Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


8. Chapter 8

I Walked down the street as fast as I could, glad that there where no footsteps following me. I stared at the ground so I wouldn't be seen crying. I was so lost in everything that I didn't even notice I was on the ground until I heard the scream next to me. 

I sat up to see myself faced with a brunette girl who was about my age. She had a naturally beautiful skin tone, light make up and was wearing a party dress. I could swear I recognize her- oh crap no. Is it?

"Lic?" I gasped helping her up. Liz was Brittany's best friend and was faker than her. Before, she had bottle blond hair, orange skin and more makeup than Superdrug could stock.

She took my hand and stood up. 

"Hi Aurora" she smiled at me. Looking at her more closely I could see that her eyes where red from crying, her lips where swollen and she had a bright red cheek. 

"Are you okay? what happened?" I gasped. She gave a shakey nod before bursting into tears. I lead her into a nearby Cafe and we sat down in a private corner booth. 

"Thanks" she snivelled as I mopped her gently with tissues. 

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" I said wiping any makeup from her face.

"Um, when you came to school today looking so um, well how you do now really, it shocked me. You used to look so stupid under all that make up and clothing. I mean no offence, but you where asking to be bullied. But when you came to school today, you looked so beautiful. I honestly couldn't believe that it was you." She said snivelling. She lent back in her chair before continuing.

"It got me thinking that under all the make up, I was might be able to be as beautiful as you. So after school, I lost my fake tan, Dyed my hair back to its original colour and bought some decent clothes." She said smiling. 

"Thats really great Liz. But, if you don't mind me asking, why are you crying, your lips swollen and your cheek burning?" I mumbled.

"Um, I had this party tonight. I dressed like a normal person to attend it. My friends, especially Britt, were not so excepting. Even then, my boyfriend tried to force himself onto me. He tried to make me go 'there' with him and I told him I wasn't that type of girl anymore so he....he slapped me. Thats when I left and fell into you." I nodded in acknowledgement before she asked the all to fatal question.

"Um, you where crying too. Are you alright?" She whispered to me.

"Um..Ever since I can remember, I have always fallen in love to quickly. I had known Harry for a day before we went out. If he doesn't believe me when I said I was on the phone to my siblings, then I don't know if we can be together." I said as a tear trickled down my face. She reached over and mopped me up as my phone rang. 

Roo? where are you? It's getting late now and you are not back yet. Do you want me to come and get you? Please reply im getting worried. Love Lou xx 

"Who is that?" Liz asked politely. 

"Just Louis. He is really protective over me and wants me to come back. But I can't and I have no where to go." I said as a silent tear fell down my cheek.

"Come back to mine for tonight. You can sleep over and I can take you in tomorrow." Liz smiled at me. 

"Really? Thank you so much" I grinned hugging her. When we pulled away she went to the toilet whilst I rang Louis.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice croaked from the other end.

"Hi Lou" I said sheepishly.

"ROO! OH MY GOD ARE YOU ALRIGHT? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED I AM? WHERE ARE YOU? I'LL COME AND GET YOU!" He screamed down the phone at me. I'm surprised he didn't wake the whole house up.

"Lou, Lou, calm down. Im fine. I am sleeping at a friends house tonight and she is taking me to school tomorrow. Im sorry I stormed out like that" I said quietly down the phone.

"Its not your fault sis. Trust me, I would have done the same. Harry defiantly isn't coming to get you no matter how hard he begs." Louis said gently through the phone. I really wanted to break down and cry.

"Thanks. I love you" I said down the phone with a shakey voice.

"I love you too. Oh and Roo? How are you with Haz?" He said sadly. He really cares about him.

"Oh god. I want to forgive him Lou I-" 

"Shhh. Don't worry. Have fun with your friend okay? Got to go, Love you" he said before hanging up. 

"Ready to go?" Liz piped up from behind me. I nodded and we headed out the cafe.


I walked into Liz's room and lay down on the spare bed. Her room was lilac with white furniture and littered with One Direction posters.

"Hey Liz" I called into the darkness

"Yeah?" She replied sleepily

"Why are you suddenly being so nice to me?" 

"Because you showed me not to judge a book by its cover. I defiantly judged you before getting to know you and I wanted to make it up. Your pretty cool."

I smiled into my pillow before falling into a deep sleep.


"Its okay Liz you have done so well" I said soothingly rubbing her back.

She was so shaken up with peoples reaction bless her. Britt has been shouting at her all day

"Are you okay? are you going home?" I asked when she finished crying.

"Yeah, I have a friend here to pick me up" she said quietly. We said our goodbyes and she left. 

I sat there watching the year nines play football on the field when my phone buzzed.

(L- Louis R-Roo)

Hey are you coming home tonight? - L

Um yeah I guess- R

Do U want us to pick you up? - L

Ya you won't attract to much attention......I hope- R

Gee thanks! - L

Ahh you love me :p - R

*sigh* I know I know - L

See ya later bruv- R

Okay weird child.... Xoxo- L 


As I walked out the school at the end off the day, I couldn't see the guys so I walked over to a picnic bench and sat on top of it. 

"What the fuck are you doing with my best friend" an all to familiar voice growled from behind me.

"I don't know about you Britt, but I don't swear and bully my best friends" I snarled at her.

"Well, I don't see how you would know seeing as you don't have any friends bitch" She grinned crossing her arms.

I turned around to see that almost half the year group where watching our showdown. 

Ya know love, the comebacks Bitch, Hore and Slut are not gonna get you far in life" I said rolling my eyes. 

"Yeah, well neither is being a gold digger. Thats the only reason you like Harry" she snapped.

Hellz na. 

"Take that back" I screamed

"Make me"





Before I knew it she was lunging for me and grabbed my hair. I hit her square on the noes and the next moment we are on the floor hitting each other. 

A minute later we were wrenched apart. I looked through the blood that was running into my eye and saw who was holding Brittany back. 

Harry Styles.

I only realized who was holding me back when I felt.......eight muscular arms around me. Eight?

I struggled but Zayn and Louis had me round the waist and Niall and Liam had an arm each. I didn't notice they were there until I heard all the fangirls start to scream.

"Dudes get off me if you know whats good for you!" I scream.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE" Niall bellowed and the whole campus fell silent. 


"We weren't even properly dating" Harry muttered. 

"THE HELL WE ARN'T!" I screeched as I ripped his ring off and threw it at his face. I mentally smiled as I saw it scratch a long cut across his face.

"STICK IT ON YOUR NEXT HORES FINGER" I snapped before walking off.

"Woah woah! You can't dump me! IM HARRY STYLES!" He yelled.

I turned on my heel and walked so close to him our noses where almost touching.

"Watch me" I whispered venomously. 

The bastard chose that minute to kiss me on the lips. Well. Lets jut say he won't be doing that again. My hand flew up and smacked him round the face. Hard. 

"What the-" He begun

"Don't even talk to me" I said sharply. before turning on my heel and storming towards and past the boys as the tears streamed down my face. 

They followed me out before pulling me into a group hug. I honestly could not care less about the fangirls following us screaming and pointing.

"Im sorry" I whispered 

"Don't be. You did what all off us would do" Louis said ruffling my hair before we walked towards the car. 

"Hey, how hard did I hit Harry?" I asked out of no where.

"Lets just say he wont be hooking up with any more girls any time soon." Zayn whispered in my ear.

Boy was he wrong.


Hell to the drama! whoop whoop.

So......uh.....PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! 

Im sorry but all I can say is WRITERS BLOCK SUCKS

Its really crap and makes you feel like a poo because loads of people are waiting to read your book and you can't write it. sorry.


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