Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


2. Stupid things

-Only kind of natural hair in fan fictions: wavy.

-Author's notes in the middle of the chapter. Liam and Emily are hiding from a certain murderer in Niall's room. While they're whispering, the door suddenly opens.

(A/N) CLIFFHANGER! Try to know who it is! Wait, I won't be that mean. Here's the rest of the chapter.

"Guys, have you seen my carrots?" I don't even have to tell you who that was.

-Drama. I don't know about you, but my life isn't that dramatic.

-The title of the book is the name of a song. "Little Things" by .............. or "Kiss You" by .............

-Chats writing. 

So u no, 4 my bf, he <3 me 2.

-Pets aren't allowed in fan fictions. Well, except for Harry. He has a cat. 

-The only name existing for a 1D member's child: Darcy.

-People are always cheating.

-Cheesy parts.

Emily was shopping with her friends, then she saw the famous Zayn Malik. She ran to him and kissed him. Apparently, he kissed back. They got married and had three daughters: Darcy, Darci-Anne and Darcella.

-Only existing phone brand in fan fictions: Apple.

-Emily's parents never care about their only child.


"Fine, sweetie. Have fun!" Her mom replied. I don't think my mom would say that.

-Emily got kidnapped by One Direction for no reason.

-Emily used to cut until she met... One Direction.

-Emily describes what Niall or Harry are wearing in a super long text, but she never tells if they look happy, sad, nervous, angry...

-Emily was singing in the shower, and the guys heard her. They decided that Simon Cowell has to meet her and make her become famous.

I'm sorry, but no. That can't happen, if it does, tell me so I'd go to Fan Fiction Land and sing in the bathroom.

-Emily cries because she's watching a Disney movie. I don't know, I NEVER CRIED because of a book or a movie.

-Super romantic dates. Um, I never dated before, I guess you did, but I don't think these exist in our world, right?

-Nobody EVER asked Emily out, but then comes Harry Styles, and he asks her out. She then realized that he was the one.

-I can predict fan fictions. Here are some spells, read them at loud.

Plot 1: Emily gets bullied by One Direction, in their last year of school, then they tell her that they bullied her because they loved her.

Plot 2: Emily hates One Direction. She gets kidnapped, then raped, by... Guess who? You're right, One Direction. Next thing you know, she's Niall's girlfriend.

Plot 3: Emily's poor, she works at Starbucks, has a Jeep, an iPhone and a MacBook(don't forget that she's still poor) but spills her coffee on Harry's shirt. Then they date.

Plot 4: Emily lived all her life with her parents, but at the age of 18 they tell her she was adopted. She finds out she's Elounor's daughter. She lives with them, but falls for her "uncle", aka Liam.

-Louis loves carrots, and he only talks about them, except in songs. Niall has an Irish accent(OMG, I didn't know that), he eats 24/7 (maybe he eats in his sleep too, who knows). Zayn talks about mirrors and his hair all the time. Liam is the most mature one out of One Direction but is afraid of spoons. Harry always, and I mean it, ALWAYS talks about girls,  or about how great he and his curls are.

-Meaning of ORBS: Harry's green eyes. If you're Emily, you're instantly lost in them.

-Emily knows Louis was cheating on her. But she doesn't know that he cheated with her best friend Livia(sorry if that's your name).

-When Emily and Liam first started dating, Danielle got mad/jealous and killed herself. WOW. Then, Emily gets a lot of hate, or a lot of love from the fans. It's either one of them, never both.



I just realized, I already read a story where a girl named Emily dated Niall. Sorry if the author reads this, but as I said before, this isn't dedicated to a special person.

Actually, I need help. Or I won't update much. I need a co-author. Cause I don't have much time to update all of my stories, so I'm not able to update a lot. If anyone would like to help, please comment and say so. Thank you.


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