Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


17. Chapter 16

Hey guyzzz! I just realised something.......I wanted to write 30 chapters for this book......and we are OVER HALF WAY THROUGH! NO I DONT WANT IT TO END YET!

First lets clear some things up.

Yes I am from England (although I hate tea and crumpets 0_o)

Yes I have been a Directioner for 6 years (If you can call A Liam girl From 2008 a directioner) 

I am 13 (14 on the 26th of February! Im going paint balling bitchez!)

I live by Pewdiepie, (Brighton) and I am waiting to kidnap his dogs

The Quiddich world cup took place on the hills where I live o_0

Anywayz thats me! byee


When we got home I made my way up to my bedroom. When I got to my door I went to go in but my feet had taken over and before I knew it I was walking down the polished floorboard until I was standing like a statue outside Harry's Room. I studied the door for a bit, debating whether to knock and enter or to turn and run away now. 

Taking a deep breath I slowly pushed the door open, revealing him lying on his bed in his joggers. (And only his joggers)

"Can I come in?" I said soflty. He jumped, startled at my presence. 

"Um yeah, of course" he said sitting up. I closed the door and lent against it.

"What do you wan-" He began but I abruptly cut him off.

"I forgive you" I blurted out. His eyes widened in realization and I continued to explain myself. 

" The past few days have been ridiculously hard for both of us, ask Louis, I have been crying to him all week. On christmas Eve, when you gave me the song, I realized how much I missed you, Harry Styles you are my rock. Yes you made a stupid mistake but so did I." I said looking down into my lap.

"Wait, what mistake did you make?" He said walking over to me. He put one hand on the side of my face and looked me deep in the eyes. I rested my head in his hand and placed mine on top.

"I broke up with you" I whispered. Before I knew it, His lips met mine.

You know that feeling of complete.......completeness. It was like that moment when you lay in bed on a Saturday morning knowing you don't need to wake up early for school and just lay there looking up at the ceiling smiling? Well thats how I felt. I began to kiss back when he pulled and rested his forehead against mine. 

"Can we start all over again?" He said.

I nodded.

"So Miss Dora I hear your moving in with us!" He said joyously.

"Its Aurora" I said laughing slightly.

"Oh Im terribly sorry, Gosh I feel like such an Idiot. To make it up to you, how about I take you out tonight" He said putting on a posh voice, his eyes sparkling. 

I ran my hand through my hair and rested it on the back of my neck. "I would love that"

"Good". He said returning to his normal voice. "Meet me downstairs at about 8?" 

I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into a tight hug.

"God I missed you" He mumbled into my hair. 

"I missed you too" I whispered back before walking out the room.

7:59 PM

I checked the time and walked over to my mirror one last time. I stared at my baby pink converse, Denim skater skirt, plain white loose t-shirt and pink hair bow. My hair was loosely curled and my make up was at the bare minimum. Grabbing my phone I walked downstairs and met Harry.

"Woah you look amazing" He said staring at me. 

"Not to shabby yourself Styles" I said looking at him in his trademark black jeans, white shirt and bandana. 

He smirked at me and we walked towards the door.

"WAIT!" A voice yelled from behind us. We turned to see Louis running down the corridor and turning to Harry smiling. "I want her back in this house by 11pm and not a minute later right?" 

"Yes sir!" Harry yelled saluting.

"If that lad tries anything on you yell RAPEEE as loud as you can!" Louis said to me.

"Sure thing DAD" I smirked shaking my head.

"Oh and guys?" He said and we turned to look a him one final time "have fun" he smiled before finally letting us leave. 


We drove for a while before pulling up someplace familier. 

"This place looks familier....." I trailed off.

"Yeah, I took the first girl I ever really loved here." He said as we walked into the woods.

Then it clicked. This is where he took me for our first date.

"I was the first girl you ever loved?" I whispered.

"The first and the last" he whispered back. 

I linked my hand into his and we continued to walk into the clearing. It was different to how I remembered. It was a lot wider with a large, deep pond in the centre. It wasn't like normal ponds where the water was dark and Filthy, the water was clear and crystal Blue so you could see right down to the bottom where a bed of sand lay. I was so entrance by the clear blue water that I didn't realize where he was taking me until the ground under my feet became a lot softer. I looked down to see a picnic blanket with food placed everywhere. I looked up to see fairy lights strung up in the trees above us.

"This is beautiful" I whisper as I sit down carefully. 

