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Simon Cowell, a married man, who only has one son and one daughter. But he somehow has other children from other places than England. He doesn't know about them until they suddenly appear. He has to keep them away from his life, his fame and most importantly, his wife. But what happens when the secret is known by One Direction? Two words for you: just read.


2. Chapter 1

Nick's POV

 So, hey there. I'm Nick Mike Cowell. Weird name, isn't it? I'm Simon Cowell's son. I'm 27 and I'm have a twin sister, Emma Kate Cowell. I'm married to an amazing girl called Violet Britney McCurdy, but now she's Violet Britney Cowell, she's american and she's 27 too. Anyway, you heard about my dad, right? And you think I'm friends with One Direction, right? Um, not really. I met them twice and they were nice, but I wouldn't call us friends. My mom, Lauren, is lovely, and my dad is amazing.

Emma and I are friends, since we're twins. I know most of the persons I know say they hate their siblings, even if they don't. Violet's the only person I know that loves her brother. Maybe because they're twins and he's only 4 minutes older than her. But anyway, my wife and I have a child, Theodore, he's 1 year old. He has blue eyes and some sort of blond hair. 

I'm not really a fan of music, but that's only because my father listens to music most of the time, which made me hate music. I'm a cardiologist, and Violet is an art teacher in an American school in London, she gives lessons to kids aged 7-14.

Simon's POV

I was in my office. Checking on the internet rumors about my boys. To me, they're like my son Nick. Well, since I only have one son and one daughter. So there wasn't much rumors, just things like "Zerrie are planning their wedding next year" or "The flirt is still single, ladies". By "the flirt" they mean Harry. Only because he has some charm, they say so. But if you think about it, he only dated two girls since he started his career.

Knock, knock, knock!

A knock interrupted my thoughts. I couldn't help but look at the door. Without saying anything, my secretary Amy got in. She had her black hair in a ponytail, the makeup on her face showed her round grey eyes, she put red lipstick on her lips. She was 24, I think? Maybe. "Mr. Cowell, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but someone wants to see you."

"Someone? Did they say who?" I asked worried. I usually don't get many visitors. Most of the time, it's Paul, One Direction, Little Mix, Lauren(my wife), Nick or Emma. Other than them, I don't get any visitors. And that person must be special since the bodyguards let him or her pass.

"Yes, she did." Amy said looking at some notes she had. So it's a she not a he? Okay. "She said her name was Elizabeth." Elizabeth, Elizabeth, I don't know someone with that name, don't I? I have to admit, I always liked the name Elizabeth. I used to think 'If I had a daughter, I'd name her Elizabeth'. But Lauren preferred the name Emma than Elizabeth, so we called our daughter Emma. "Did she say her last name?" I asked the brown haired girl standing in front of me. I was getting curious, but why? I don't know.

"No, she didn't. She just said her name, and her accent sounds American. Should I let her in?" Amy smiled. She likes when Americans talk to her. She says she feels like she knows these people. That girl waiting outside sounds suspicious. I nodded slowly to the person in front of me. She left my office, letting me think.

Who might that Elizabeth girl be? I hope I know her. Wait, what if she's from Violet's family and just wants to see her? What if she wants money? What if-

I was interrupted by a beautiful young girl, with straight blond hair and blue-green eyes. She was wearing a white shirt and a blue leather jacket and jeans. She was wearing blue high heeled shoes matching her clothes, and making her a bit taller than her natural height and their sound was echoing in the entire room. She looked really young to be special. "Hello." She said naturally. She didn't sound shy, at all. But really outgoing and open.

"Hello, Elizabeth. Please take a seat. I heard you wanted to see me." I said nicely, like who on earth would be rude to a young woman like her? She sat beside my desk as I told her to.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean yes and no, I wanted to tell you some important informations you might need to know. But in fact, you might not like th-" she suddenly stopped talking. Amy was right, she does sound American. "Is that your son?" She asked me, pointing at a picture of Nick, Violet and Theodore.

"Yes. That's him and his family." I replied. This girl is weird, she didn't give her last name, the guards let her pass so she must be a VIP but in the same time she's too young to be a VIP. She smiled a bit while she was staring at the picture on my desk."So?"

"Actually, I was here to tell you some news you might not like. But I think it's time for you to know, you need to know." She told me. Now, that was getting creepy. What could be so important? What could possibly be something I wouldn't like?

