Typical 1D Fanfic Mistakes

*Inspired by The Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments on Wattpad*
Mistakes I always find in fan fictions. If you read this, then please check your story.


8. Extremely idiotic

-No actual punctuation.

I woke up having a light headache because of the wine I drank yesterday with Harry Liam Louis Zayn and Niall then I remembered we threw an amazing party last night at my house so I went to the living room only to see Harry so we talked because we're humans.

"Emily do you have a headache like I do it's painful" and I nodded.

-Author's weird note:

I'm sorry about my grammer and inglish mistakes.

How 'bout we start with spelling? Isn't that a great idea?

-Stupid and easy mistakes.

Their, there, they're.

Were, where, we're.

Your, you're.

Hug= hugg

-Racism. You can never, ever find a story about an African -black- girl or a Chinese eyed girl.

-No believes. Girls in fanfics actually believe that they're gonna end up dating some 1D guy. That's it. They don't believe in God or anything else. They're not even religious.

-They mention food a lot, but they never eat. Ever. Unless they're going on a date.

-If I count all the "I love you's" in the same chapter, then the number will be like fifty seven. Or more.

-Suddenly you get to know that Emily has a twin brother called Liam Payne. OOH! That's why we never knew her last name.

He was overprotective. He wouldn't let Harry (I know, it's always Harry who falls for sisters) date Emily. I wish I had a brother like that. 😕

-Same title all over the fandom: Give Me Love. But, it's a 1D fanfic. Not an Ed Sheeran one.

-It's totally normal that a girl falls for her teacher, Mr Horan. Did he even graduate? I don't think so.

-Lux turns out to be Harry's child. Cool.

-Harry's obsessed with cooking. He cooks -not to forget that they don't eat- but they throw the food away. 😏

-When the title is (example, I don't know if it's a real fiction) Lovely Girlfriend and the sequel is Give Me Love (hehe 😋) - sequal to LG.

I just love that.

-LOL moments. Author always find a way if putting One Direction's songs lyrics in the story.

"I feel so insecure but I don't know why." Emily complained.

"Yeah but you've got that one thing that I need because I'm torn. You don't have to cover up with makeup. Your hand only fits in mine because we're made for each other. We've been dating ever since summer 09 and you used to give me a heart attack when you flirted with another guy. I used to think that I was better alone but in reality, I love you's. That's what makes you beautiful." Zayn told her.

-Emily works at Starbucks. She only goes there when she wants to, all she ever does is go on dates (in Starbucks). How LOL is that?

-The only movies they watch: Love Actually. Toy Story series.

-Louis always sounds like a retarded idiot who carries a bag of carrots and Kevin everywhere he goes. Naughty Boy.

-They live in England and pay dollars at Nando's.

-Emily's dumb and retarded, just like Louis.

"Harry always smiles at me, is so sweet, nice and caring. He's a jerk to the other girls. He always sits next to me, he scratches the back of his neck and blushes every time we talk. I still have no clue why he does that." Emily told her best friend.

-By the end of the story, 4/5 of One Direction are either dead or heartbroken.

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