Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


15. Chapter 14


the same screams echoed throughout the large house as heavy footsteps ran down the stairs.


I sighed and looked at my phone, 9:00 am. That is way to early. I was going to try and sleep longer, but I know that if I wait much longer I would have a teenage boy locking me in the shower again.............

"Liz, get up" I said throwing a pillow at her she groaned and sat up slowly.

"Im up! Im up!" She groaned yet again standing up and going to her bag.

"Okay. Im gonna use my bathroom and umm.." I paused before sticking my head out of the door. "NIAALLLLLL CANNNN LIZ USE YOURR BATHROOOMMM?" I yelled and The next thing I know he is standing outside my door.

"Of course she can! I shall take you!" He said taking her hand and leading her out the room. Liz was only about 5'3 and Niall was around 5'8 so there was quite a hight gap between them. But then again....Niall does like smaller women.....

My phone buzzed and I grabbed it and read the text.

Score 1 for team get-niall-and-liz-under-the-mistletoe-we-STILL-need-to-get 

Love Louehhhh :)

I rolled my eyes laughing and walked towards my bathroom. 


We sat around the christmas tree in our onesies as we felt the presents to see who's was who's. 

"Okay Liam this is yours" I grinned handing over his present. He opened the silver wrapping paper carefully, revealing a batman onesie and apron.

"Oh my gosh this is amazing! Thank you so much" He yelled throwing off his old onesie and pulling on his new one.

The gifts continued until only two remained. My one for Louis and my one for Harry. Harry himself? He said that his present for me had not arrived yet......

"Here Lou, this one is yours from me" I smiled as I handed over the present. It was large and also quit heavy. He unwrapped it quickly and gasped.

Inside was a large brown scrap book with the word 'family' written in gold.
Inside the scrapbook was photos of Louis and his family when they where younger, me and my family when we where younger and some photoshopped together.

"I spent ages on the phone to your relatives and cutting and sticking till my hands bled" I blushed. He just sat there flicking slowly through the photos, stroking each page with love.

"This is the best present, I have ever recieved" He smiled. "Thank you" 

I smiled back and took a deep breath and reached under the tree and took out the present for Harry. It was more part of the present then the whole present. It was a card that read:

I listened to your tape. It was beautiful. I wanted to return the favour. On your bed is a tape that I made for you. I would have given it to you now but that would have been beyond awkward with no one knowing what quite is going on with us. 

But i will tell you one thing, we are well on the road to fixing it.

Merry Christmas Haz

Roo xxx
It was 8pm and we had just finished our dinners. And by dinners I mean everything of Nando's and Gino's pizza menu. Niall had taken his plate into the kitchen before we heard a scream.

"NO WAY" he yelled and we all ran to him. I saw what he was staring at.

"Are you kidding me? Is London actually having a white christmas!" I laughed as I watched the heavy flakes settle on the garden furniture. 

I don't know how many of you have been to England but this never happens. Ever. we get wind and rain all year and snow doesn't come till february/ April to be spending christmas in London, with my best friends was a dream come true. 

We stood there for a while watching the snow before It finally stopped. 

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Lou yelled as he ran outside.

"Wait, what about the paps?" I said as we all stared at Liam for an answer.

"Its christmas! Let them take pictures!"

We all laughed and ran outside. 

About 15 minutes into the snowball fight I realised that Liz was hiding in the corner without getting hit. 

Not for long.

I took aim and threw a snowball at her but at the last second, Niall dived infront of her taking the blow for her.

"Awwww" i cooed looking at them both as they turned bright red. I only stared for a moment before throwing another one which hit Liz directly in the stomach causing her to loose he balance and fall over.

"THATS MY GIRLFRIEND YOU POO HEAD" He yelled before charging towards me, snowballs in hand.

"Wait. Girlfriend!" I yelled to Lou as I dodged 3 Irish snowballs. 

"Yeah! Me and Liam caught them baby making on Niall's bed!" He yelled and we all dropped our snowballs in shock.

"WHAT?" Me and Zayn yelled looking at Niall with wide eyes.

"They weren't 'baby making' they where just kissing.....on top of each other......on Niall's bed" Liam smirked at a bright red Niall.

"Huh. Well we needed that mistletoe for nothing" I sighed.

It was now Niall and Liz's turn to look shocked.

"Well basically I came up with the idea of getting yo two under the mistletoe so you could kiss-"

I never got to finish my sentence. Why? because the sweet 'couple' had charged over and tackled me to the ground.

"Jesus guys! Lay of the Nando's would ya?" I sighed throwing them off me.

As the others continued to fight, I suddenly realised how cold it was.

"Snow is cold" I shivered as Lou flopped down next to me. 

"Nice one Einstein" he scoffed rolling his eyes. "Wanna go to cafe Néro?" 

"Oh my gosh yes." I breathed. He stood up and pulled me up with him And we began the short walk into town. 


"Two hot chocolates please" I said to the teenager behind the counter. She had jet black hair which had been dyed, thin drawn on eyebrows that stretched from her temples to the middle of the top of her nose, bright red lipstick, eye shadow and eyelashes. 

"Whatever. That will be £6" she said rolling her eyes and snatching the £5 note and £1 coin from my hand.

When we got our drinks we went over and sat in the two leather chairs by the fire. There was a high coffee table infront of us where we placed our drinks. We sat there in silence.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I burst out. 

"Um sure," Louis said slowly.

"Okay well, yesterday paint-balling when me and Harry had that paint fight? Well I felt better than I have felt in a long time since.....Since we broke up" i said looking down at my cup as a tear slid from my cheek into the chocolaty liquid. 

"And then last night he gave me that tape of the song he wrote for me. And he has tried so hard to get me back and I really am going to forgive him but its just so hard with Brittany in the picture." I said putting my head in my hands.

"Well, if it makes any difference, Britt isn't in the picture right now.......her parents have taken her to Italy until the 4th of January" Lou said shrugging his shoulders. 
"You should forgive him Roo. He really loves you. Yes he made that stupid mistake with Brittany. But everyone makes stupid mistakes. But we grow up and go past them." He said before leaning over to me.

"Now. wipe those eyes and smile" he grinned as he snapped a picture of the two of us to put on twitter.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Merry Christmas guys! At cafe Néro with this beauiful piece of work I call my sister :)

I smiled and sipped my drink for a moment before a thought hit me.

"Wait. You didn't just tell millions of people we where at cafe Néro right?"

He nodded before realising my thoughts. "Oh shit" he turned to the door and sure enough, hundreds of fans where waiting outside.

"Its fine, we can stay here for a bit." I sighed.

"Wrong. My boss says you have to leave. Now" the fake waitress snapped smirking at us as she shoved us towards the door.

"Keep your head down, don't answer any questions and DON'T let go of my hand" Lou whispered in my ear.

I nodded as we opened the door. Flashes and screams went off as we left the building.

"Louis who is this girl?"
"Is she yet another beard?"
"is it true she is the mother of you child?"

The last one made me laugh. Really? where do they come up with this stuff!

When we finally got home it was 11pm and the others where crashed out in their rooms.

"I guess im gonna go to bed" I said before heading to the stairs.

"K. And Roo? Don't give up on Harry. He really is a great guy." 

I smiled and nodded before walking into my room.

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