"Mhm." I nodded for the young girl sitting beside me. She looked at the ground for a second then she turned to face me. She was staring at me for a while, then she looked for something in her bag. I hadn't realized she had a bag, it was white. This girl has some style. I stared at her while she was looking for something in her bag. She was wearing makeup. She had dark blue eyeshadow on her eyelids, she was wearing mascara and a bit of eyeliner showing her beautiful blue eyes. She had a bit of blush on her cheeks and her lipstick had the color of cherries, it was a mixture of red and dark pink on her lips. She was a beautiful girl, I doubt she's single. She handed me something but I didn't even look at it. "What's this?"

"It's my ID, sir." She replied. Why would I need her ID card? And why would I not like it? I took her ID and looked at it. I first saw her picture, which was okay. Then I looked at the other informations.

Name: Elizabeth Angel Cowell

Date of birth: 4th of December 1994

Place of birth: California, USA

I didn't look at the rest. Just by her name, Elizabeth Angel Cowell. That's my last name. Her date of birth was exactly 9 months before I went in America. The ID card was original. She was someone important. I was shocked but happy.

"What? You're my, uh?" "Daughter." She finished my sentence. I blinked twice before I put my head in my hands. "What's wrong?" She asked me. "Nothing. I'm just shocked. If my wife knows about this, I'm dead." I told her truthfully. If Lauren knows, I'll be literally dead.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cowell, but-" she said but I cut her off. "You can call me dad." She bit her nails then continued. "My mother died 2 years ago, I lived with my uncle but since my mom wanted you to know you had a daughter, I had to come."

"What's your mother's name?" I asked, I wanted to be sure this girl was my daughter. "Paula." She said. In fact, I did know a woman named Paula. "Wait, Paula died 2 years ago? Why didn't anyone tell me?" I asked. "Um, she had Leukemia. You didn't keep in touch after you left, and as you know I lived with my uncle and his wife. He thought you wouldn't care about my mom's death." She told me, looking at the ground. "I'm sorry." I said. We heard voices outside my office, so I panicked.

"Dad, calm down. Give me the card so nobody would know." I gave her the ID card back and she put it in her bag. I thought about her words. "How did you even get in here? How did you pass the guards? Did you tell them?" I raised my voice. My daughter shook her head. "I told them I was your secretary's cousin." I was shocked, she actually knows how to lie. "And they believed you?" I asked. She nodded. "How did you even know my secretary was American?" I asked her. "It was random. I guess it's my luck." Right then, the door burst open and five boys came in. Of course, they had to come in now.

"Hey uncle Si!" They all said at once. I looked at my daughter who was facing them. "Um, hi boys." I said. "Did you listen our new single?" Louis asked. New single? I don't think I did. I shook my head. "You have to listen to it!" Liam's voice echoed in my office. I closed my eyes and whispered. "I will." "Is everything alright?" Zayn asked in his worried voice. "Everything's fine. I'm fine. Totally fine." I replied, opening my eyes. "Well, you don't seem fine." Harry said.

"Um, who's that?" Niall asked, pointing at my daughter. "That's Elizabeth." "And?" Harry asked for me to finish. I got worried, what should I tell them? A dancer? A producer? A songwriter? Wait, I can tell them she's a new songwriter, not for them, but if I say so they wouldn't ask. "A songwriter?" I said but it came out as a question. The blond girl in front of me turned and smiled.

"That's right Mr. Cowell. I'm a songwriter." Elizabeth told me. She knows how to act too. I smiled. "I'm -" the boys said each one, saying their name at the end. My daughter looked at the ground. She got up then she looked back at them and smiled. "I'm Elizabeth but you can call me Bella." She shook the hand of each person standing in front of her. First she shook, Louis' hand, then Liam's, then Zayn, then Niall, and last but not least Harry, who gave her one of his famous flirty smiles. She smiled back and sat back beside my desk.

"It's really nice to meet you." She told the 5 boys standing in front of her. "Uh, Mr. Cowell." She started, turning to face me. "I think you're busy now, so I'll probably go. I'll leave my phone number with your secretary in case you need me." Elizabeth smiled. She got up, took her white bag and left the office with the sound of her high heels echoing in the room again. I smiled seeing my daughter like this. Once the door closed, the boys started asking questions.

