Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


14. Filler

A/N: guys this is just a filler! Its not even a chapter! I hate fillers as much as you guys but If I don't put it in, the next chapter will make zero sense so....yeah.

I must have fallen asleep at about 5pm....damn I was tired.

I woke up suddenly and looked over at my phone. 7:20 pm. I lay in bed for a few moments before I heard voices coming from the living room.

"Mum! are you sure? I really want to come home I-.....yes, Im so sorry.....okay, okay, love you to, tell the girls, bye, okay, see you at new years! I'm really sorry,...."

I walked into the living room saw all the boys sitting on the sofas looking depressed.

"Whats the matter?" I said flopping down next to Liam as we watched Louis fret on the phone.

"Management won't let us go home for christmas" 

I looked at him in horror

"What? why! they can't do that!" I said as tears welled up in his eyes.

"They said we have lots of interviews late tonight and early boxing day so it would be easier to stay in London for the holiday" 

I nodded and we sat there in silence,the only sound was coming from Louis quiet conversation on the phone.


I reached into my pocket to retrieve my own phone and walked out the room. It was Jack.

"Hey Aurora" Jack whispered through the phone. "Um, I have some bad news. I don't know quite how to say this but...Our foster family are taking me and Luce to America for christmas."

I gasped before sitting down on the stairs.

"But I was meant to come over! I wanted to spend christmas with you!" I mumbled, trying so hard not to cry.

"I know! I have told them but they booked the plane and hotel tickets before we arranged for you to come over! Im so sorry Roo" I heard him sob at the other end of the phone.

"Oh, when are you leaving?" 

"Now, we are in the car to the Airport"

I nodded before realizing he couldn't see me.

"Okay, have fun and Merry Christmas!" I smiled before hanging up.

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I guess I wasn't going anywhere this christmas.

I walked back into the living room and sat back down next to Liam.

"Well if it makes you feel any better Im not going anywhere either" I mumbled pulling a cushion onto my lap.

"Why? I thought you where going to stay with your brother and sister" Zayn said.

"I was but they're on their way to America for christmas"

He nodded and we sat silently for a bit.

"This christmas is gonna suck" I said throwing my phone onto the coffee table.

"Come on guys! we can make it amazing!" Louis said jumping up whilst we all looked at him with confused looks.

"Um.....we could go to the snow centre! Its not that far from here! We could go skiing there, Snowboarding, Ice skating..." 

The boys seemed to perk up a bit at this idea but I was still a bit down.

"It sounds amazing Lou, but no offence to you guys, but I was hoping for some girl time with Lucy" I said crossing my legs.

"Well then invite Lizzy, she can come round tonight" 


We spun round to see Niall, his eyes sparkling and grinning like there is no tomorrow.

"Crap did I say that out loud" he said covering his mouth.

"Yes loverboy you did. Don't worry Im gonna call your girlfriend now" I smirked before walking into the kitchen.




"Hello! I don't know who you are because I didn't look at the caller ID" 

I laughed before talking into the phone. "Its Roo"

"Oh my gosh Roo thank you so much! my parents are embarrassing me over my relatives! Im hiding in the toilet but I don't know how much longer I can last! SAVE ME" She whispered

(A/N: SHE ISN'T LITERALLY IN THE TOILET! In England we call the 'Bathroom' the toilet)

"Well you are in for luck! wanna spend christmas here? come over now?"


I laughed before walking back into the living room.

"Niall your girlfriend will be here any second, you may thank me" I said before sitting down again.

"She is not my girlfriend" he mumbled before his eyes grew wide. "Any second! god! I need to get ready!" He yelled before running from the room.

"Not my girlfriend my arse" Harry muttered.

"Okay so lads and Lady, tomorrow we have a mission. A mission I call Get-Niall-and-Liz-under-the-mistletoe-we-need-to-find" 

We nodded in agreement as the door bell rang. 

"SHIT" Niall screamed from upstairs.

I rolled my eyes and went to the door.

"ROO!" Liz screamed before throwing her arms around my neck. "Thank you so so so so so so so so SO much for letting me stay!" She said pulling away. 

"No worries!" Harry said. "You can take your stuff up to Nialls room" he said sauntering back into the living room.

Liam grabbed a cushion and threw it at him.


"Don't worry Liz, your not staying in Nialls room. Lets go up to mine" I said taking her upstairs, not before winking at the boys

Lets just say mission Get-Niall-and-Liz-under-the-mistletoe-we-need-to-find is ago

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