Don't Judge my book by its cover

Hi, I'm Aurora. Pathetic name, I know. You know how most teenage girls leave home and the roll up their skirt, add lots of makeup etc etc. Well, that's the complete opposite in my case...


1. Chapter 1

"AURORA GET YOU BUTT DOWN HERE" my mum hollered from downstairs. I braced myself before walking down the narrow staircase to the living room. My older brother Jack and my little sister Lucy where already standing nervously in the center of the room as my mum inspected them.

My mum was a monster. she insisted that me and my siblings looked like tarts all the time. Don't ask me why. Its just one of the many things that revolve around her head. 

Jack was 19 and had blonde hair, he was very good looking, but mum made him a monster. He had multiple tattoos up and down his arms that mum had forced him to have. he also had an earring and a nose stud. Mums idea again. 

My little sister Lucy was almost 15 but could get away with being my age. She had black hair and blue eyes. She truly was beautiful. but she looked like a slut. Her skirt was about 10 cm below her pants and her blouse had 'lost' the top button. Her face was caked in makeup. 

Me? well, I had deep red hair, green eyes and lots of makeup. I had to have a dress that just covered my chest and reached about 5cm below my pants. I had heels on that where about 6 inches and made my feet bleed. You don't complain though. Not after what happened to Jacob.

After mum had finished scribbling rude words on Lucy's bag, pulling down my dress so that it only just covered me, she moved onto Jack. She reached into her bag and pulled out two packets of cigarettes and placed them firmly into his hand.

"I want these all smoked by the end of the day got it?" She snarled before shoving the three of us out the door. 

After we turned the corner, I pulled up my dress, Lucy wiped half the make up off her face and Jack began to burn the cigarettes before rubbing them around his clothes to make him smell like he had smoked them. Smart.

**at school**

School was horrible. I was a straight A student, but with people calling you a 'slut' and..Things a lot worse, its hard to concentrate. I walked down the corridors, and I saw a group of boys around Luce. They where trying to put their arms around her and stuff but she kept awkwardly shoving the off. What I would give to help her. 

I was concentrating on her so much, that I didn't watch where I was going. 
"I am so sorry" they said, bending down to help me pick up my bag contents. 
I didn't respond, but when I looked up, I, I can't describe it. But I felt, whole and warm. God, did this stranger make me feel this way? 

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles" he said, stretching out a hand. he had curly brown hair and green eyes. 

God, I wanted to shake hands with him...and hug him, and cry on his shoulder. I just glared at him. 

"Well then Harry, I suggest you turn on whatever brain you have in that head, and watch where your going" 

Ouch. that must of hurt. I shoved past him towards my last class so he didn't see the tears forming in my eyes. 

Hey peps and pepetts of earth (and possibly other planets) 

This chapter was just like an intro thingamabob. so yeah. BOO YA KA SHA. sorry, there is something wrong with ma mind. 

AHH, Harry and Aurora, what's going on there I wonder?? 

Anyway, I'm gonna go before ALL of you start thinking 'what is wrong in this chicks head?'

Answer: a lot.


later bros xox

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