When Christopher, a miserable man who had spent most of his life working in the local library, finds an old book with some of its pages stuck together, his life is about to change. Having a plan that will hopefully save the world, he ventures on a journey to find the Sacred Necklace...


3. Chapter Three

The Sacred Necklace', Christopher read under his breath, 'a legendary object that is said to grant immortality to its master...'
'Master? How can a necklace have a master?' Christopher thought, 'hm, anyway...'
'Once placed around the neck, the Necklace seals its chain and is impossible to take off. The spell may only be broken after one hundred and fifty years of life, and can only be done so by drinking Dragon's blood. As the years catch up with one's body, one dies immediately after doing so.'
'Wow. Maybe I should have left this book back in the Myths and Legends section. No way am I gonna start believing in an immortality necklace, dragons, or any other fantasy creatures. No thank you, I have no intention of being thought of as crazy' Christopher commented, his eyebrows raised at the 'ridiculousness' of the story.
His eyes shifter to the watercoloured painting of a pendant made of unmistakingly a diamond hanging on a magnificently glimmering chain. Shiny black swirls surrounded the diamond, holding it in place, inside some sort of transparent-silver pocket.
Then he started fantasyzing, seeing his dreams come true. Immortal. Christopher mentally face palmed and reminded himself what he had just said. No believing in magical objects or creatures. No madness, Christopher Meriton!
'Oh well. At least I had a few minutes of fun.' he said, standing up, leaving the book open on 'that' page, and headed for the door.
And then something, something deep inside his head, told him to turn around one last time.
So he did, and what he saw, or thought he saw, was hard to believe.
His eyes widened at the sight, his jaw dropped open, and he stood, frozen.
A bright, turqouise light  rose from the page in many, seperate rays, lighting up the room of which the lamps have been magically switched off. Chris stared in disbelief. 'Impossible,' he thought, 'books don't shine. I refuse to believe this. I refuse to-' he cut off, his eyebrows raising even higher, 'Holy cow!'
The book was now vivid with bright blue flames, flickering in all directions, and yet the panic in Christopher's head forced him to stay, unmoving, exactly where he was.
'What the...' he said out loud.
In a split second, the fire disappeared, the lamps where once again alight and Christopher, full of disbelief mixed with severe confusion and a small portion of respect, took three careful steps forward, towards the book.
And there, written in brown-red, ink was a phrase...
'Seeing is believing'
Once again full of shock and, for some strange reason, respect, Christopher leaned against the desk, tracing the words with his fingertips with such caution as if he was expecting them to burn him.
Suddenly, to his total amazement, the words disappeared, as if they had dissolved into the page.
Christopher's fingers jerked away from the page, which now looked untouched, as if he had imagined it all.
Thankfully, his imagination, as far as he was concerned, wasn't at all vivid. So that option wasn't possible.
Had it all been real? What he just saw?
Does that mean... Does that mean there really is an immortality necklace?
It struck him suddenly.
The Sacred Necklace exists.
He can become immortal.
His lips curled into a smile, the first in a very long time, as he closed the book shut, shoving it under his armpit, and headed dowstairs for the telephone.


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