Zayn came onto me.

This story is about Jamie a 15 year old girl lives in new York city, She got her dad to get her tickets for a concert to see her favorite boy band One Direction when shes there one of the boys from the boy band come onto her literally, Zayn falls off the stage right on top of her... if you wanna know what happens next read the story, you wont regret it... ( Authors note: This is my first book but i will try and update every sat/sun most likely only Sundays bc i have a place to be on Saturdays so yea ill keep up with it thanks and comment what you think of it :)


2. *authers note *

Hey guys im sorry its been FOREVER and I kinda don't know what I was getting at with this story soooooo , im prolly not going to finish this story , sorry . So I am in the proses of making another but thanks for reading love you all xxx1D's biggest Fan ever ! <3 <3 But anywoooo . 

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