Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


5. Chapter 5

HOLA COMO ESTAS? that's all I have learnt in three years of Spanish and I still don't know what como estas means (I'm gonna do great in my GCSE) 


"Oh my god I don't think I can do this!" I gasped as I paced the bedroom frantically. 

It was Monday and I was going into school in a normal outfit. 

It consisted of my light grey school skirt that I let fall just below my mid calf, a white school shirt that actually fitted, my Blazer, my black and white striped tie, silky, thin black tights and clean school shoes. I was terrified about how people would react. In the space of two days I have:
• moved out
• stopped dressing like a slut
• become the girlfriend of a world famous pop star

So all in all, school is gonna be great! note the sarcasm. 

"Hey hey, calm down" Harry whispered, cupping my face. "It's gonna be ok. Here, I got you these."

He pulled out a small box. Inside there where two small silver rings. One had H engraved in it and the other had an R on it. 

"This one" Harry said, slipping the ring with the H onto my finger. "Is for you, and this one is for me." He said placing the other ring onto his finger. " And whenever you feel that school is bad, just look at the ring, and remember I am thinking of you"

"Thank you" I said gently. 

"Now me and the lads are gonna walk you to school, ok?" 

I nodded and pushed myself onto my tip-toes so that my lips could meet his. 

"Um hate to break up the love fest in here but if we don't get Roo to school she is gonna be late" Louis said from the doorframe. 

"Fine dad"We both said in unison and walked out.

"Oh and Louis, delete it" I grinned as we walked past him. 

"Delete what" Harry asked looking at me awkwardly 

"The picture he took before he interrupted us" I smiled. 

Both boys looked at me with wide mouths. 

"To late" Louis winked before running outside. Sure enough, the picture was trending on twitter everywhere. 

"How did you know he took a picture?" Harry asked as we walked down the stairs.

"I didn't" I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. "But, I do know Louis" 

"This is why I love you" Harry said, intwining his fingers with mine. 


When we where walking up the hill towards the school, I actually felt pretty confident. That was until I saw them.

Matt and Alec. Matt and Alec where best mates and felt that it was cool to put someone down. Unfortunately that was me. They where so immature for two 18 year old boys.

"Hey Aurora, finally realised that being a slut doesn't make you popular?" Alec sneered at me from the other side of the road.

"aww, someone find this girl a gold star! she does have a brain!" Matt added. 

Almost immediately I felt Harry's grip on my hand tighten. 

"Just ignore them" I muttered to him, but I could see the anger making his eyes darker. 

"Hey, Aurora, look at those guys, even I haven't had a six-some before!" Matt sneered. God. so original. 

"Hey, aren't they that gaylord band? One kinection?" Alec shouted at us. 

"Oh! we got ourselves a gold-digger" 

I could see Harry's jaw clench and beads of sweat form on his head. 

"Just ignore them Roo" Louis said, patting my shoulder.

"Roo? what kinda name is that!" Matt laughed.

"Probably her hooker name" Alec muttered to him quietly.

Not quietly enough. 

Before I knew it, Harry and Louis where across the road trying to give them what-for, only to be dragged back by Liam and Zayn. 

Tears formed in my eyes and threatened to spill as Niall bent down ans whispered in my ear.

"Go, get to school, Harry and Lou are gonna be pretty fired up when they get back and I don't want you here when they do"

I nodded, gave one last glance across the road and speed-walked the rest of the way to school.


You know in movies when people walk down their school corridor in slow motion and everyone stares and parts for them? Well yeah, that happened. 

I was snapped back into reality when Lucy and Jack came running up to me and threw themselves at me. It only took me a second to find out what had changed.

Jack's tattoos and piercings where gone, he didn't smell of cigarettes and he looked decent. Lucy made me shine. She had knee length socks, a grey skirt about the same length as mine, a nice shirt, tie, blazer and had a pretty new rucksack.

"What-" i began before the bell rang. 
"Meet me by the tree at lunch!" I called before being whisked away to my first class.

At lunch I went over to the oak tree that sat at the back of our school and my two siblings sat there chatting away.

"Hey" I grinned. "So what happened?"

"We don't live with mum anymore!" Lucy squealed. "The day After you left, social services came round saying they had a call from a man named mr.styles saying about our lives and we where taken away to a foster family!"

I looked at Jack for an explanation.

"Me and Luce live with this really nice couple who have son my age and a daughter a year older than Luce. Mum was taken away and soon we need to go to a court trial to determine her sentence."

We continued chatting but one thing overtook my mind. Harry saved them. Harry saved my best friends when I couldn't. This was why I loved him. 

The bell went very quickly and we walked into school together.

"Hey, Jack. Do you have a phone?" 

He nodded proudly and gave me his number before walking off into he mass of teenagers.


I strutted into English and sat at the desk in the corner. I was only there for a few seconds before a neon bombshell landed on my desk. 

Brittany Smeth (yes. Smeth. prounoinced smeeeeth)

When I say neon bombshell its because her skin was neon orange. she was the typical blonde slut you see on 16 and pregnant, or on the X-factor pretending they can sing. 

"So Aurora, I hear your dating Harry Styles!" She said in her annoying chipmunk voice.

"Whats it to you?" I snapped.

"Im having a sleepover tonight and your coming! with Harry"

No. Just no. I stood up and stared her in the eye.

"I would rather rip out my guts and eat them. Now get off my desk and run back to your little slutty friends" i shouted before shoving her hard off my desk.

Just as Mr. Rick walked in.

"Aurora Johnston! 30 minute detention. Tonight in the huts." He barked at me.

Well this was gonna be a fun lesson. 

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