"Is she our new songwriter?" Zayn asked, confused. I shook my head. "She's American, right?" Niall asked, I nodded. "Is she working here?" Liam asked. "Not yet." "Will she come back?" Harry asked, but Louis hit his eft arm. "LOUIS! What was that for?" Harry asked, annoyed at the immature person standing in front of him. "She said she'd leave her number with the secretary in case he needed her, so she is coming back. No need to think." Louis sassed. I laughed at these boys' comments to each other. "Why are you all asking about her?" I asked them. I was hoping that none of them would want to date her. I'm sure Zayn and Louis wouldn't, since Zayn's engaged and Louis' thinking about proposing to his girlfriend. Liam's dating an old friend of his, Niall has probably proposed to his celebrity crush Katy Perry. But Harry... I just hoped he wouldn't want to.

"You just, never have a visitor." Harry told me. I nodded. "Anyway, you came here to tell me about your new single, right?" I asked them, they nodded. "It's called Story Of My Life." Zayn said. "Alright, I'll listen to it. You can leave now." I told them. "Bye, then." All of them, I think, said and left.

Since it was 9 pm and I was already late, I always get home at 4 pm or something like that, I left my office. On the 30 minutes ride home, I sent Amy a message and asked her to send me Elizabeth's number, so I could contact my new daughter. It's not an everyday thing to have a new child, is it? It isn't.

One Week Later

It's been a few days since Elizabeth came to my office, and I never saw her ever since. I wish I did, I don't even know where she is. Yes, I do have her number but I never contacted her. Being in my office was boring, really. I was checking about the bands, about the rumors or the news about my boys. Amy suddenly appeared in front of my desk, when did she get in?

"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Cowell, but two people want to see you." She said. I thought about these people who want to see me. Again? I mean, last week it was my American daughter who, hopefully, nobody found out about her. Yet. "Let them come in." I ordered the girl standing in front of me. She left my office, and within seconds, a blond girl and a blond boy, around the age of 22 or something. The girl was wearing a short pink dress, white high heeled shoes and a pink bag and the boy was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and white converse. They both sat beside me and handed me something. If these were ID cards, I might faint. I looked at the 2 things, sure enough, they were ID cards.

The first one was:

Name: Jennifer Demetria Cowell

Date of birth: 27th of June 1989

Place of birth: Rome, Italy

And the second one was:

Name: Adam Thomas Cowell

Date of birth: 27th of June 1989

Place of birth: Rome, Italy

I looked at the two persons beside me. "You're italians?" "Kind of. Our mother's british but she lived in Italy her entire life, same for us." Apparently, Adam told me. "You're our father, you're british. So I guess we're british but we lived our entire life in Italy? We were even born there." Jennifer said. I nodded. "So why are you here? Is your mother sick or something?" I asked. "No, our mom's fine, she's in Italy. We just thought you needed to know we exist." Jennifer told me, making it clear that I needed  to know they exist. "And we're gonna live here for a while aren't we?" Adam sassed, I don't know what it was, but to me, that was sassing.

"I bet we are."Jennifer said. I blinked, I wish that was just a nightmare. I reopened my eyes but they were still here. I kinda preferred Elizabeth though. I don't know her, but she seems nicer. "Just, leave me your number with the secretary and I'll get back to you." I asked, while I handed them the cards back. "Alright, bye dad." They said in unison. The word dad was weird for me to hear out of someone else's mouth, except for Emma and Nick. They both left my office letting me think.

Why are all the problems coming at the same time? Why are all of my 'secret children' coming now? When are they leaving? Why did they come? What do they want? What do they need? Why did they come after all these years? I thought their mothers forgot about me like I forgot about them, what made them suddenly remember? Do their parents need something? Or want something? I know Elizabeth has the right to come, I mean her mother's dead, but Jennifer and Adam, why'd they came now?

A voice got me out of my thoughts. "Mr. Cowell, Mr. Cowell?" Amy's voice asked. Sure, I had my head in my hands. "Yes, Amy?" "A boy's waiting for you outside... Shall I let him in?" I nodded at her words. I thought, If you're my son, then welcome to Papa!, but I wasn't sure if he was my son. Yet. A young boy came in my office, wearing dark blue trousers, a grey shirt and white shoes. What is he? An extra-terrestrial?

"Hello, Mr. Cowell." The boy said in his australian accent. "Where are you from, kid?" I asked the 20 years old boy sitting beside my desk. "Australia. And the name's-" I knew it. He stopped in mid-sentence because he didn't want to say he's my son. "Say it." "Daniel Luke Cowell."

