When Christopher, a miserable man who had spent most of his life working in the local library, finds an old book with some of its pages stuck together, his life is about to change. Having a plan that will hopefully save the world, he ventures on a journey to find the Sacred Necklace...


1. Chapter One

He stood plainly by the dusty old bookshelf of the ´Myths and Legends´ section of the library, staring at nothing. He watched people walk by, ignoring him completely, though it felt as if every single passerby stared at his hideous, green uniform and long beard (his razor broke last week and he hadn’t any time to buy a new one yet). He was sure that was the way things worked. But he didn’t care much, he just felt sorry for those people; the ´new generation´, ´the modern civilization´. He hated the modern world. If only Mother Nature would allow it, he would use time travel to go back in time and tell people of their terrible future way of living. It would save the planet, he was sure of that. Me, he thought, the world´s hero…

‘Chris!’ a stern female voice pierced through daydream and reached his ears, ‘am I seeing mucking about? Get back to work right this second!’

‘Pardon me, Mrs. Fitzpatrick…’ he muttered inaudibly and lazily placed a pile of books on the table before him, starting to polish their grubby covers.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick was the head of the library, his ‘boss’ – the God and the Devil. She could be both, and he was aware of that.

He seemed a shy, quiet, old man, afraid of the world and locked inside himself. But that was only at work. He couldn’t afford to be the real him; that would guarantee nothing but being fired. As soon as he started polishing the first book, his normal ‘self’ started reacting… ‘If that old bag calls me “Chris” again, I swear, I will lose my temper! And anyway, how can she tell me to get back to work if all she does all day long is play Solitaire on that computer of hers!’

A group of giggling teenage girls walked into the library, carrying a laptop each, and hurried over to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

‘I hate this job.’ He carried on thinking pessimistically, ‘I hate it. Just like I hate this modern world thing, with everyone having fun all the time, instead of thinking about the future, that they are hurting the planet by their thoughtless behavior… ridiculous! If only my plan could be accomplished! If only I could go back to the olden days… not only would I stay there – because the world was much better then – but I would tell people what the world will be like in a few decades and make them change their own future! I would’-

The pile of polished books he was carrying dropped suddenly with a loud 'bam' and was now scattered all over the wooden floor, open on random pages, covers once again dirty and pages dog-eared. Of course the noise he had made attracted Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s attention for a few seconds.
She gave her worker a cold glance through her glasses, a ‘warning’, and returned to her computer screen. ‘Screw this!’ he said, this time out loud, and bent down to pick them up. He had no intention of cleaning them up all over again whatsoever.

He selected four books and thrust them, one by one, into the empty space meant for them on the shelf (he was supposed to dust it before placing the books back), then reached for the remaining two.

Struggling to put them on the top shelf, left them, one on top of the other, on the second-highest shelf in that section. Turning around to look at the time, he heard a thump behind him. He sighed, knowing that the books were once again on the floor.

The clock read 18:57. Three minutes left of work. He wasn’t sure he would be able to survive even such a short amount of time. But then, he said that every evening. Thank goodness it was a Friday.

He turned back around on his heel to lift the book off the floor. Irritated, he bent down, thinking negative thoughts about his life, retrieving the book. It was open, the pages facing the floor, a dark blue, leather cover and title-less. ‘Only three minutes. Might as well read this book... nothing else to do…’ He thought, shrugging, and sat down by the table, leaving the book open exactly on the page that it fell onto.

After reading the first page (a boring lot about some ancient ‘magic’ objects) he moved on to turn the page. As he always does when reading books, he was ready pinching the bottom of the page that he was about to turn. And it felt kind of strange. Sort of… thick? Did they put a different sort of paper in the middle of a book? No, they wouldn’t do that. He thought about it, of why the page was thicker than the others, just out of boredom, when Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s keys rang in his ears.

‘Come on then, Chris. You don’t want to be locked in here for the night, trust me.’ She teased from the main door, ‘what’s wrong, are you glued to that chair, or what?’

‘That’s it! Glue!’ he thought. Two paged are glued together!

This one little detail brightened up his evening. Why? Because it was something different, something that let him get away from his everyday routine, something new, something to think about.
It might have been an absolutely hideous way of spending the weekend, but, seeing he had nothing better to do, it seemed all right. ‘Can I borrow this book?’ he asked quickly, his voice hopeful and excited.
His suddenly happy tone startled Mrs. Fitzpatrick. ‘Uh… yeah, sure, why not?’ she replied, and locked the door behind them as Christopher jogged home.

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