"Well, you planned it" He mumbled going red. 

"What?" I said raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing- wait, did I say that out loud??" He said looking shocked.

"Yeahhhh" I said smiling as I lay down on my back. He grinned before laying down with me.

We stayed there for a while watching the stars until my stomach started to growl.

"Someone's hungry" Harry said propping himself up and opening the hamper.

"I'm always hungry, I can out eat Niall when I want" I smirked smugly.

"Here" Harry said undoing his bandana and leaning across to me. Before I knew it he was tying it around my head so it covered my eyes like a blind fold. 

"What are you doing?" I giggled as he made the final not. 

"Blindfolding you" he said stating the obvious. "Now open your mouth"

I obliged and opened my mouth wide as the first food was popped in.

"Hmmm" I said biting into the food. "Oh my gosh this is a mini Pasty!" I grin. 

This continued for a few more rounds before I received a.....surprise.

"Okay, open your mouth" He repeated and again I obliged. I heard the shake of a whipped cream can and before I knew it It had erupted covering my entire face. 

I screeched as I pulled off the blindfold to see Harry lying on the ground laughing his head off at the sight of me. Well not for long. I reached into the hamper and pulled out a jar of strawberry jam. Perfect. I unscrewed the lid and tipped it upside-down letting the contents fall all over Harry Styles' curls and face.

Lets think about this for a moment. Harry,s curls are his pride and joy, every girl in the world loves them. And because of me they are soaked and sticky with jam. Oops.

"You are so dead" he grinned before lunging at me. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could around the lake before returning to the picnic blanket. I reached into the basket again and gabbed a big 2L bottle of Lemonade. As I heard footsteps approach, I shook the lemonade bottle vigorously before spinning round and opening the cap so the Lemonade exploded out the bottle like a machine gun.

Harry was a lot closer than I thought as the Drink hit him directly from his head to his chest completely soaking his white t-shirt. I'll let you imagine what he looked like with a soaked white top. 

Before I could realize what was happening, Harry tackled me to the ground, pinning my hands to the ground.

"Gotcha now" he said grinning at me evilly.
I laughed and tried to struggle out from underneath him. 

"You really didn't think I would let you get away that quickly did you?" He grinned and my smile instantly dropped. I felt my back being lifted from the ground and it was held over the water.

"no no no no no no no" I screamed shaking my head, hanging onto his top for dear life. 

"I dunno, covering my hair in Jam was pretty mean" he smirked holding me further over the water. 

"Im sorry! Im sorry!" I said tightening my grip on his shirt. 

"Say Im the best person ever" 

"YOUR THE BEST PERSON EVER" I screached as I felt the tips of my hair enter the pool.

"Say Im better than you and more attractive" he said. 

"NO!" I shouted as the water touched the back of my head. "FINE FINE YOUR BETTER THAN ME AND MORE ATTRACTIVE!!!" I yelled.........but it was to late.

As I was plunged into the water I grabbed onto Harry's shirt pulling him into the chrystal water with me. When I reserfaced, I spat water out of my mouth like a fountain before glaring at the grinning teenager infront of me.

"I hate you" I glared, trying to stay serious.

"no, you love me" He said pulling me towards him.

"and what If I don't?" I smirked stepping a bit closer.

"Then I will do this" He smirked, suddenly he dunked me under the water. I came back up spluttering and gasping for air as he bust out laughing. I jumped on his back pulling him under the water with me. We continued to wrestle in the water before I suddenly realised how cold it was. 

"Are you okay?" Harry said suddenly looking worried. "your teeth are chattering and you're shaking"

I shrugged my shoulders and waded out the water to the picnic blanket. We packed up the food and began walking back to the car.

"Harry, what did you mean when you said planned this?" I said, looking up at him.

He fumbled with his phone before pulling up an audio video.

"Oohhh! So if a guy who hated cheesecake, had beautiful eyes and a contagious smile and was the perfect gentleman took you out on a creative date down by the park with a picnic blanket and fairy lights, what would you do?"

"I would be all his."

I realised it was footage from my interview. 

"So are you?" Harry asked when we got back to the house.

"am I what?" I questioned.

"all mine" He said softly.

"You know what? I think I am" I smiled and lent up to kiss him.

This moment couln't be more perfect. But something ruined it. Louis Tomlinsons furious face staring at us through the window. I pulled away and checked the time on my phone.


00:13 am






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