Long Lost Twin 2

Liz Payne found her twin. Now she's engaged to Louis from her brother's band - One Direction. Friendship and relationships are being tested. Will One Direction survive all the drama going on? Will Harry survive after his fight with Louis?


4. Chapter 3: Confused

Louis hasn’t called and it has been three hours. Did management make him run away and hide? No, they couldn’t do that. If they did Louis would at least come and find me and drag me with him or at least say goodbye.


“Where’s Louis?”  I ask Liam. He shrugs in reply. He pulls me into a hug.


“Don’t worry too much; I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe he’s having a really, really long meeting.” Liam tells me. I give him a small smile.


After staring at the floor for about thirty seconds, a nurse coughs to grab our attention. “Harry’s awake.” She announces. My head snaps up.  “Except it has to be two people at a time to see him,” 


We all nod our heads and Gemma and Anne follow the nurse to see him.


“I’ll see him with you since Lou isn’t here.” Perrie offers. I nod my head and give her a smile which she returns.


“Thanks.” I mumble. After half an hour Gemma and Anne came back and everyone decided that Liam and I should go see Harry next.


As I walk in the room, I see Harry. He looks as if he was hit by a car, not beaten up by Louis.  His face was covered in bruises; the rest of his body was covered by a blanket. Maybe Louis is in a lot of trouble.


“Hey,” I say and walk over to Harry with Liam behind me.


“Hey mate,” Liam says.


“Hey,” Harry says, his voice was weak. His right eye was black.


“You look awful.” Liam states and I turn to face him and shoot him a glare.


“Thanks bro.” Harry mumbles. I turn to face him.


“How’re you feeling?” I ask.


“Like shit,” Harry says and chuckles. He winces slightly.


“You look it.” Liam jokes and I turn to slap him playfully on the arm. “You know he does!” He defends and I let out a small giggle.


“So where’s Lou?” Harry asks. His eyes were filled with pain. Maybe he thinks Louis isn’t going to bother to show up.


“He’s at a meeting, I haven’t seen him, or heard from him in three hours so I think something bad has happened.” I reply.


“Good, he deserves it.” Harry mumbles.


Harry!” I hiss. “He’s supposed to be your friend!”


“He was, until he knocked me out.” Harry huffs.


“I did tell him to not start a fight,” I mumble and look at my feet.


“You did?” Harry asks. I look up at him and nod.


“Of course she would, Liz is too nice.” Liam adds and I giggle.


“I know that, but I thought she would maybe let him to get back at me.” Harry says and sighs.


“You know I don’t tolerate violence!” I protest and Harry nods. Harry opens his mouth to say something but I cut him off before the words leave his lips. “End of discussion.”


“Fine,” He grumbles and pouts.




After our time was up, we left the room after saying good bye to Harry. The first thing I was planning on doing when I leave the hospital is calling Louis so he can pick me up and I can ask him about the meeting.


I dial his number and it goes straight to his voice mail. Strange. Could he be in jail already? I thought you had to go to court before any jail sentences were made. Unless they keep you in jail until then so you can’t cause any more trouble. Wouldn’t they have called me first though to inform me of this? Louis would have called me, I’m sure of it.


“Is Louis answering his phone?” A voice says from behind me. I jump and turn around to find Liam standing there. I shake my head. “He isn’t answering when I call him either, I just phoned management and they said the meeting ended a few hours ago and lasted half an hour.” I felt my heart drop into my stomach.


“They must have given him bad news, maybe he’s at home thinking or something.” I say quickly. I was trying my best to defend Louis.


“Management told me what happened; Lou is out of One Direction.” Liam tells me. I felt my jaw drop and tears sprung in my eyes.




“He’s ashamed about it?” I say. The words sounding more like a question than a statement. Liam shrugs.


“No idea, but I’ll drive you back to your house.” Liam offers. I nod and follow him to Niall’s car, Niall must have leant him the keys. “Don’t worry, I’m driving back here so Niall has a car.”


I climb into the passenger seat at the same time Liam climbs into the drivers’ seat. He starts the engine immediately, not giving me a change to click my seat belt in.


The drive back to mine was about ten minutes but it felt like ten hours. I was praying that Louis would be home so I could confront him about not answering his calls or telling me the news. I needed to tell Louis that it would be okay and that when fans start protesting (hopefully they do) about Louis leaving the band maybe management will let him back in. I know I will help protest. One Direction can’t be One Direction without Louis. It’s impossible.


Finally, Liam stopped the car in front of my house and I climb out after thanking him. I watch as he drives away before walking up to the front door and letting myself in.


“Louis?” I call out as I kick off my shoes. They made a loud thump as they hit the ground. “I’m home!” I call out.


“I’m in here!” Louis replies and I follow his voice into the living room where he is sitting with his laptop on his lap. His eyes were as red as rubies and I could tell that he had been crying a lot. It was unusual for Louis to cry. 


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