Long Lost Twin 2

Liz Payne found her twin. Now she's engaged to Louis from her brother's band - One Direction. Friendship and relationships are being tested. Will One Direction survive all the drama going on? Will Harry survive after his fight with Louis?


2. Chapter 1: Regrets

Previously –

Louis' POV - 


How dare he! 

I walk up to him angrily when I see him standing by the trees at the edge of the park. 

"What the fuck were you thinking!" I screech at him. 

"She told you." Harry whispers and looks down. "Of course she would." Disappointment fills his voice. He must be stupid to think she wouldn't tell me. She's fucking getting married to me, of course she would tell me and I'm glad she did so I can kick his arse. 

"No shit, Sherlock." I snap. Harry glances at me. "What were you thinking!" 

"I don't know." He murmurs and looks back at the ground. I ball my hands up into fists. I wanted to punch him so badly, I know Liz would be mad, I didn't promise that I wouldn't get into a fight. 

"Never go near her again." I growl at him. "She's mine!" 

"She's not an object!" Harry retorts and looks at me, his green eyes are filled with anger. "You can't tell me not to go near her!" 

"Yes I can!" I snap. 

"If I want to talk to her, I will, after all she was my girlfriend first." Harry taunts. My fist collides with his jaw and he looks at me like he wants to kill me. Shit. Liz is gonna be pissed that we fought. 

He punches me and I punch him in his stomach making him double over. He falls to the floor and I kick him again and again until he coughs up blood. 

"She's gonna hate you for this." Harry coughs. He tries to stand up and I punch him, my fist making blood pour out of his nose and punch him again, this time hitting his temple. I then kick his ribs. That's when I notice that he is no longer conscious . . .



“How is he?” I ask the nurse.


“He’s still in a bad condition, we suggest you go home and get some rest and return tomorrow morning.” The nurse instructs us and walks away swiftly.


I turn to Louis and take his hand. “Let’s just go home and get some sleep.” He nods and we leave the crowded hospital corridor.

“What if he dies.” Louis mumbles. I give his hand a squeeze.


“Stop being so negative! He’s going to be fine!” I reassure him and give him a small smile. On the outside I seem fine, but on the inside I’m scared. What if he does die? One Direction can’t continue, no offense but half of the fan base only cares about Harry. If he dies and One Direction continues only half of the fans will be buying the new albums.


If he does die I lose a friend, the boys lose their best friend and his family lose their loved one. I know Harry and I haven’t left things on a good term, now I feel bad.


“Lizzie?” Louis says and I realise we’re standing next to the car. I open the passenger side door and climb in. “You can’t tell me to stop being negative if that’s exactly what you’re doing.”


I nod. “I know, I can’t help but worry though.” Louis lets out a sigh before leaving the hospital car park.


“It’s my entire fault; if he dies I go to jail.” Louis mutters. I look at him and raise my eyebrows.


“Why?” I ask. Can he go to jail?


“Manslaughter,” He replies and pauses before continuing. “I didn’t mean to kill him, but I still killed him.”


“Oh,” It was obvious. “He’ll be fine.”


“If he does survive he can charge me for assault.” Louis adds.


I shake my head. “No, he wouldn’t do that. You’re his best mate.”


“He would, I go to jail then I’m out of the picture. He can make a move on you and I won’t be there to stop it. I’ll come out of jail and you two will be planning a wedding.” Louis grumbles. I shake my head and laugh.


“I wouldn’t let him, you know that Lou, right? I love you, if you went to jail I wouldn’t dream of cheating on you.”

“You don’t know, your feelings could change.”


“They won’t though, I gave him his chances and he blew it. I’m definitely over him.” I say confidently. I can’t believe Louis actually believes I would cheat on him with Harry.


“That baby is mine, right?” Louis asks and I scoff.


“You have got to be joking right!” I say, my voice getting louder. Louis parks the car on our drive and I climb out quickly. “I thought you would understand I wouldn’t cheat on you!” A tear rolls down my cheek. Louis walks over to me and wipes my tear away with his thumb before leaving a kiss on my cheek.


“I’m sorry, I’m just getting paranoid.” He says and I nod.


“You do believe me, right?” I ask and he nods. He gives me a small smile before we walk back into the house. “So let’s plan our wedding to take our mind off of things.” I suggest.


“Sounds great; maybe we should get married soon in case I do end up in jail.” Louis agrees.




“Three weeks?” I ask him and he nods. “Don’t you think that’s a bit too soon to get stuff planned?”


“No, I have money, I’m sure we can get it planned in time.” He returns. We were sat in the middle of the living room on the floor with our laptops on our laps.


“It’s not enough time to inform everyone though.” I say.


“I’m sure it is.” He replies. I roll my eyes.


“What about Harry though? What if he’s not out of hospital? I’m sure he wants to attend our wedding.” I say as I scroll through a wedding dress website.


“He’ll be out by then.” Louis reassures me and I nod.


“Four weeks? Just in case? That gives us a month.” I say.


“No later though,” Louis says and I nod. “Brilliant, I really can’t wait.”


“Harry’s going to be so pissed when he finds out that while he’s fighting for his life in hospital we’re planning our wedding. At least he will see that I love you and he has zero chance with me.” I say and giggle.


“That won’t stop him; he’s Harry Styles for god’s sake.” Louis jokes and laughs.


“True, true,” I sigh. “I really hope he’s fine though. Next time when you two want to sort out problems don’t use violence to solve them.”


Louis rolls his blue eyes “Obviously. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to stay in One Direction even if I get a criminal record.”


“I’m sure you will.” I say and he nods. He pushes his laptop to the side and leans over to me to plant a kiss on my lips.


“I love you.” He whispers.


“I love you too.” 

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