When Christopher, a miserable man who had spent most of his life working in the local library, finds an old book with some of its pages stuck together, his life is about to change. Having a plan that will hopefully save the world, he ventures on a journey to find the Sacred Necklace...


6. Chapter Six

'Do you believe me now?' Christopher mused, as he handed his niece a hot mug of hot chocolate.
She sat on a wooden stool in the kitchen, hugging her knees, her uncle leaning against the counter in front of her.
Alex was in the state of shock. Severe shock.
'Did all of that really happen?' she mumbled.
Christopher nodded with a grin.
'Will you stop smiling, it's creeping me out...' Alex pleased, 'You never smile.'
'I guess things change!'
'How funny...' she said sarcastically
After drinking her chocolate drink in less than four huge gulps, she let the questions flow from her head...
'So, what is this necklace? Is it real? Where do we get it? Do we buy it from some old antique store? Or do we go on a quest like Indiana Jones or something? How did you even get hold of that book? Oh, right, you work with books... But, how did you even get to read this? You never read, right? How come-'
'Alex, slowly...' Christopher said in a soft voice, followed by a small laugh.
Alex looked at him with eyes that were hungry for answers.


After he finished explaining, he was breathless.
'Wow. How awesome is that...' Alex stated happily, 'Do you mind if I read those pages?'
'Not at all. But its getting late, so you better wait 'til morning.'
But she didn't hear that - she was already on her feet and ready to go fetch the book.
'Thanks,' she shouted from the corridor, running up the stairs.
The book was a heavy thing, 600 pages at least, Alex thought. She struggled to carry it to her room, it made her stumble and almost fall over.
She thumped it on her bed, and, lying down, started to read,
'The Sacred Necklace - cool name,' she thought.
A few seconds passed and she was already on the second paragraph.
'...Dragon blood,' she made a face, 'eugh. I'm not drinking that.'
'In order for the Wearer to succeed with the Immortality Spell, a one-metre-long lock of Nymph's hair is needed'
'Nymphs! Whoa... I wonder what they look like. Maybe tiny little creatures, or maybe ghostly-like ones, or maybe they take forms of trees and stuff...' Alex wondered.
'The strand must be placed inside the Crystal, by opening the silver pocket at the back with the Key. Once closed and sealed around the neck, one has reached immortality'
'I wonder why Uncle Chris wants to be immortal. I don't want to, I wanna grow old and have kids and grand-kids and maybe even great-grand-kids! And I wanna die with my husband by my side. Living for ever is boring... Like being stuck in a particular moment, like someone paused your life and the 'play' button isn't working.'
'I'd still help him find it. It's a proper cool thing to look for, and I want an adventure! Maybe it'll be worth writing a book about it later! Then I'll get rich and famous! Yeah, I'm definitely going with him!' Alex thought.
She studied the picture of the Necklace for a while before drifting off to sleep, her face flat against the open page, the last thing she knew was thinking 'I wish I could draw like that'.

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