Zayn came onto me.

This story is about Jamie a 15 year old girl lives in new York city, She got her dad to get her tickets for a concert to see her favorite boy band One Direction when shes there one of the boys from the boy band come onto her literally, Zayn falls off the stage right on top of her... if you wanna know what happens next read the story, you wont regret it... ( Authors note: This is my first book but i will try and update every sat/sun most likely only Sundays bc i have a place to be on Saturdays so yea ill keep up with it thanks and comment what you think of it :)


3. The 24 & 25th * NOTE AT THE END *

 The 24th *

    Jamie's P.O.V


         *calling sis*   "helleeeeeer" sis said happily " Heyyyyyy girl heyyyyy , I just got a note from dad that said were going to both the 26th and 28th concerts for One D ahhh !! I tried to stay calm . " YAY !!" she mocked me "he left to go get things for jake and his camping trip for the week and weekend so Cody can come over !! super ahhh !!" (Jake is her brother and Cody is her boyfriend)  " ok well can I come over too or do you and Blondie ( she calls him Blondie and or lody ha-ha ) want some time alone ? " she asked . " ummmmm , im sure you can come over he'll get over it in the end we both love ya so its kinda whatevv , plusss you can bring ginger ( her boyfriend has orange hair so I call him that but his name is Luke (; ) because we have to go shopping for the concerts and im sure him and Cody would like to have same guy time . " I answered " okay I guessss " she sighed *HONK* *HONK* " ok well I love ya but I gotta go sooo Byeeee girl byeee " I laughed at our hey's and bye's I truly love her " ok byeeeeee girl byeeee love ya too call me when they leave " " will do sis "  with that I hung up the phone and slid it into my back pocket then I put on my white and red vans then headed outside to help Jake and pops' with there stuff . we finished putting everything from the mustang into the jeep that they were taking on there trip , pops' left me the mustang oh how much I love this man . we walked inside so Jake could get his phone charger and others and while he was I was asking I ging and Cody could come over as well as sis he said its fine as long as they don't mess up the house I promised him they wont and with that Jake gave me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head and dad gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead . then they left . I called sis and Cody and told them to come over I also rang ginger and told him he could come over he said he would be over in about an hour he had things he hada do  , Cody arrived while I was on the phone with ginger and he gave me a kiss on the check cuz he couldn't get to me on the lips they were moving , when I got off the phone I told him that Luke would be over so they could have some guy time and he agreed , he got his kiss on the lips . and then Carissa came in and sat down in between me and him we both hug her and she just turns on the telly about an hour later ginger shows up he rings the door bell we know its him because he's the only one who uses the door bell . Cody and I both get up at the same time and race to the door I was the closest so I beet him I opened it  and I jumped at ginger and he caught me ( I do this a lot so he's use to it ) he then carried me in and sat me on Cody witch apparently Cody didn't mind . After I told everyone I was making diner they went upstairs to get ready for diner then bed . after I cooked the rice and ham I gave out 4 plates , forks , and knifes , ginger helped me bring out the 4 plates and Cody brought out the drinks . we all finished eating and I went to start the dishes but ginger told me that he would do them because he was already ready for bed , I ding argue with him and gave him a quick hug and went to get ready for bed . Cody was in on my bed when I walked in I went into my walk in closet and grabbed my buff bills shirt ( it was actually gingers but I stole it cuz it was comfy hehe ) I then went over to jakes room and took him superman pj pants and went into the walkin bathroom in my bedroom . I got dressed and went to go say goodnight to sis and ginger then back to be to snuggle with Cody . when I got back Cody had already fell asleep so I just got in and he put his arm around me .


* Morning time * 

Sissy's P.O.V

sis and Blondie were still asleep , me and Luke were awake so I thought  we would make breakfast . we made sausage , ham , egg and cheese sandwiches on buns  Luke then woke up Cody and sissy . we all ate and then me and sis got ready to go shopping for our concerts . we went to the mall and we went straight to our favorite store Forever 21 and rue 21 <3 we picked out our clothes and bought them . we then went home and put them in our rooms . after that it was around 5:00 and the boys were passed out on the couch with just pants on . sis took Cody and I took my babe up to our rooms we decided to go out and get some food so we can just put there's in the fridge . luckily me and Luke have been together for 4 years so I know what he wants and sis has been with Cody fore 7 so she also deff knows what he wants . we get the food and go home , we eat and then go to bed .


* Jamie's P.O.V

" its time to wake up babe " I shook Cody lightly he opened his eyes he kissed me on the forehead and went down stairs to get his food from last night . Today was the big day :)


*note * Ok sorry I had to stop it there but I had too any way I decided I wanted to finish this story because I have almost 90 reads AHHHH !! thanks soooooo much you me the world . so I will right the first concert right after I pub this so ok ill do that right after this ;) anyway let me know what you think of this story so Commm down below and lettt me know :) thanks and ill try and show you what Jamie's and Carissa's outfits look like but I gotta find out how to do that first ahah so thanks anyway ...... <3 love yalll ~ Jamieeeee



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