Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


9. Just...

-Beginner authors don't have much ideas running through their head. So Emily showers from three to five times a day.

-Emily's French and lives in London. There's nothing wrong with that! But, she talks in English with her mother. I feel like I'm betrayed...

-Emily writes and reads fan fictions.

You know the picture of a man holding a picture of a man holding a picture... ? It's the same idea.

-Louis always wants Emily back. So basically, they broke up 645896326906 times and got back 645896326907 times.

I'm pretty sure none of you read that number. 😄

-Emily's bi-polar.

"Liam, I love you so much!" Emily said, then kissed him. She pulled back.

"Oh my God! I hate you!"

-Emily has like 54 cars.

-Zayn blinks 46357942779 times per minute.

You didn't read that either. 😝

-They never check the time.

"Ok. So today, we have an interview at 3 pm, a show at 3:30 pm a birthday party at 4 pm. Then we'll head home." Niall said, looking at the window, then at his watch. "Oh wait, it's already 11 pm. Goodnight guys!"

-Harry always wears some criminal's clothes. Black jeans, black shirt, black converse. Or, a Jack Wills purple hoodie! 😃

-One Direction are evil. They always yell. I have to admit, sometimes they whisper.

Liam whispered to Emily. "I love you more than I love myself." He yelled.

-No one, and I mean it, NO ONE has the right to get sick. Except Niall, but that's another story.

-When you get to think, they don't throw up either. Or sneeze. Oh wait! Zayn sneezes, that's why Perrie called their dog Hatchi. If other people sneeze, then no one says "bless you".

"HATCHOOOM!!!!!!!!!" Everyone looked at Emily, then got back to whatever they were doing.

Yo! I'm back! But I'm at school right now, updating. I have nothing to do, and well, hi.

Sorry if the chapter's short, but again, I'm at SCHOOL.

Um, actually, I think that none of you really read the first chapter. I said that I'm not criticizing anyone, or any book. I'm talking in GENERAL. I'm glad that most of you like this, but some of you are hating me and you say that I'm judgmental, rude, negative when in fact, you're judging me.

I'm not gonna stop writing this book because of haters, because I started something, and I'm only gonna end it when I want to. Not because some people judge me when they have no idea of what I'm going through. Hell, you don't even know who I am. You know nothing about me. Except that I'm twelve.

If you're gonna keep on judging me or hating me, thanks for adding some comments to the book. If you're waiting for a reply, you're gonna get one. Except that I won't be rude, judgmental or negative towards you. I'll be reasonable.

If you read this till the end, you deserve a hug. Or more. Thanks!


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