Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


6. Stupid things

-Zayn's name changed completely. It became Zaynie poo.

-Emily is a huge liar.

"I hate One Direction." She told Emma, her best friend.

Um, then how do you explain the One Direction wallpaper in Emily's phone?

-Harry's the cool jerk that all the girls fall for. But, he likes an unnoticed, poor, ugly, young 13 years old girl. So he adopts her.

-Emily knew Niall before the X-Factor, and she's the one who signed him up. He forgot her. Cool story, gurl!

-Emily always bites her lips. No, no, no, no, no. Only Zayn and I can do that. Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy too.

-Emily looks like Eleanor Calder. She meets her and 1D, they become friends and Emily becomes Eleanor's stunt double/lookalike. Everyone tells her to be a model.

"No, I'm ugly." Emily said, looking at the ground.

Eleanor: *pokerface* gee thanks.

-The story/chapter starts by:

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" Emily's alarm clock. I can add a "VROOOOOM!" too, ya know?

-Louis' name is spelled Luis. So when Emily wants to give him a nickname -don't worry, it's not BooBear. She's more original- she calls him Louie.

Smart authors, we have here.

-Liam's name changed into a Chinese and a food name. Leeyum. Lee is a name. "Yum, this food is disgusting."

-The POV's got mixed up. You may think it's Niall but then it's talking about makeup. Okay...

-Justin Bieber suddenly appears and change everything.

Bieber, it's not your story. Get out. The door is on the left.

-"Summary sucks but story gets better, I promise."

If you know that the summary sucks, then fix it. Or delete the story, it's your choice.

-Authors decide to write an anonymous story. They call Emily (Y/N)*. I don't want to put my name, and to say Y/N is so ugly.

-Spelling mistakes in easy words.

You: u

Check: shec

Stop: staupp

Cause: coz

Because: bc

-Unneeded information. Nobody gives a shit about Emily's towel's size, the colour's enough.

-Taylor Swift is an important character in the story. She fights with Emily, but when Harry comes she automatically disappears.

-When Louis meets Emily for the first time: "Do you like carrots?" "I love them!" Emily screams. "You're my new carrot lover best friend!" Louis screams back.

Why does this attitude remind me of a five years old kid, not an actual twenty two years old guy?

-A Sentence Looks Like This Annoying Thing.

-Full stops are everywhere. "Zayn. Give. Me. Your. Hairspray. Or. I. Will. Cut. Your. Hair. While. You. Are. Asleep."

Thank God authors don't write Zayn like this: Z.A.Y.N.

-One Direction really needs to hire a sex slave. F*** them.

-Everyone gets over their addiction in no time.

"Zayn, stop brushing your hair."


"Louis, stop smoking."


"Harry, stop flirting."

"Why? But- They- Them- fine."

Me: "Hana, stop talking."


-An popular story: has an awful plot line, copied idea, grammar and spelling mistakes, sexual content, got many likes and favourites, over 300 hundred comments.

A 137 reads story: beautifully written, no mistakes, green rated, original idea, interesting plot, but a few likes/favourites/comments.

-Stories: 94% author's notes (mostly about the author's life story) and 6% real story.

-Niall calls his girlfriend Princess. Sweet. But she has a name, Nialler.

-They black out all the time.

"Mom! I'm home!" *blacked out*

"I think I'm gonna cry." *blacked out*

"I saw One Direction at home." *dead*

-Emily's father is One Direction's manager.

I thought it was Simon Cowell?? *refresh memory but -NO SERVICE- appears*

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