"So tell me Daniel, why are you here in London?" I asked, trying to make a real conversation. "Um, actually, my mother... She got married when I was 7, and I kinda hate my step-father, and my step-brother who's older, he's 25 years old-" He started but I cut him off. "And you are?" "20. So I lived with my mom and my step-dad for a while, but when I was 18, I lived by myself, got a job and all. I moved here in London last year, and thought I could visit you." Daniel said. "Do you know that you're not the only one?" "I don't understand." His Australian accent said. "You have 1 American secret sister, 2 British secret brother and sister and 2 British known brother and sister." "So nobody knows that those secret siblings of mine are your children?" I shook my head. "Where are they?" He asked. "I don't know, I have their numbers but I never contacted them." I told my new son truthfully. "Maybe... maybe they can, uh... you know-"

"What?" I asked him, annoyed. Can't he finish his sentence? "Live with me? Instead of living in a hotel." I smiled at his smart idea. "Of course, Daniel. You're a great person." He smiled back at me. I pressed a certain red button which made Amy come in my office.

"Yes, Mr. Cowell?" She asked. "Can you give me Elizabeth, Jennifer and Adam's phone number?" I asked nicely. "Of course." She left and came back within seconds. "There you go." She handed me a paper with three phone numbers, with the name of each person next to it. "Did anyone ask for one of their numbers?" Daniel asked her. "Yes. Harry Styles from One Direction asked for Elizabeth's phone number." Amy replied. Great. Just great.

After calling the three of them and asked them to come over in my office, I got to see Daniel's ID card and got to talk to him. Apparently, One Direction came in a few minutes after Adam and Jennifer came. Great, just great. So they met all of my children. The boys didn't say a word to me, Zayn, Louis and Niall were talking about a restaurant, a French one to that, Liam and Adam were getting to know each other and Harry was flirting with Jennifer, who was apparently falling for his charm. Daniel was texting someone for a while, then he talked with Liam and Adam. I had my head in my hands, listening to each conversation. The door suddenly opened and there stood my youngest daughter, Elizabeth.

"Sorry, I'm late. I had to walk from the hotel cause I didn't stop a taxi." She said, out of breath. "It's fine. Thank you for coming. Daniel, can we talk in private?" I asked my son. He nodded and followed me to the roof of the building.

Elizabeth's POV

After my father left us to talk to, apparently, my brother, the boys from One Direction gave me smiles, except Harry who gave me a flirty smile again, but I kinda received glares from the two unknown, to me, persons. I really had no idea who they were. The blond girl walked over the blond guy and they talked with each other while Liam joined Zayn, Niall and Louis. You probably think I'm a hater of One Direction but the truth is, I'm not a fan, or a hater, and yes, I wasn't living under a rock, I did hear pabout them.

Once my best friend Cathy, who is an obsessed fan by the way, asked me to watch an interview with her, hopefully it was just on YouTube, and I got their names, I can't remember anything but that Harry is the youngest and Louis is the oldest. But also, Cathy would never shut up about them, I know that Liam's the most mature and he's scared of spoons, Louis loves carrots and is the most immature, Zayn loves his hair and is a bad boy, Niall loves food and Harry's the flirt who gets every girl in love with him by just flicking his hair or smiling at them. The thing is, I had a boyfriend in America, but we broke up because I was moving here in London. "It's you again, huh?" A deep, husky, British accent asked from behind me. I turned around as fast as I could, only to face Harry. "Yes, it's me again." I smiled, normally, like humans do. "So have you been thinking about me, Blondie?" He smirked, I shook my head. "Why should I? It's not like I knew I'd meet you again." I told him looking at the floor most of the time. "Well I did. I thought about you every now and then. Maybe you thought about me too?" "Well I didn't, I thought about my ex, and I thought I could move on like he did."

"Why did he break up with such a beautiful person? If I were him, I'd never break your heart." Harry flirted again. Little does he know, I was called 'the flirt' at school. "Well maybe because I broke his?" I stated. "Why?" "I had to leave America and come here in London, so we broke up. He moved on and dated a girl I hated so I thought I should move on too. Why are we even discussing this?" I asked calmly, lifting my eyes from the floor and looked in his eyes. "Because you look different." He gave me a flirty smile again.

