Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


4. There"s tons of mistakes

First of all a girl is always bullied by her ex-bestfriend ,Most of then Harry is the Father of a child and, the child is always a girl named Darcy ,Then a girl at home gets abusied at home and at school she runs away she meets 1/5 boys lives with him and NEVER goes back to school justs gets a job ( Im always like what about school doesnt she want to be succuessful and not just take his money for things??)     Im Ashley one of the new Co-Authers i know i listed not that much but its a start right?? Later Peeps 

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