Abused Lola

Lola is a 3 years old and has brown hair and lives with her mum,dad,12 sisters and 8 brothers her parents hit her and then one day her mum comes home from work and finds lola dead. :(


6. poor lola

it was half 11 and Lola got dropped of at the house by Megan the nursery teacher in her red car. Lola loved her red car because it was red Lola's dad came out and said thanks took Lola bye the hand and took her in the house he dragged her up stairs she locked her in her room and ran down stairs to get a knife he took the knife up stairs. He unlocked the door and said I am fed up with you I killed your gran now,you see you in hell and stabbed her in the chest. Lola began to bleed to death it was end for her. he took the knife down stairs and washed the blood of and put it back in the drawer he dragged her body down the stairs and left her at the bottom he went out the front door he just left her there alone.


The time went by and it was now half three that's when Lola's mum finished work she walked through the front door to see Lola just liying their dead she phoned the police and an ambulance she was shouting Lola wake up please its mum as she saw her dads ring was stuck to ware she had been stabbed the ambulance came and gave the ring to the police just then her dad walked through the door the police said to him is this your ring he ryplied yes I have been looking for that the police grabbed him and said you are arestied for the murder of Lola rock you don't have to say anthing but anything you say may be used aggest you in court.




It was Lola's furniral day she was getting buried her head stone said Lola rock was a cute little rock star she loved her family exept her dad her dad abused her then he killed her because he said she should not be loved but Lola will be missed.

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