Long Lost Twin 2

Liz Payne found her twin. Now she's engaged to Louis from her brother's band - One Direction. Friendship and relationships are being tested. Will One Direction survive all the drama going on? Will Harry survive after his fight with Louis?


3. Chapter 2: Bad News

“How’s Harry?” I ask his mum.


“He’s still unconscious and they won’t tell us anymore than that.” She sighs. Her eyes were red and bloodshot from crying.


“Hospitals are arses like that.” Harry’s sister, Gemma, says. Her mum scowls at her.


Language!” Her mum hisses at her.


“I know, I know, but we all know it’s true.” Gemma says with a shrug.


Lou and I take a seat on the cold plastic chairs. The hospitals obviously can’t afford to put cushions on these seats. I don’t know how people manage sitting on these for hours. I have survived the numb bums these chairs caused when Louis was in hospital.


Lou takes my hand in his and gives my hand a squeeze. I give him a small smile. “Stay positive.” He tells me and I nod.


“Following my advice?” I ask him and he chuckles then nods.


Louis pulls out his phone from his pocket and frowns at the screen. “I gotta go, honey, I have a meeting in half an hour.” I nod and he gives me a hug.


“I’ll go home,” I tell him.


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He protests.


“It’s fine, really. We can come back later anyway.” I say and he nods. I follow him to the car.


What if Harry wakes up while you’re gone? He will think you don’t care! My thoughts scream at me. I try my best to ignore them. It’s not like I haven’t been waiting at the hospital.


You still left.


I had to leave; I couldn’t wait there without Louis. Yes you could, Harry is your friend. He was my friend, until he kissed me!


“Liz? Are you okay?” Louis asks. I turn to face him and give him a forced smile and a quick nod. He raises his eyebrows before returning his eyes to the road.


Louis dropped me off at our house and I wished him luck with his meeting. We both knew that it couldn’t be good.



I decided to paint my nails to take my mind off of Harry and the shit that Louis could be in. I was scared for Louis. What if management presses charges? Harry has always been their favourite. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out.


Niall: I’m going to the hospital with Liam; want me to pick you up? We know Lou is at a meeting.


Me: OK


Niall: See you in ten minutes ;)


I slip on my shoes not caring if the nail varnish was dry or not. I grab my bag and jacket and wait for Niall.


When Niall stops his car in front of the house, I swing the front door open and climb into the back seat of his car.


“Thanks, Niall.” I thank him.


“It’s no problem.” He says. Liam turns around in his seat to face me.


“Are you okay? Don’t worry about Harry, he’ll be fine. Just worry about the shit that Louis is gonna be in.” He tells me and I nod.


It was quiet in the car and when we arrived at the hospital we all got out. We walked inside and joined the others in the corridor. Zayn and Perrie were there as well. Perrie ran over to me when she saw me and pulled me into a hug.


“Hey,” I say when we pull away from the hug.


“Hey, how’s you and Lou?” She asks, worry fills her eyes.


“We’re fine,”


“That’s good, I just hope nothing too bad happens to him.” Perrie says and I nod.


“Same, I’m scared he’ll get sent to jail.” I say and she nods.


“I’m sure he won’t. Harry wouldn’t do that to his best mate. He’ll only go to jail if Harry presses charges.”

“If Lou goes to jail then there is nothing stopping him from getting to me. He’s in love with me.” I tell her.


“Good point, but would Harry hurt you like that though? He knows you love Lou. He saw how you were when you thought Louis died.”


“True.” I let out a long sigh. “I really hate drama.”


“Everyone does.” Perrie says and gives me a small smile. I smile back. “Let’s go get some coffee for everyone.” I nod and follow her to the canteen.




Louis’  POV –


There is definitely something worrying Liz, I can tell. She was quiet in the car and didn’t speak once. I know she’s worried about Harry.


I knew the meeting wouldn’t be good, it couldn’t. I had put my best friend in hospital. He did kiss my fiancé. It still wasn’t a reason to hurt him that bad, I didn’t mean too.



I open the office door and walk in. I see Nathan sitting on the other side of the desk.

Shit, this must be bad.


“Take a seat.” He instructs. I nod before sitting down in the chair opposite him. “I’m sorry, but you’re out of the band.” I felt my jaw drop in shock.


“No way!” I protest.


“We won’t be stopping Harry from pressing charges either.” Nathan told me. I clench my hands into fists and bite my tongue to stop myself from yelling at him. He can’t kick me out of One Direction!


“I think the rest of the band should have a say whether I’m kicked out or not. You can’t force someone out of the band without consulting the other members first.”

“They have no say and anyway, you got put together by Simon. It’s his decision whether you stay in the band or not and he says no until we know exactly what happened and if Harry presses charges.” I nod and run my hand through my hair. This couldn’t be happening! I should have listened to Liz and not got into a fight with him . . .


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