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Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


16. Chapter 15

I am currently remembering back to 2008 when Liam was on the X factor. God I was such a Liam girl back then! I almost had a heart attack when I watched his audition in 2010! Anyway, BACK TO DA BOOK.

Ik its short but I wanted to update on Zayns Birthday :)

*********New Years Eve************

I collapsed on the sofa and brought my cup of hot chocolate up to my lips. I let the steam enter my nostrils as I inhailed the cadbury chocolate smell. 

"Someone is taking their hot chocolate seriously" Lou laughed walking over to the armchair and collapsing with his laptop.

"I swear to god who ever decided to make Cadbury's chocolate into a drink is the best person ever" I said sipping on my cup

"Apart from me of course.............nice jumper by the way" he grinned before taking over twitter. I smiled and looked down to see the Tomlinson jumper he had brought me for christmas. (

"I still can't believe you all brought me your own merch for christmas" I sighed.

"Oh! I forgot to mention, you and I have an interview with radio 1 today" he said casually.

Me on the other hand? I almost spat hot chocolate out through my nose. "What the hell!" I screeched. "Why did you tell me now?" I groaned.

"I dunno, seemed like the right time. We leave at 12:30. But before we go, we need to talk about......ya know," he said seriously. whist I just looked at him in complete confusion and slight terror. 

"Love, its been six days since Christmas. Thats six days since you where going to forgive Haz. What happened to 'I think I love him and I am going to forgive him?' " He sighed.

"I know, I know." I ran my fingers through my hair. "I have tried! Honest! But every time I chicken out. God why am I doing this to him" l said into my hands.

"Sorry babe, I didn't mean to upset you!" He said coming over and wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "Cheer up! And forgive me! pleassseeee" he groaned.

I smiled and lent my head against his shoulder. "I could never be mad at you" I smiled.

At that moment Louis got up to get his own cup of hot chocolate.

I pounced at his laptop and went straight to twitter before tweeting random things.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Okay guys, @Roo_the_Tiger is the best sister in the world.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Oh my gosh I hate carrots! I can't believe that they are a real food! 

@Louis_Tomlinson: Sorry guys.......but I am to jealous of @Roo_the_tiger. She is so pretty and sweet and funny. WHY CANT I BE LIKE HER? 

@Louis_Tomlinson: I think that @Roo_The_Tiger is the best person in the world, heck, I think she may even be better than me. I wish I was as pretty and as talented as her :(

I quickly followed as many fans as possible.

I heard footsteps and quickly got up and walked towards my room.

"Where are you going?" Lou shouted down the corridor.

"Um, uh, to my room, ya know to get ready?" I stuttered before continuing down the corridor. Way to play it cool Roo. Im such an Idiot.

"ROO YOU LITTLE B-" Someone screamed from the front room. I rolled my lips into my mouth and sprinted up the stairs. I ran into my room and locked the door breathing heavily.

"Someone was in a rush!" A voice whispered from behind me. I almost screamed.

"Niall! what are you doing in my room! You almost killed me!" I said clutching my heart dramatically.

"Thats terrible! If you died because of me Liz would never talk to me again" he pouted.

"Well, nice to know you care about your best friend" I panted hitting him playfully in the arm. "Now get out, I need to change" I said swatting him away. 

To my surprise, he began to walk into my wardrobe. "Looking for Narnia mate?" I said raising one eyebrow. He just smiled and beckoned me forwards. I followed him and watched as he went right to the back and slid my dresser to the side.

Behind it was a small door like the one you see in Alice In Wonderland but it was about 3/4 my hight and almost twice my width.

"How the hell did that get there?" I whispered as I went to open the door.

"I don't know, I only found out about it a few days ago when I was hunting in my closet for something." He smirked. "The boys don't know it exists. Only you and me" He smiled. 

"Haha cool. Now get out. And No sneaking into my room when Im asleep!" I almost shouted as he disappeared behind the door. 

Whilst I was in my walk in wardrobe I decided to pick out my outfit for the interview and since Radio 1 records their interviews and puts them on their website, I needed to make sure I looked good. 

I grabbed a pair of light blue skinny jeans, my fave Mickey mouse tank top and a white off the shoulder jumper. I found some socks, underwear and my black converse and white hair bow I got from Claire's the other day before taking all my clothes into the bathroom and turning on the shower. 

