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Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


12. Chapter 12

BTW, I Screwed up the dates...sorry! The date in this. chapter is 22nd December x
"So......where are we?" Harry said gently.

"I- I don't know Hazz..... You really broke my heart and It is gonna take me a while to think about it.....I'm sorry" I said gently, pulling from his embrace. 

He just smiled that famous smile as I walked away. 

I opened my bedroom door and shut it quickly behind me. I ran my fingers through my hair and spun around a few times before regaining myself. Was I really ready to take him back? 

My thoughts where interrupted by a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I sang as I jumped on my bed. 

"Someone is extra happy today!" Niall smiled as he joined me on the bed. "Anyway, me, Lou, Zayn and Liam where just down at the post office when they gave us this for you. They said its a bit late."

He handed me a letter with the court stamp on it. Uh oh. I quickly ripped the envelope and pulled out the letter within: 

London Magistrate court

Dear Miss Aurora Johnston,

As you are aware, Miss Josephine Johnston, your legal guardian and mother is due to be summoned to the court. As you are also aware, the date has been postponed twice already. The next date for the trial will be
23rd december 2013 at 15:00 

Jackson Johnston and Lucy Johnston will also be attending the trial. You may bring between 0-6 guests for support.

I expect to see you at this date.
Judge Malcolm Eugene Simons.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I Yelled Jumping off the bed.

Niall grabbed the letter and swore under his breath. 

"Thats tomorrow Oh gosh Oh gosh." I said. 

"Hey hey calm down. Look. It says 6 guests. This means that me, the lads AND Liz will be there to support you. k?" He smiled. 

"Okay. Thanks. Im going to bed now" I smiled before hugging him.

"What are best friends for?" He laughed ruffing my hair and walking out. 


"Okay! Im done!" Liz said putting down the curling iron and walking me to the mirror. I stared at myself.

I was wearing a smart black dress that went mid- thigh and the neck of the dress reached the bottom of my collar bone. The dress Itself was beautiful. The underlay of the dress was black silk that went from my chest down to my mid thigh and on top of it was black netting that had a slight flower pattern on it. The netting went down my arms making it a long sleeved dress. 

Additional to the dress I had black slip on shoes with a bow on each, A loose, long, lycra texture, black cardigan, and a Black silk hair bow sat on top of my brown curls. 

Yes brown curls. The red made all the memories of home still exist but now that my hair is brown I feel like a new, happier, stronger person.

"You look gorgeous" Liz said from behind me. She was wearing a similar outfit to mine but in red.

"Thank you. your the best friend ever" I smiled before throwing my arms around her neck.

"Hey! I thought I was your best friend!" A voice yelled from outside my door. 

I rolled my eyes at Liz before walking towards the door handle. 

"Hey. It's gonna be fine okay? You have all the odds on your side." Liz smiled from next to me.

"GIRLS GET YA BUTTS DOWN HERE! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" My oh so charming brother yelled from the bottom of the stairs. 

I sighed and grabbed Liz's hand before walking downstairs. 

"Finally! how long does it take! We have been ready for- whoa" 

All the boys stared at us when we walked downstairs. I saw the colour rise in Liz's cheeks. Their stares didn't really bother me. Don't know why.

"Really thats the best you could do after almost six hours of preparation?" Louis said jokey.

"Ah my brother. such a charmer." I grinned before another voice cut me off.

"Liz. you look beautiful" Niall said staring at my best friend before they got lost in each others eyes.

The five of us stared at them wide eyed as we watched that unfold.

Were my two best friend really in love?

I pulled out my iPhone before snapping a cute picture of them and up loading it to twitter.

Do I scent love in the air between @NiallOfficial and @Its_Lizzy? 

I tagged all the boys before getting their attention

"If you two are done checking each other out we have to go." I yelled. 

as they snapped out of their gaze a slight blush crept on to both of their faces.

*******DURING COURT*******

"Finally may master Harry Styles come to the stand"

Harry turned slightly pale before working his way out of the bench towards the stand.

"Harry Styles why did you go to Mrs Johnston's house on 11th December 2013"

"Um...well. I haven't been here for very long. When I first laid eyes on Roo- I mean Aurora, I fell in love completely."

I felt everyones eyes on my so I ducked my head behind my hair and blushed.

"I asked around about her and they told me what kind of character her mum was. I thought the only way I would get to see her was if...If i was looking to get hooked up. Which I was 't by the way." 

I looked over at my mum.
She was fuming to the point where her large face was completely red. But I have know her for 18 years and I can say that she knows there is nothing she can say in her defence against Harry.

"When I got to her house, I told her mum why I was there and she told me about all the 'experience' Aurora had had. When Aurora got home she was horrified and scared that her mum was now sending her customers. When we got upstairs she started to pack and Lucy walked into the room asking her not to go because of what happened to Jacob."

"You better not bring that up you filthy Bastered" my mum hissed from across the room.

"What happened to Jacob Master Styles?" The judge said. 

Harry looked at me and I nodded.

"Sorry sir. but I think that Aurora should tell you about this story."

I swapped places with him before telling the story of Jacobs death.

"Right. May the jury now go and make their verdict"

As the jury left I ran back over to my friends we were sent into a private room at the back.

I sat down on bench with my head in my hands drumming my feet on the floor whilst the boys paced nervously.

"Its gonna be okay" Liz whispered rubbing my back soothingly.

At that moment the judge walked into the room.

"Congratualtions Miss Johnston you won the case."

I screamed and threw my arms around Liz.

"You mother has 40 years for murder and abuse. Your sibling where put under custody of their foster parents and you where put under custody of the Tomlinson family. Congratulations"

I stared at Louis with wide eyes before I felt his large arms around me in a hug. Everyone else piled around us until we where in a large group hug. Could this day get any better?


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