words reached me properly. She's me. I stroked my cheek, watching the other girl do the same. Me.
A mirror.
'Okay, Miss Cheeky, confusing me like that ought to be punished,' Phil said. Seeing my expression, he added, 'Just kidding.'
'Can you walk back to your bed for me?'
'I guess...' I said, placing one foot in front of the other. It was less difficult getting back than it was going to the mirror, but still I was exhausted when I slumped down onto the bed, swinging my legs up and pulling the sheets over them.
'You might have muscle pain tomorrow. Not walking for a week and suddenly doing it again is quite a shock for the  body!' he said cheerfully.
I waved at Phil as he left, and lied down, incredibly tired and happy at the same time, and fell asleep before I could even say 'amnesia'.

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