Because I had always grown up having cold showers (my mum wouldn't pay the hot water bills) I had never gotten used to hot showers. 

I stripped off my clothes and hopped in the freezing cold shower. The cold water shocked my body but it soon turned into a soothing experience that relaxed me.

When I got out I pulled on my clothes, brushed my hair, put on minimal make up and brushed my teeth. Once satisfied with my appearance I pulled out my phone and checked my phone for the time. 12:25. Before turning my phone off I quickly went on twitter and composed a tweet.

@Roo_The_Tiger: Interview at Radio 1 today! ahhh wish me luck :p

I quickly switched off my phone and tucked it into my jean back pocket. 

"You ready?" I said to Lou as I got downstairs. 

"Maybe, but I hope you like walking because I'm not driving you" he pouted. "You went on my twitter" 



"Fine" Louis said pretending to be mad at me, but we both knew that wasn't going to last long.


"Hey guys Im Nick, Im gonna be doing your interview today" he said shaking our hands over all the microphones that separated us. 

"Just pop those headphones on, you can adjust the mic so it is comfortable, there is water at the side if you want some whilst the interview is going through. Just ignore the cameras and be yourself I guess" He said shrugging and smiling at us. 

I sat down on a chair with Louis on my right. I slipped the headphones over my ears and they seemed to totally block out all sound apart from what the public heard on the radio and to my surprise it was 'story of my life'. I watched as Nick was given the countdown and began talking.

"And that was One Directions 'story of my life'. Speaking of One Direction, I have Louis and Roo Tomlinson in the house right now!" He yelled and the studio started cheering.

"So Roo, the fans have been saying they don't know much about you. So we decided to play a little game called 21 questions with you guys using questions people have sent in. Although Louis, the fans already know loads about you so this will be mainly for Roo."

"Well! I know when Im not wanted!" Louis scoffed jokeley into the microphone. 

"Okay lets begin! Question 1. Tomboy or girly?"

I thought about this one for a while. "Um, I guess both but if I had to pick one it would be more Tomboyish"

"Question 2. Hot or cold showers"

"Cold, I have always had them and Since living with the boys I have never really got used to them"

"Question 3. Are Niall and Liz a.k.a Niz really going out?"

"Um.....yeah I guess"

"Okay question 4. What is your favourite food?"

"Ah Nick, I wish it was that simple. Lets just say that once, I out ate Niall Horan" I laughed.

"Woah. Okay question 5. Can you skateboard?"

"Kinda, I mean I can't do any tricks or anything but I can ride it well." I shrugged.

"Question 6. Favourite girlband?"

"Either Cimorelli or Little Mix"

"Question 7. Favourite boyband?"

I smirked knowing exactly how I was going to answer. "Gosh, I don't know, either 5SOS or Big Time Rush......OUCH!"

"For all those who aren't watching, Louis just chucked 10 plastic cups at His sister. Sibling love" Nick chuckled. "Question 9. Who are your best friends not including your brother?"

"I guess it would be Liz and Niall"

"Question 10. Gaming or sports?"

"Gaming all the way!"

"Question 11. Early bird or late snoozer?"

Louis answered that question for me."lets just say, if you wake her before 10 your in a deep shi- I mean trouble"

"Question 12. Twitter or Facebook?" 


"Question 13. Tumblr or Instagram?"

"Ooh, thats hard.....can I say TumblrGram?"

We continued to ask and answer questions until Nick changed the subject.

"Right, time for some deep ones. On or Off the market?" 

"Off but not interested" Louis burst out causing me to glare at him.

"Favourite flowers?"

"Pink and white roses"

"What are your turn ons?"

"Um, a guy with nice eyes and a contagious smile"

"Turn offs?"

"Someone who doesn't really care about making dates special plus bad manners"

"Okay final question, are you crushing on anyone"

I looked at Louis nervously. "Maybe...."

"Oohhh! So if a guy who hated cheesecake, had beautiful eyes and a contagious smile and was the perfect gentleman took you out on a creative date down by the park with a picnic blanket and fairy lights, what would you do?"

I laughed before answering. "I would be all his."

I will be updating fairly soon (I hope!) But I really need a trailer for my book :/ can any of you make me one?? I will give you a dedication, shout out, anything you want.......but muma needs a trailer :)

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