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Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


3. Chapter 3

OK guys! CHAPTER 3!!!!!

I know I only said I would dedicate this to one special person. But I may or may not have four special people to dedicate it to.......HERE THEY ARE!!!

Sloan L.




You are all so nice and I appriciated your comments so, so much! I FEEL LIKE I HAVE FOUR NEW BEST FRIENDS!! Anyway, from now on im gonna be a tough bunny (what?) and only dedicate each chapter to one person! 



I woke up the next morning actually feeling..........good. I havent felt this good for about, gosh. Since my mum started treating us like this. and that started when I was 11. gosh. 

I dragged myself out of bed before walking over to my wardrobe. I walked to the last remaining outfit from my wardrobe. 

It was a blue and white, woollen, long sleeved striped dress with slip on shoes and a Hair bow that sat across my ringlets in a cute fashion. Stupid I know to where in the middle of October when it is like 10 degrees but hey! what else was I gonna wear?

I gave one last nod at my appearance before walking down to the kitchen to make some coffee. It was only about 7:30 so I was surprised to see Harry sitting at the island drinking coffee. 

"Well someone's an early bird!" I smiled as I switched on the coffee maker. 

"You can't call me that! look at you! dressed to perfection and everything!"
He laughed.

Aww he is so cute!
What da- did I just call him cute? get yourself together Roo. 

"Thanks" I grinned as I poured myself the drink and joining him at the island. We sat there in a comfortable silence for about 10 minutes before Louis walked in and joined us.

"So Roo, how long are you planning on staying with us?" Louis said, making a neat plait in Harry's hair. 

"Not long" I sighed running my fingers through my hair. I was startled when Harry started choking on his drink.

"Wha- why?" He whispered with a look of genuine sadness in his eyes.

"Well firstly I have no clothes" I started before the boys interrupted me. 

"We go shopping" they stated

"And, this is a lads house. you don't want a girl sticking their neck into everything!" I cried out. 

"Trust me, we don't mind" Louis winked at me. I laughed and hit him with one of my shoes. What can you say! I'm a quick thinker!

A few hours later *********

When we walked into the shopping centre I gasped. 

"You look like you have never been shopping before!"Niall laughed.

I blushed a vibrant shade of pink. I love my life sometimes.

"No way!" He gasped with a smirk on his face. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the largest shop which was intitled Hollister. 

Several hours of me standing awkwardly outside a changing room later, all five boys came back with so many clothes that they couldn't see over the top. 

"Okay, who's clothes do I try on first?" 

I was greeted by a load of me! me! me!. I looked around for a way to settle the debate and found a 10p coin on the floor under a stand. I held it in my palm before turning to the boys. 

"Okay, who ever guesses closer to the date the coin was made, gets to go first." I said hiding the coin from view. 

"1982" Liam said
"1999" Niall said
"2010" Louis said
"2013" Harry said
"1990" Zayn said

I opened my hand to reveal the coin.


"Okay so the order goes Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry" I smiled before walking into a changing room and locking the door. I would explain all the outfits but I'm just going to list what I got.

• A flowery shorts and top set
• A pair of light blue jeans
• A pair of cute slip on shoes
• A collection of hair bows and ties

• a short denim dungaree set
• a top with the Hollister logo on the front
• A denim skirt
• a batman T shirt
• three caps

• A pair of denim shorts
• two sets of converse shoes
• two cute Hollister biddies

• A short blue dress ( it was the only thing gave me that fit)

• a pink and a black beenie 
• a gorgeous flowery dress
• a denim jacket
• A red tie front top

After gratefully giving the boys the chosen clothes, they ran off to buy them so I grabbed my bag and began to walk to the door. 

When I got there, there was a few teenage girls having their picture taken with them. 

"What was that about?" I asked as they picked up the clothes. 

"Nothing" Harry stuttered before walking on towards the exit. I reached into a bag to get the receipt and I almost had a heart attack. 


"Why did you spend all this money?" I gasped scanning the slip of paper for a mistake.

"Hey, don't worry!" Harry laughed before telling the boys to go on ahead.

"We are going to march back into that store and give half those clothes back. I am so sorry! I didn't know anything could be so expensive! I have never spent more than £5 at a time on things I-"

I was cut of by Harry's finger on my lips. 

"Calm down. We have quite a lot of money so that was like nothing." He said removing his finger from my mouth. "I also got you a few extra presents" he blushed before handing me over a bag. 

The biggest one contained all the makeup I had idolised from stars. there was nothing to bold or bright. Just perfect. 

The second one had an iPhone 5s in it. 

The third one was my favourite. It was a small, sliver paper airplane on a silver chain. 

"If you don't like any off them I can send them back I-" 

This thine he was cut off by my hands around his neck in a hug. 
"Thank you so much. your amazing" I whispered in his ear. He just hugged me back. 

"Come on the boys will be waiting" Harry said taking my hand and walking me to the car.

A few hours after that. 

I had just finished organising my wardrobe and got changed into my red jumper, shorts and blue snap back before I walked into the games room. 

"Oh yes Zayn Malik the undefeated Video game KING" Zayn hollered before Pushing Niall off the seat next to him with excitement. 

"Yeah! Play against Roo!" Niall said picking himself of the floor and sitting next to Liam. 

"Um, how do you play?" I asked as Zayn handed me a remote. He quickly showed me the controls before starting the game. I pressed the buttons in a random pattern. I turned to see all five boys staring at me gobsmacked. 

"What?" I blushed awkwardly.

"You literally just beat my high score in ten seconds" Zayn chuckled in disbelief. I smiled.

"What can I say? some people are born talented!" I laughed.

I spent the next half an hour whipping the boys asses at their own game before the pizza arrived. 

"So what do we watch?" I asked before setting the pizza down on the coffee table.

"Woman in black" Zayn yelled.

I froze and dropped the pizza. 

"You okay there Roo" Harry said grabbing my hand.

"Yeah, I just haven't seen that film before that's all!" I laughed nervously. Harry pulled on my hand so I ended up sitting next to him. 

"If you get scared, you can always hide in my chest" He whispered in my ear. I nodded before resting my head in the crock of his neck. 

I had just got to the bit where Daniel Radcliffe saw the writing under the wall paper when I fell into a deep slumber. 

******AUTHORS NOTE******
Thank you so much to all my readers and commenters. I am so sorry that I haven't updated in a while, its the last week of term so I feel like crap :( 

Anyway, keep commenting, following, fanning, voting, liking, reading, following me on twitter (Hi_its_Kendra), and waiting for midnight memories to come out!



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