Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


9. Chapter 9


"Ouch" I whispered as Niall held a cloth full of herbs and oil. 

Niall told me that his mum used to use it to take down swelling and draw out pain when he had accidents when he was younger.

"Are you sure this will work?" I whined for about the 100th time. 

Slowly he put it down and cupped my face in his hands.

"Do you trust me?" He said staring right into my eyes. I nodded slowly.

"Then it shall work!" He smiled. "But if it really does hurt too much then you can squeeze the life out of my hand" 

I laughed and took his spare hand in my lap. Slowly he placed the pack against my swollen eye. I gritted my teeth and squeezed his hand. 

Slowly.....very slowly the pain stopped until I could open my eye fully without being in any pain at all. 

"Woah" I said staring at myself in the mirror. Apart from the gash on my forehead I looked completely fine. 

"Thank you!" I gushed throwing my arms around his neck hugging him tight.

"Told you it would work!" He smiled into my hair. At that moment, the three remaining boys (Louis, Liam, Zayn) burst through the door. 

"Hey Roo! I got some-" Liam started before looking at the two of us with our arms round each others necks. 
Talk about awkward.

"Louis! Look what Niall did!" I said showing him my perfect cheek and eye. He nodded in approval.

"Good job mate" He said passing Niall a single nod. "Anyway, look what we got for your head"

They produced a small box of One Direction plasters. Each plaster had a picture of a boy on it.

"Very sweet" I laughed before scattering them on the table.

"Now which one to use.." I said waiting for the obvious reaction.

"Pick me! I made your eye better!" Niall yelled holding out the Niall plaster.


"DONT PICK ME! I look terrible in that picture!" Liam said, cowering away at the little Liam on the table. 

"Okay" I smiled, picking up all the plasters. "No to the Liam one" I said dropping it on the table. "The Harry one, not on your life. The Louis one.....nope" I sighed throwing it back at my brother. 

He gasped and started fake crying into the cushion. 

"The Niall one.....Na sorry mate. So that leaves the Zayn one" I said placing it over my cut. Zayn started to cheer and gave me a bro fist. I threw myself onto the sofa and put on Spongebob. 

"Really Spongebob?" Niall said with a raised eyebrow. 

"What can I say? The dude is a genius!" I said shrugging my shoulders.


After an hour and a half of watching Spongebob re runs, I realised I was still in my school uniform.

"Imma gonna change" I announced before leaving the room. 

I skipped up to my bedroom and ran into the wardrobe. After a few minutes of running my hand over various outfits I settled on some baggy black pajama bottoms, a white vest top and an off the shoulder Navy woollen jumper. When I was satisfied with my look I bounced back downstairs to find the living room empty.

"GUYS?" I yelled at the empty room. I looked behind sofas and behind the TV before I felt a hand wrap around my mouth and the other drag me into the music room. 

"What the Hell Niall?" I yelled and whispered at the same time.... I Yespered. 

"When you left, we sat around boredly waiting for you. You where so long that we started a nerf war. Its you and me against the other three." He said handing me a full nerf gun.

"Liam is probably with Zayn hiding and Louis is running around aimlessly looking for us so bare that in mind"

I nodded and snuck out. 

It was so tense and scary sneeking around corners that I felt like I was in the mix of Slender-man and the Hunger games. 

I crept into Liams bedroom and looked around for any signs of anyone. I was about to leave before I saw the top of two heads peeking out off the top off the bed. I fired one dart before I was tackled to the ground.

"GOTCHA!" Louis cried as I struggled underneath him. "LIAM TAKE HER TO YOU-KNOW-WHERE! ZAYN COME WITH ME TO GET THE IRISH ONE!" He barked at the others. Before I knew it I was on my back being carried outside. It was then that I started to struggle.

"Really bro? A swimming pool? NOT COOL DUDE! NOT COOL!" I screamed as he approached the side. 

I kept on struggling but because I am so short and light, I was making no effect on him. I was about to give up when I heard screams coming from inside.

"JESUS CHRIST NIALL! LAY OFF THE NANDO'S MATE!" Zayn yelled as be and Louis carried him onto the pool side. 


I looked at Niall and raised my eyebrows at him.


He caught my drift and nodded back at me.


As we were thrown in, I grabbed Liam's shirt and Niall grabbed Louis and pulled them in with us. 

We all reached the surface of the water laughing and screaming. 


After a while fooling around in the water, we came inside shaking like wet dogs laughing our heads off. Until we came to a complete stop when we reached the living room.

Harry and Brittany where sitting on the sofa kissing. Liam coughed loudly and I pushed slightly in front of him. 

"Guys, this is Brittany" Harry said before turning to me and smirking. "My girlfriend"

That was it for me. I had told Harry everything. All the secrets that had been burning on me for years. I trusted that kid with my life and he just threw it away. But that is not what really made me burst. It was the small silver ring with a H engraved into it sitting on her finger.


Hey guys, thank you so sosososososo much for your amazing comments.

When people comment things like "this just gets better and better" it really makes me smile. 

Also, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HARRY! I love my little bakers boy! It is nothing personal, It is just the story line!

And yes, I watch pewdiepie, Heck, i Live in the same town as him. BRO'S FOREVER!


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