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Simon Cowell, a married man, who only has one son and one daughter. But he somehow has other children from other places than England. He doesn't know about them until they suddenly appear. He has to keep them away from his life, his fame and most importantly, his wife. But what happens when the secret is known by One Direction? Two words for you: just read.


3. Chapter 2

Elizabeth's POV


The Next Morning

Not to talk about the boring stuff, I'm in Starbucks. Near my dad's office. Waiting for Harry. What am I wearing? A green dress and green high heels. No, not for Harry, but it's kind of my style. Anyways, it's 9:56 am. Well, I'm early because most of the time I'm late, so, you understand the problem here. I was looking through the pictures (of me and my friends) on my phone, until I heard his voice.

"Sorry, I'm late... But it's still 9:59, so I have one minute. How are you?"

"It's fine, I came early. I'm good, thanks. How about you?" I asked.

"I'm great. Just hanging out with a perfect girl." He flirted.

"Alright. So, how's life?" I asked, trying to start a friendly conversation.

"It's fine, other than our new album's been leaked, everything's fine. You?"

"Well, I moved here in London, and I'm trying to get myself a job." I told him, looking at the table.

"Oh, I forgot. What would you like to have? And don't say a word, I'm paying." He asked sweetly. I smiled.

"Um, I'll take a small cappuccino. Thanks, Harry." I replied. He left to get the coffees, while I just stared at the table, again. Actually, the table was grey and it had a round shape. It wasn't that big, it was just a tiny table. But not too tiny either. Are you asking if we could get mobbed? It's early in the morning so there are no fans around. Harry came back and gave me my cup. I mumbled something like thank you.

"You're cute, you know."

"Thanks." I replied, but no, I wasn't blushing.

"You never told me your last name..." He said in a low voice. Oops, now what should I say?

"Is it that important?" I asked, so he nodded. I thought I could say my mom's last name. "It's Butler." I said.

"Your sister told me." I blinked, what? Why did she tell him?

"Told you what?" I asked, trying to look confused.

"She told me the secret about Simon. So basically, your last name's Cowell." He smirked.

"I swear, if you keep that smirk, I'm leaving." I warned him. How could she do this?

"I'm sorry. But why did you lie to me?" He asked. He doesn't get it, does he?

"Because I had to protect the secret. If Lauren Cowell knows about this, Simon's dead. And his reputation, and even yours could be bad. So you must keep the secret." I told him. He nodded to everything I said.

"But Nick and Emma might know. In that case, you're dead too." I nodded. "I'm not gonna tell everyone about this, but only on one condition."He said.

"Name it." I said.

"You have to be my girlfriend." He replied. I raised an eyebrow.

"Are you kidding me? The media can find out about this, and what about my father? What are we going to tell him? What about my last name? What about the hate? Did you forget that we met one week ago? And we only talked for about ten minutes?" I kept asking questions.

"Calm down. The media will know you as Elizabeth Butler, we're gonna tell your father we fell for each other, at first you'll get hate, then the fans will like you. And no, I did not forget." He answered each question I asked.

"But all these are lies!" I protested. It was still a whisper cause I didn't want anyone to hear us.

"I know." He replied, this was annoying.

"Why are we even gonna date each other if we're not in love?" I asked him. This was really annoying.

"Maybe you're not in love with me but I am in love you." He told me. I sighted.

"Fine, but you won't tell anyone about the secret, not even your bandmates." I warned him.

"Alright, I won't tell." 

"Good." I said.



Hi, how's life? The first chapter was really long but the other chapters will be short, maybe like this one. See, Harry was nice but now he's rude... And annoying. I'll update later, check out my other stories! (If you want to read something)


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