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Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


4. Chapter 4

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After a long lay in I finally dragged myself out of bed into the shower. 

It felt a bit weird to have a hot shower as I have only ever had cold ones, but I loved the feel of the water against my back. It really woke me up.

About half an hour later I think I was ready to go downstairs. Because it was one of those really nice, warm autumn days, I had a fluffy white jumper on that fell slightly off one shoulder, high waisted black shorts, converse, not forgetting my paper plane neckless, and my new found love. Snap-backs. My makeup was to the bare minimum and my hair was fluffed and curled under my hat. I love clothes. 

I slipped my phone into my back pocket and walked down the stairs. I was shocked to find that Harry was the only one there.

"I thought you loved early mornings?" He smiled, standing up of the sofa. he had the usual black jeans and white t-shirt on along side with a beanie. 

"Yeah well, on Sundays, early mornings don't start until midday" I laughed. 

Harry grinned before leading me out to his car. I asked him repeatedly where we where going but he just bared his teeth at me and continued to drive. I slumped down in the left hand seat and turned the radio on. A song came on called What Makes You Beautiful came on. I listened to it for a few seconds before Harry switched the radio off. 

"Funny, that guy singing sounded like you...." I started before being cut of by a breath taking view. A large, empty path with trees and leaves surrounding it sat in front of me. A little river ran down it with a family of duck's swimming up and down it. Squirrels scurried up and down trees in search of nuts, and rabbits hopped along the path. The path was easily wide enough to fit three or four cars in it, but Harry stopped in a car park near the entrance. 

"Harry, wha-" I began.

"This isn't even the best part" Harry winked before taking my hand. 

We walked silently to an opening in the Forrest before I gasped.

A picnic blanket sat inside the perfectly circular opening with a picnic basket on top. Inside there were all sorts of snacks and foods and drinks I have never tried. The whole place looked like such a fairy tale I was waiting for someone to jump out and tell me it was all a prank.

A few hours later and me and Harry where lying on our stomachs facing each other, telling one another about our lives.

"Okay, Roo. What's your view on pet names?"

I rolled my eyes and groaned

"What like babe and stuff? I dunno, I can't stand it. It sounds cheesy" I said wrinkling my nose.

"Okay, what about boyfriends?" 

"Um....In all fairness, I couldn't say. I have never had a boyfriend" I said shyly. I saw Harry's face light up and I knew he was happy with that statement.

"Okay Styles, here is one for you. Explain why random girls want to take your picture at the shopping centre, you are so fricking rich AND you where singing on the radio today?" 

Harry blushed and fiddled with some leaves on the floor. 

"Honestly, I'm in a world famous boy band called One Direction. The boys are the other members. that's why people wanted our pictures. I didn't tell you, because, I thought you would treat me differently." He said before looking up at me.

"Harry, I of all people should know not to judge people like that" I smiled before another thing popped into my head.

"Wait, if you are in this boyband, why did I see you at school?" 

Another blush crept onto his cheeks.

"Um, because I wanted to see you, hell, I don't even go to school there! I have just been seeing you around so much, and I thought you where cool. I was heart broken when you shot me down at school. 

I asked around about you and they told me about your mum. That's why I came to your house. I knew the only way she would let me in is if I said I was looking to be...hooked up. I only did this because, because I like you" 

I sat there breathless for about 10 seconds trying to get my head around what he just said. He likes me. As in, loves me. and the weirdest part is, all this time, all the feelings I had felt for him where unrecognisable so I just turned them down. I have just realised what they where and what they meant. I was in love. Right then, right now, I knew that I loved Harry and would love him until my dying day.

"Roo, say something, I'm dying here" Harry said choking. 

"You know, I only let people I love call me Roo." I laughed softly, I saw Harry's eyes widen.

"Exactly" I smiled before my lips met his. 

It was like a fireworks display going of in my head. When we pulled away, we just rested our foreheads against each other and stared stared into one another's eyes. It was all very romantic before I felt my snap-back being pulled from my head. Before I could process this, Harry was on his feet and running into the Forrest with it.

"Oh hell to the no mr. styles!" I screamed before running off in his direction.

Luckily I was quite a fast runner so I caught up with him quite quickly. I jumped on his back and tried to grab the hat from his grasp but unfortunately I was quite small so there was no chance of me reaching it so I changed tactics. I "fell" off his back and landed on the floor giving a little scream. I lay there until I felt Harry's body over mine.

"Oh my god Roo are you ok? Here, you can have your hat back" he held it out for me and I snatched it as fast as I could and threw leaves in his face.

"SUCKER" I screamed before running into the clearing as fast as my little legs would carry me. 

When I reached the blanket, I stopped to regain my breath but soon some strong arms had me round the waist from the back and pulled me into a hug. I screamed with laughter before turning to face him.

"I love you" Harry said, resting his for head on mine again as or fingers entwined.

"I love you too" I smiled before we packed up the picnic things and went to the car. 

Back at the house, after telling the boys I knew the truth, I left Harry to tell them about us because I am such an amazing girlfriend.

Girlfriend. It was so weird to think of myself as someone's girlfriend I thought as I pulled leaves out of my hair. I stood there pondering the thought before I felt Harry's arms around mine and his head on my shoulder.

"Hey" I smiled before Harry let go and took my hand and took me to the computer in my room. 

"I called management and told them about us, they said that we should set you up a twitter" He said, pulling up the website. I knew what twitter was through school, but I never had one. 

"What do you want your user name to be?" He asked as he filled in the other details. I thought long and hard before settling on a name. 

"@Roo_the_tiger" I typed in as Harry laughed. 

"What?" I chuckled as we logged me in. Harry ran out the room and came back with a tiger onesie that he had grown out off.

"I kept it for sentimental reasons but I want you to have it" he said handing it over. I grabbed some pyjama shorts and a tight strappy black top and ran into the bathroom to change. Sure enough the onesie was a perfect fit. 

"You do know you are never getting this back" I stated as I walked towards the makeup table. "That and I look so much better in it than you ever would." I laughed as Harry reached into my makeup draw and took out my black eyeliner pencil and colouring the tip of my nose in and adding whiskers on my cheeks. I raised an eyebrow at him. 

"What? if your gonna be a tiger you might as well look it!" 

Harry took various pictures of me as a tiger and pictures us together before running over to the computer and plugging it in. I was ushered out the room whilst he worked on my profile and about six minutes later I was let back in. 

Harry had taken one of the pictures of me and set it as my profile picture. My cover was a picture of the Eiffel Tower and my background was a selfie me and Harry took of him kissing my cheek. Basically my info looked like this:

Proud girlfriend of @Harry_Styles
Location: find me

Harry had changed his to saying 

Proud boyfriend of @Roo_the_tiger 

"God that's so cheesy" I sighed as I tucked my feet up on the chair.

"As cheesy as we can get" Harry smiled as we watched the fans realise what was going on. 

"Roo, I gotta say something. This world, is full of Horrible people, people who like to shoot others down. And I can't promise you that no one will try to shoot you down because of our relationship. I just want you to know that it is you and me against the world." 

I smiled before giving him a light kiss. 

"You and me against the world."

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