Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


5. Stupid things

-Starbucks and Nandos are the only places people go to. Seriously, I can add McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC and Costa. Maybe more.

-People wake up at 1 pm. I wake up at 8 am even on weekends. I think the latest time I woke up was like 11 am.

-In fan fictions, you shower as much as you can.

-Emily agreed to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. When she opened Twitter, she cried because the fans hate her. Didn't she think of that? It was possible, you know.

-No job. Emily doesn't work, she's twenty two.

-Who told the authors that girlfriends go on tour? That's bullshit. Perrie doesn't, Eleanor doesn't too.

-What do authors have with author's notes? And capital letters.


Yo, three days is nothing! I update once in two weeks, maybe more than two weeks. And no, I am the worst human alive.

-Emily has no friends. But suddenly, one of her old ones appear.

-When they go to Nandos, they always order peri peri chicken. There's more in the menu. If you've never been there, don't put it in your story! Or, search on google "nandos menu".

-The tilted can be like "Dark Harry" or "Dark Zayn" with the picture of the twin towers. *whispers through sobs* Wow, I'm really scared. I can't even sleep.

-The school Emily -maybe the boys too- goes to doesn't assign homework. I'm always like "Can we change lives?"

-Emily randomly has a fear of spoons. Coincidence? No.

-Emily looks exactly like Eleanor Calder. She's been told she looked like her but she didn't think so. She didn't even know who the hell is Eleanor Calder. But, when One Direction appear in her life, she says she's a fan and she's always been since the X-Factor. Didn't she say she doesn't know who Eleanor is?

-Louis' called BooBear by everyone. He's twenty one. LOL.

-Emily realizes she's adopted. Oh la la. Who's her brother? Louis. Before knowing about their relation, he was her favourite 1D member. In love with her brother? *clears throat*

-Emily's nine months pregnant but nobody knows. She can hide it perfectly.

-Her eyes flutter open when she wakes up, she never rolls out of her bed and hits the wooden floor. THAT'S COMPLETELY  NORMAL GUYS, I ROLL OUT OF BED. I'M NOT EMILY.

-Emily thinks she's fat. She's just 40 kg. And she's 22. She even looks like a Victoria's Secret model, but shh. Me *wide eyes* "How does she do that?"

-Emily's always American, Australian, Canadian (rarely) or British. Nobody cares about the rest of nationalities, just these.

-Harry and Emily hang out even though she's dating Louis.

-One Direction won the X-Factor in 2010. Didn't they get to be in third place and... ? (Sorry, not a fan since the X-Factor, just since this summer)

-The only possible ways of kissing: smashing, eating each other's faces (eww), crashing (car crash?)... Just no light or normal kisses.

-One Direction never heard of fan fictions, or that their fans are crazy, somehow... Except Emily, she's a complete normal girl, that's why they fell for her.

-When Niall and Emily met, Niall fell. In love, he never falls on his face.

-The humans in fan fictions never trip or do something dumb by accident.

-Niall's name is spelled Nail. Um, these are completely different things, directionators.

-When Emily stays over at the guys' place, she borrows Zayn's PJ. A little explanation?

-One Direction and Five Seconds Of Summer decide to tour together and only Mr. Payne has a girlfriend. She never freaks out that she's gonna live with 9 guys.

-Niall is over-protective when it comes to his younger sister. Wait, what? He has a sister? Why didn't anyone tell me?

-1D members date teenagers or another member's sister... Okay...

-Emily and Zayn fought and broke up. Next day: shes dating Niall and Zayn's jealous.

-When the author has writers block: accident! Or, twitcam!

-At the end of each message: xoxo. Like Emily sends Liam a message, says she hates him and wants to break up with him and adds "xoxo" at the end. Yeah right. Break up.

-Emily's mom is best friends with Anne Twist. Okay...

-After a dumb remark: "No shit, Sherlock." Why does everyone use the same sentence??

- "Age is just a number." Harry tells the twelve years old girl. No, it's a really, really, REALLY, important number, Haz.

-When someone comes over at Emily's place.

"Let's watch a movie." Emily said. "TOY STORY!" "LOVE ACTUALLY!" Liam and Harry yelled in the same time.

- "Yep." Emily replied, popping the "p".

-Most common stories: rape. Emily gets raped, she falls for him and starts liking it.

Just no. There are kids like me here, too.

-One Direction kidnap Emily to show her that they're nice. Yeah right, I totally agree with that. But I think it's illegal, right? Or... ?

-Emily never heard of Harry, just of One Direction. So she calls him Curly. LOL. *blank expression*

-Harry and Niall fight over the same girl. Yup, Harry always wins. Niall doesn't get a girlfriend, not even in fan fictions.

-Emily's always assigned to do a project with the guy she hates the most, aka Boo Bear.

-End of the chapter: "Then everything turned black." Nice, thank you, authors.

- "I ran my hand through Niall's natural blond hair." Emily said. *facepalm* If you didn't get it, read it again.

-They get into a fight and scream "We're over!" without solving their problems.

Hey! It's Hana again! So wazzup?? And I realized that you stopped commenting... *frown* anyways. I know I'm late, but I wanted to say something important.

RIP Nelson Mandela. You are a legend. You fought so there won't be any more racism. Thank you. You will never be forgotten.

I just wanted to put that in one of my chapters, I was to lazy to think of any story but this.

Now where are my readers?? You stopped everything, everywhere! *sobs* You changed... I want to know what you think or if you want me to add something, I want my readers back!

Okay, I'm getting a bit cheesy there.

It's just that there's a lot of drama at school, and I'm like Hermes, or Zeus, every time someone has a problem, welcome to Hana! And I have to deal with all the break ups and make ups at school and, and... I'm done here.

Ok bye.

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