Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


20. Flashback (chapter 18)

Niall had just left after agreeing to go to Bonner's with me and I decided to try and sleep. Just as I got tired a knock sounded from my door. 

"Come in" I groaned, sleep lacing my throat. The door opened and in came Harry. He looked very sheepish and was clutching an envelope in his hand. Suddenly I wasn't tired anymore.

"Come with me" he said stretching out a hand. I took it without question. 

Silently we walked up to the third floor and finally up a step ladder. I expected to be in an attic of some sort but instead we where standing on the top of the house looking out into greater London in the wee hours of the morning. 

It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. You could see from London eye to the Themes. From the Themes to Piccadilly Circus.

"Wow" I said as I wrapped my arms around myself to keep warm. 

"Look up" a voice whispered in my ear from behind me. I looked up and saw millions of stars shining above me in all different shapes and brightness. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and raised a hand. 

"You see that one there. The largest and Brightest?" He said pointing directly at the star I had been staring at for the past minute. I nodded.

"Well thats your star" He said before walking in front of me handing me the envelope. 

I opened it up and gasped. It was a star deed.

"You bought me a star?" I whispered as I scanned the letter.

"Yep. and I named it Harry Styles." He said grinning from ear to ear.

"Why?" I said grinning back. 

"Because I want you to know that no matter where I am, no matter what happens to me, I will always be looking down on you and I will always come back for you"

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