in love with my brothers best friend

Lola Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister just by a year. She thinks it's hard to be his sister because of the fame. She hasn't got a private life anymore. She has a part time job as a model. But what happens when she actually falls in love with his best friend. Will a big fight break out. I hope not.


5. chapter four

Lola's P.O.V


I was on FaceTime to my best friend. She was in Australia at the moment. Then she was going to America then Canada. She always wanted to travel the world and thats what she's doing.

"Guess what!" She squeals.

"What?!" I laugh at her enthusiasm.

"I held a koala bear." We laugh. "And I met someone." She says biting her lip.

"What who?!" I ask leaning closer to the screen.

"His name is Calum. One sec." She mumbles and turns around. "Calum darling, come and meet Lola. Louis tomlinson's little sister."

"Okay." I hear ruffling , "Louis tomlinson's little sister? Wait seriously!" There is more ruffling and then he appears at the screen shirtless.

"Wait. Aren't you Calum from 5SOS " I stare mouth opened and see Lola nodding quickly behind him.

"Yup." He chuckles and sits Down beside my friend (jodie) "how did yous meet?" I ask leaning back.

"Well." She starts and looks at Calum smiles and looks back at me. "Same old same old. Got pished and ended up together." That sets us all into a fit of laughter. I hear the door open and turn around to see Niall.

"Oh hey Ni" I say smiling at him. He smiles back then looks at my IPad.

"Oh um . Is this a bad time?" He asks hesitantly walking in.

"No. It's a great time." I smile. "Jodie this is Niall."

"I know him of course." She laughs. Niall wonders over beside me and sits.

"Is that Calum?" He mumbles into my ear. I nod. "Calum!"

"Niall!" They both laugh. I roll my eyes and so does Jodie.

"Typical boys ," we mutter at the same time.

"well we have an audience this is awkward. But can I ask you something?" Niall turns to look at me and I look at the screen and see Calum grinning like crazy.

"Anything," I say smiling at Niall.

"I was um... Wondering if you wanted to go out on a date." He says he clears his throat. "With me?" He adds.

I smile widely. "Yes Niall. I would love to!" I giggle.

"Okay. Good. I thought this would backfire." He chuckles rubbing his neck. I turn to the screen and see jodie shaking Calum and him laughing.

"My OTP feels. My OTP feels!" She keeps saying.

"Jodie. Really?" I say interrupting her.

"Uh yes. " she giggles. "Lola how long have you had a crush on him?! For like four year Lola." I think she forgot he was sitting beside me. My eyes widen and I look at my legs blushing.

"Jodie. Shut up!" I keep saying shut up till she does then Calum starts talking.

"And the thing is Niall. It's been like 4 year you've been wanting to ask her out. Congrats dude!" I turn to face Niall raising my eyebrows and we burst out laughing.

"Guessing our secret is out." We both smile at them and they're smiling back.

"So I've got to go get ready. Be ready by 6:00 and we'll go out." He stands. "Wear a bikini. And casual clothing." He leans down pecking my cheek and walking out the room. When he's gone I stand up and kinda jump about squealing. Once I'm done I sit down and Calum and jodie are killing them sleeves laughing.

"We should let you go." Calum says before hanging up on Jodie's IPad. I giggle and run over to my closet. I stand in front of it for a while looking at the clothes that are hanging up. After a while I pull out light blue jeans with a lacy top and a white top to go underneath it. I get my hot pink bikini and put it on. The lace on the bra bit hangs down just over it. I pull them on the whole time my heart racing. Then I pull on the clothes. I get a bag putting knickers and a bra into it. I put my mobile and purse into it also I'm ready by 5:59 I walk out of the room wearing baby blue converse. I go into the living room as it turns 6:00. Everyone looks at me and whistles. I roll my eyes and Niall walks out of the room wearing jeans and a red top with black converse.

"Shall we go?" He asks. I nod and look over at Lou smiling I giggle and he hold out it arm I take it and we make our way into my car. He insists on driving so I let him. Then we're on our way to wherever we are going . 😍 🙊 ✌️

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