Abused Lola

Lola is a 3 years old and has brown hair and lives with her mum,dad,12 sisters and 8 brothers her parents hit her and then one day her mum comes home from work and finds lola dead. :(


3. the boy who knows all

In Lola's nursery there is a boy called mark who is so quit but you cant tell him anything because he will just tell his mum and his mum things she is doing something good but is not she just makes trouble,He has blond hair and brown eyes he looks cute but is not.


So Lola's dad was taking her to nursery and mark said to Lola's dad "why do you hit Lola because she tells Megan everything" and her dad answers "oh does she, she waits" as he Megan took mark and Lola into the play room for her dad to leave Megan hated Lola's dad and so did Lola.

Lola hated mark for what he done now she was dead her dad was going to batter into her again she was so scared as time went on she got scared more because she new she was for it.


Lola got picked up from nursery in 10 minutes and Megan couldn't watch her suffer anymore and she new what she what doing was wrong and mite make it worse she went over to the phone and picked it up and just then Lola's dad walked through the door and said "what do you think your doing beside the phone I don't pay you to call people willy nilly".




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