Zayn came onto me.

This story is about Jamie a 15 year old girl lives in new York city, She got her dad to get her tickets for a concert to see her favorite boy band One Direction when shes there one of the boys from the boy band come onto her literally, Zayn falls off the stage right on top of her... if you wanna know what happens next read the story, you wont regret it... ( Authors note: This is my first book but i will try and update every sat/sun most likely only Sundays bc i have a place to be on Saturdays so yea ill keep up with it thanks and comment what you think of it :)


1. Dad giving me the tickets.

"Hey pumpkin do you have any plans the 28th of next month?" my dad questioned me and i was a bit concerned he never asked me if i had plans. "ummm not that i know of why?" "well i have a bday surprise for you" he smiled big when he said that, "oh really ill brb dad" i said as i walked to my room jumped on my bed and grabbed my iphone i dialed my "sissy's" ( she really isn't  my sister i just call her sis :) )Carissa's number and it started to ring *ring* *ring* "heller"   "Hey sis do we have anything planed for the 28th of next month?" " let me check im putting you on speaker" "okay" i chewed on the inside of mouth while i waited i have a bad habit of doing that. "Yes we do why?" "what do we have planed?" "really, how could you forget? WE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!" " OWWWW, okay i g2g ive gotta tell daddy we do have something planed ill call you in a lil sis okay" "okay sis talk to you in a lil love ya!!" "love ya toooo" we have a habit of being total idiots when we talk to each other its our thang. so i got up to go into the kitchen and i grabbed a bottle of Snapple i love Snapple, i saw some paper and  what looked like a concert ticket of course i wasn't just going to walk away i walked up to it and read the paper : Dear the best Daughter  in the world i know this is early but i could wait any longer so sorry but here you go i bought you two one direction tickets to the concert on the 26 i know i said the 28 but i just called Carissa and she said they are having a concert the 26 and 28th so you guys are going to both of the concerts. there are rules tho and you have to obey them... coming home drunk so if you get drunk go to sissys  ok. HAVE to take your phone and keep it on vibrate and put in in your back pocket so if i text you will get it.

okay that's it love you have a good week alone because I've just left to go grocery shopping for food for me and your brother for our trip. You and Carissa are going to stay at the mount Dora hotel five blocks from the concert and i have all the money for you guys in this envelope for food gas and btw i know you smoke how could you keep that from me... so there is also some money in there for cigarettes... then i put in one-hundred for like posters and stuff, btw the 100 is just for you sissy is going to have her own. :) ill tell you the rest when i come home your brother will be there at 12:00 ok. loveeeee you.

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