When Christopher, a miserable man who had spent most of his life working in the local library, finds an old book with some of its pages stuck together, his life is about to change. Having a plan that will hopefully save the world, he ventures on a journey to find the Sacred Necklace...


5. Chapter Five

They sat in silence opposite each other, munching quietly on the veggie pizza Christopher had especially ordered for his vegetarian guest, once in a while glancing at one another.
'How was your flight?' Christopher decided to break the awkward silence; it had made him terribly uncomfortable.
'You've asked about twenty times already. And for the twentieth time I'll answer: fine' Alex replied, not taking her eyes off her food.
'Are you mad at me for bringing you here?' Chritopher asked shyly.
'Not really. Sort of. I'm due for an exam next month, I really should be studying, but I suppose a little holiday would do me good' Alex looked at Christopher with a little smile.
'You sounded pretty angry over the phone' Christopher confessed.
'Yeah, well,  you know what I'm like when I'm tired. I was studying all day so I took a nap' It was an uncomfortable and strange conversation, and Alex wished she was back in Paris, with her best friend Fleur, eating crepes in their favourite bar.
Taking the last bite of the pizza, she stood up from the table, desperate to take a hot bubble bath.
'Do you mind? I'm seriously tired' she excused herself.
'No, not at all, the guest room is on the first floor, third room on the left.' Christopher said with smile, which disappeared straight after Alex had left.
He wished he never brought her here. He could see how annoyed she was, and its not like they've ever had a great relationship. He aimed to cheer himself up with a cup of coffee.

'Alexandra Catherine Delacreux,' she read to herself as she stared at her passport, 'I could still get away from here. This place sucks so bad...'
She sighed loudly and headed for the tiny bathroom situated next door from her room. The room itself was terriby old-fashioned - something she hated - and boring.
Th bathroom was no different. White tiles, a bathtub, a toilet and a sink. That was it. She stood in the doorway of the plain salle del bain, towel in hand, and longed for the two weeks to pass.
Alex was a slim, short nineteen-year-old, with a pair of big, blue eyes and waist-length black hair.
According to her friend Fleur, she looked like a beautiful dolly.
To herself she looked like a witch. Horrible. Eugh.
But of course she was wrong - she was incredibly pretty.
Not to mention that she was in the top five in her year in University - the poshest one in all of France. She was happy about that.
Plus she spoke fluent French, English and advanced Japanese.
The only reason for being happy to be in boring, cold and rainy England, was the fact that the 'thing' her uncle was going to show her might be something awesome.
But it might also be a piece of junk. If so, she is heading straight home.
She couldn't decide which option to hope for - both she felt content about.


'Right, so i was standing here' Christopher jogged over to the door, 'and then here,' he moved to the book lying on the desk, pointing with his fingers, 'there was a fire, a blue fire.'
'Uncle, I've got a question.' Alex said.
'Go ahead...'
'Do you take drugs?'
'WHAT! What the heck, child!? What sort of question is that!?' Christopher exploded.
'Well, I've been processing what you've told me and it seems to me you were hallucintating. That's the most logical explanation' Alex said with serious face, 'Maybe its that dusty library that's making you crazy'
'I... am not... crazy!!!' Christopher shouted, in a tone that suggested that he was nothing but crazy.
'Fine then, chill...' Alex rose her hands up to her head, 'How can you prove it was real? I mean, that little phrase that came up, it wasn't there before? You said you only looked at the first half of the page...'
'Why don't you just believe me, Alexandra?' came the answer.
Alex was silenced.
But not by what her uncle had said, but by what was going on on the desk.
'Oh my days...' she whispered.
The book was once again covered in blue tongues of fire (this time smaller, Christopher thought), leaving Alex gaping in disbelief and Christopher smiling in satisfaction of being right.
The lamps that were switched on due to bad weather, all cracked at once and the room was lightened by nothing more than the blue flame...
And, just like it did before, the fire disappeared in a split second, ad Christopher walked forward, grabbed Alex's wrist and pulled her toward the book.
She still had her mouth hanging open and eyes the size of satellite plates, but followed obediently.
Christopher smiled and tapped his index finger on phrase inked onto the page,
'Believe, Alexandra Delacroux'
'No way...' Alex mumbled, staring at the writing as it dissolved into the paper. She lifted the page and looked on its parallel side, half expecting the words to be there, as if they sunk through it and were now on the other side.
'See?' Christopher was glowing with pride.

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