"I think you don't know me, Styles." I told him, maybe flirtatiously. "Oh, but I know all girls, Blondie." He smirked. "No you don't, and it's not Blondie, it's Bella, Be-lla. Or Elizabeth. Your choice." I told him, the Blondie thing was pissing me off. "You look cute when you're pissed off, Bella." I smiled at his words. "Thank you." "Would you, uh, mind if, um, we-" I cut him off. "Why are you, suddenly, so nervous Curly? Just spit it out." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Would you like to hang out? As a date?" He asked, so nervous that I was asking myself if someone had ever been more nervous before. I laughed at what he said. "It's like the second time we meet and you're already asking that?" I asked, still laughing. I could tell, he looked embarrassed, but you know, I really didn't mind dating him. After all, I had to move on. But still, we hadn't even talked more than 5 minutes. Okay, not to lie, deep deep inside me wanted to date Harry. "Yeah, sure." I said.

"Wait, what? You accepted to go out with me?" I nodded. "But wait, you know you'll get hate, right?" I already knew that. "Yeah, I'm fully aware Haz." I said sarcastically. "I like it when you call me by my nickname, Bella." I smiled.

"Excuse me but what the hell did you just do?" A voice said from behind Harry, which was the blond guy's voice. "What did I do?" Harry asked, turning to face him. "You flirt with Jennifer then you leave her and flirt with this girl?!" He punched Harry in the face. "Oh my God! Harry are you alright?" I asked, my voice filled with worry, while I approached the boy on the floor. "Get back you Blondie!" Oh no, not that name again! Niall held me back while the boys were calming the blond guy. Harry got up with a bit of blood dripping from his nose.

"Weren't you flirting with her?" The boy yelled at Harry. "Calm down! It was nothing, we were just talking like most friends do!" I told the blond guy who I still didn't know who he is. Harry looked at me weirdly, but he knew I was lying, so I looked away.

My dad came back with my brother following, with a smile on his face. "Alright. Jennifer, Adam and Elizabeth, you can all leave with Daniel." I smiled at my father. Apparently, Adam and Jennifer got up and followed Daniel, then I got up and followed them too. After I left the office, someone called my name. I turned around to face him.

"Elizabeth, I got your number from the secretary, so I'll call you later." He said, smiling a bit. I hugged him, and we let go after a few seconds. "Alright, bye Haz!" I said, and ran back towards my siblings with my heels. "So you can get in the car." Daniel said. He had a black Jeep, Adam and Jennifer sat in the back, which left me in the front next to Daniel.

After starting the car, Adam and Jennifer took out their beats and listened to music. "So, how did you learn to drive here in London?" I asked, starting a conversation. "Oh, it was hard at the beginning but after a while, it's easy. So what happened while Simon and I talked? We heard yelling." Daniel asked. "It's a long story. Apparently, Harry was flirting with Jennifer and then I came so he flirted with me again-" "You met him before?" He asked, interested in the story. "Yeah, so he asked me out, and then Adam punched him in the face and asked why he was flirting with Jennifer then he flirted with me, so I said we were just friends." I breathed after telling Daniel about the dramatic story. "So you're together?" I shook my head. "Maybe he'll ask me to be his girlfriend later. Or maybe not." I told my brother, who seemed nicer than Adam and Jennifer. "But you sound like a great person, he might ask you out." He smiled, making me smile too.

After driving to my hotel and Adam and Jennifer's one to take our things and check out, we drove to Daniel's villa, which was big. Each person got in a room and since it was night, everyone slept. I think, except me. My phone buzzed, making me check it. 1 unread message from Unknown Number. I swiped the notification to unlock my phone, and put my 4 digit password, then I opened the message.

From: Unknown Number

Hey Bella, it's Harry. Can we meet?

I was confused. What does can we meet mean? Come on people, it's been less than a day since we knew each other and he's- you know what? Whatever. I saved his number on my contacts list, then sent him a message.

To: Harry Styles

Hey Haz, wazzup?! And yeah, we can meet, but when?


From: Harry Styles

Tomorrow, 10 o'clock at Starbucks near Simon's office?


To: Harry Styles

Sure, see ya then! And goodnight! xxx


From: Harry Styles

Night xx


I locked my phone, unpacked my belongings, and changed into my pajamas. I left my room, and got in the kitchen. I made myself a cup of tea, no, I'm not British, well, not really, but I like tea. I drank my hot tea and washed my mug, then I got in my room. I got under the cover of my bed, closed my eyes and slept.

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